Helping families to deal with financial stress (Part 2)

You must have followed the news about the double murder in Woodlands. It is a very sad episode. It is a tragedy that could have been avoided.

The father was in serious financial and mental stress. He has a large gambling debt. He could not find a solution.

I have the impression that he must have loved his wife and daughter very much. But he could not find a solution and ended up in taking their lives. He also wanted to commit suicide.

What alternative approach could he have taken?

Here are some ideas.

a) He could agree to put his daughter for adoption by a family who can afford to take care of the expenses of raising the daughter. It could be a relative or another family who love to have children. This has to be done with the agreement of the wife.

In the old days, poor families have taken this route and given their children to more wealthy families.

b) If they cannot afford the child care fees, they should have kept the daughter at home as her mother could look after her.

c) He could have left his wife and daughter and let them find their solution. She might remarry. She might leave the daughter with a close relative and go out to work.

These options should have been better than taking their lives.


Tan Kin Lian


 * Part 1 is available here.




6 Responses to “Helping families to deal with financial stress (Part 2)”

  • pap clown gone ballistic:

    1st, never believe pap. so don’t procreate just because pap says so. procreate only if truly can afford.

    2nd, don’t marry because pap says so. marry only if truly want to and able to. don’t need much space to ffff is a pap lie. not only need much space to ffff but also need much S$ for that regular ffff.

    what to do?

    the wisest thing is Never to go car lite. between marriage or car, choose the car. marriage has never meant forever free ffff. it is a pap lie. buy that car since car lite is a pap lie. if need to ffff, S$50 gets that young chick from myanmar. no more subsequent heartaches such as school fees and such.

    in overly expensive pap Singapore, don’t stick to tradition and get tied down, unless can truly afford. need to ffff is known and is accepted. but to expect forever free ffff via marriage is a pap lie. there is no such thing. the costs become artificially high in expensive pap Singapore. just buy that car, and pay S$50 for that ffff, unless can truly afford, then, marry and pay indirectly for that supposedly free ffff.

    must wise up and break that S$ burdening tradition.

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  • Asd:

    Talk Cock

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  • Alternate solutions ?:

    Mr TKL,
    Lets be honest and frank.

    When you are in huge debt , everybody see you like see the plague.
    Including relatives and friends especially the more off ones.

    Alternative solutions , if really have to go the other world just go solo. Suicide no longer a crime.

    Another option, Run road also can…..

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  • Jman:

    This gentleman had some really bad habits. Gambling, and even finding it within himself to visit sammyboyforum after the crime.

    The way the liberal economic system works favours the able and strong and fast and disciplined – all in one package. Omit some elements, and the individual starts falling behind. And all this is just to stay in contention, and not to be at the front of the pack.

    It is a very unforgiving system, that offers a few nice sounding success stories here and there.

    There is no room for this sort of conduct in this kind of system. The system can offer some one off or temporary cash or in-kind assistance here and there, but the truth is that this kind of individuals will fall back to square one very quickly.

    The more important question is not one of assistance. The more pertinent question is whether this system should continue in its current form. Because coupled with the 4th Industrial Revolution, there is a very high likelihood that this path would lead to even more people landing up in hardship.

    Is the system here to serve only the able? Or is it here to serve the general public? Have we lost sight of this?

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  • Bobo:

    Our gov legalized gambling through casino, horse betting, 4-D, toto, big sweep and football betting. Others like shares and bonds investment are influencing youngsters now. Singaporeans believed they could churn out money from any of those fast and easily, but did not realize that part of their income is being buried there. Everone knows by now that our HDB flat is zero value, our CPF money gone, our bank saving is reducing or some overdraw. We are not complete as we could not meet the greed of our ruling party.

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  • Singaporean Kong Come.:

    Did the 2casino cause those who has big debt? Beside the 2casino there R multiply of mini casino. ToTo, 4D. Big Sweep. Football league. Horse punting, These R the causes to serve the general public got into big debt. Tio Boh

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