Set up an agency to handle whistle-blowing

We need an avenue for members of the public to make a report about alleged misconduct, such as sexual harassment and suspected corrupt practices.

Here are my thoughts about setting up an agency to handle whistle blowing.

a) This agency should deal with reports against any party in the public or private sector.

b) The whistle blower should be allowed privacy and protection from retribution from making the report.

c) The agency should consider the evidence provided and decide if it is sufficient to warrant against the alleged perpetrator.

d) The agency needs to be mindful that the report by the whistle blower may be without merit and was made maliciously against the alleged perpetrator.

e) The alleged perpetrator should be given an opportunity give an explanation of the incident.

f) If there is a need for police investigation, the whistle blowing agency can make the report on behalf of the whistle blower and, where possible, protect the identity of the whistle blower.

The work of the whistle blowing agency requires people with special skills and a good process. This skill requires the work to be handled by a specialized central body.

The whistle blowing report should not be handled by the organization that is being complained against. There is the risk that the report may be filed away and that vested interests will be protected.


Tan Kin Lian




9 Responses to “Set up an agency to handle whistle-blowing”

  • TKL from PAP?:

    If your sector of focus is on the general public then;

    You should firstly quality if you think the existing Police & CPIB are incompetent to handle those cases.

    Otherwise you should ask yourself these;

    Who is the AG and Deputy A-G? How was they appointed?
    And how was the President elected “Selected?”

    Before you even consider to waste our time to read your half-baked nonsense.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Already have such an agency. It is called ISD.

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  • oxygen:

    NAIVE THINKING – Jean-Claude Juncker, the longest serving President of the European Commission let off this bombshell in 2011.

    Leaders or ministers need be protected from public scrutiny, by lies if necessary.

    ” I had to lie. I am a Christian Democrat, a Catholic. When it becomes serious, you have to lie,”

    IN POLITICS, NO HABITUAL LIARS TELL YOU ANY TRUTH EXCEPT UNDER EXTREME DISTRESS OF DURESS CIRCUMSTANCES – whistle-blowers will all be annihilated with all the power & resources of the State.

    Only a moron trust his/her life and well-being in the hands of those whose vested interests whose sole preoccupation is the quickest accumulation of wealth in protected domain of state secrecy pretended preservation. This happens everywhere in corrupt politics.

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  • Went to Japan:

    You are asking PAPPY to be transparent, they dont even dare to declare assets, you want them to have whistle to blow on their own closets?

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  • TKL suggests blow job!:

    TKL, are you serious? Set up an agency to handle whistle-blowing? Blow whose whistle? What sort of blow job is this? Asking Garmen to put nail into own coffin? Siao ah!

    No wonder so many readers are asking you not to talk cock. Just go to coffeeshop, drink coffee and read newspaper (any paper but not shit times)!

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  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Bastards:

    Ownself check ownself?

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  • tan kin lian is naive:

    will the whistleblower who whistleblows on pap clown wife wage in temasick be ever protected under such an agency?

    remember. najib had agc bank negara spf cpib reporting to him when he was in power. only esteemed Dr Mahatir PH was able to do the justice.

    so the same with pap clown. agc bank negara spf cpib all also report to pap clown. whistleblowing agency can push through the agc bank negara spf cpib wall even if it existed? as citizens of Singapore on the way to the other side, we say it is unlikely. rather, only OPPO alliance that topples clown pap can do so. not any other.

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  • Complaint Against Pinky:

    TKL How ? Who to approach ?LKY ?

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  • John Lim:

    TKL, stop embarrassing yourself with your stupid and irrelevant articles!!!!

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