Listening to customers

When I was running an insurance company, I got my staff to adopt the 3 level escalation approach.

The staff at the first level answered the questions posed by the customers.

If the customer did not accept our answer or practice, the staff escalated the issue to the manager.

The manager talked to the customer and tried to find a solution.

If this was not possible, the manager escalated the issue to me.

The manager wrote the details of the issue in the email and described the source of the dispute.

I gave a reply to the customer. Sometimes, my reply was – call me at (this number).

Usually, we were able to resolve the issue.

Often the customer accepted our position, and was happy that his point of view was heard and properly considered.

I did not get many issues raised to my level – maybe an average of one issue a day.

That was how I get to know what was really happening on the ground.

Sometimes, I decided that our practice was unfair to customers. I changed it and issued a new FAQ to guide the staff.

This worked well.


Tan Kin Lian



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6 Responses to “Listening to customers”

  • The Clown Prince:

    Perhaps this is the reason you cannot be the president.
    You should learn from those in perpetual OJT in high office, create the problem than ask your staffs to solve it, while you take a holiday.

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  • oxygen:

    @ TKL APPEARS TO BE STUCK IN A BEGONE ERA of the “stable state”, the world has changed. I hear lots of complaints of G and big institutions in LEE-jiapore turning either DICTATORIAL AND OR HYPOCRITICAL OR BOTH in “customer service”. Instead of assisting aggrieved and disrupted customers, the “establishments”, notably the behemoths employ technology to bully their captive customers. It is practically online thuggery.

    Frontline staffs are just foot soldiers taking orders from above dishing out sh*ts onto customers they know does not work or causing inconvenience or damages EXPECTING DISGUSTED CUSTOMERS TO WALK AWAY IN AGGRIEVED ANGER AND SUBMISSION TO INEVITABILITY.

    If customers blow up to the top CEO – they WON’T REPLY, pass the buck down to frontline managers WHO THEN PRETEND THE CUSTOMERS DON’T EXIST – after the establishment acknowledge receipt of legitimate well-founded service lapse or inequity inflicted on the helpless customer.


    COSTS SAVINGS COUNT, SCREW THE CUSTOMER just like PAPpypolitics done to peasant, fed them sh*t, they will learn to swallow sh*t – the customers just surrender to fate and circumstance and get used to the abuse and exploitation servitude filling up the establishment revenue/profit account.

    Sooner a D. Trump will emerge and shake up the established order – like it or not. IT WILL HAPPEN in LEE-jiapore too.

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  • tan kin lian is naive:

    The Clown Prince:
    Perhaps this is the reason you cannot be the president.
    You should learn from those in perpetual OJT in high office, create the problem than ask your staffs to solve it, while you take a holiday.

    So very well said.

    Or, hire 25 ministers, and if need, another 25 senior ministers of state, and 50 ministers of state, some with nothing to do in office, so that group think becomes so convoluted that nothing gets done, only long essays get published by pap states times which 70% sheep pays S$1.10 or S$1.20 to waste time on.

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  • I'm Halimah also jiak liao bee:

    And you are also the ass hole who hired all the Pinoys during your watch.
    Just tell us what can these Pinoys do that our local lads cannot do ??
    You are responsible for this hiring practice that causes our lads to lose their lunch.
    And remember you also cause Tan Cheng Bok to lose the PE when you went in to split the votes and hand the PE to the PAP Crony.

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  • TruBlu:

    Ya,only when the *customers* say things that sounds good,feels good.
    Else,punish them?

    Even HIGLY OVERPAID *PUBLIC SERVANTS* implement FAKE NEWS LAW to prevent shs from *COMPRAINING*???

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    Monopolies have no interest to be customer oriented.

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