Why are we taxpayers being penalised for inefficiencies of the public transport operators?

In Parliament today, Khaw announced that the public transport fare formula would need to be reviewed to take into account rising operating cost and claimed that the public transport companies are operating at a loss.

As such, there has been an increase in government subsidies which would need to be covered by raising fares.

Khaw’s announcement came after last year’s review which saw the biggest hike of 4.3% in Dec.

Khaw’s use of government subsidies to justify fare hike is really baffling. Don’t these subsidies already come from taxpayers’ pocket?

So why are we taxpayers being penalised for inefficiencies of the public transport operators who incidentally, pay their CEOs millions of dollars.

And lastly, isn’t the GIC sitting on a $33 billion surplus?

During the 2015 GE, the PAP paid each GIC staff a collaboration bonus of $2,000 under the pretext of SG50 celebration.

So if it’s willing to pay such large sums of money to buy votes, why is it so averse to spending more money on public good?


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26 Responses to “Why are we taxpayers being penalised for inefficiencies of the public transport operators?”

  • I unhappily say!:

    This could well signal PAP failing management and planning as it appears they can’t even look months ahead. Why are these not planned and informed in last parliament or during its project implementation stage?.

    How do you think we should trust them?. Sitting and working in luxuries or 100 managers doing 1 job? Big air conditioned building, millions salaries? Paying for the last signalling ffff UP or What? WP should insist PAP demonstrate how the increase is derived and probably can teach them how to manage?

    I say time for PAP to take a back seat and let others more efficient and caring for its citizen & pockets to run the country. I’ll be honest with you, I am tired of the PAP. You know, in the old man early days, no one talk about PAP like that, but nowadays, they just lost my respect. Why? Because absolutely no shame, the way taxes and tariffs are repeatedly hikes. HDB is more expensive than private free hold landed properties [pro-rated to 99 years], and Public Housing built on Public Land, why we citizens must pay open market price for the land? So what good we need you for?

    In reply to Ong YK, no its not the social media falsehoods, it PAP poor performance that affect its reputation and the peoples’ trust on them, the way I see it.

    And, “If” GIC signal inability to run with more funds [headache], the question is then why are we only channeling money to ONLY GIC or Termasek?

    PAP dak boleh lah!

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  • Solution for us:

    We need to vote in a PM/Party that will demand and reprimand the ministers for cost increases and check in every details substantiation for cost increase or cost overrun. Do we see it in the Parliament DEBATE or Parliament Wayang Show?

    Otherwise, we need more OPPOs in Parliament to do that for us. Probably 55% Oppos seats and 45% PAP seats should be right ratio. But judging with the increases always so often, I would say 60% Oppos seats in Parliament would be on the safe side.

    Its time we do it for our children future, otherwise nothing left for them.

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  • bloodsucking parasites:

    this is soooo bloody unfair!
    their jobs are just to suck our blood dry!
    isnt it SMRT’s reliability part of his job from Day One?
    it should come out from their profit budget which is in the millions annually.
    hope sgs remember all this when GE comes along.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    Its often heard that we can’t vote anyone else because the opposition or no one else has any experience to run the country.

    We are so wrong!!!!

    Let’s give them a chance.

    Obama never had experience running a country, but he did well.

    Jokowi never had experience running a country, but he is one of the best things that happened to Indonesia.

    I liken it to this analogy which is quite common in Singapore :

    A child has just passed his/her driving licence, came home happily and similarly the parents congratulated him.

    Happily he asked to borrow the family car.

    The parents immediately turn around and resounded “NO”. Reason being, he does not have the experience.

    Lets stop and think, if even the parents won’t give the trust to him, who else in the world will?

    Give the opposition a chance, I’m sure they will be good for at least 2 terms, bring someone else in after 2 terms before they get too comfortable and evil sets in.

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  • Singapore Fooled Again N Again:

    In the earlier years, SMRT and SBS Transit pocketed hundreds of millions to billion in profit and the top managements pocketed a chunk, the rich shareholders (including the GLCs) pocketed the bulk in dividends and bonuses.

    Around that period of time, Cleopatra, a non technical kaki of someone important, cut drastically on essential maintenance and replacement works, and focusing on rent-collecting retail outlets to maximise profits. In the last 5 to 8 years, things started to all apart and government started to look for commuters for money to do maintenance and replacement work.

    That means when profit come in, pocket as much as they could but when come to costly maintenance and replacement works, they look for commuters for solution. And all these are from the world highest paid Ministers

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  • the majority can take it:

    //Why are we taxpayers being penalised for inefficiencies of the public transport operators?//

    aiyoh. as long as the majority can take it (the pain or the increase cost). the threshold can keep on being pushed further up lar. this is how testing of balloon (or boundaries) is done.

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  • I Know:

    Coz we don’t have a government. We have a for-profit provider of fully priced public goods and services.

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  • thick skins feel no shame:

    just like our cpf..
    keep deducting n prolonging withdrawal age to fund investments.
    many of which failed resulting in big losses.
    likewise public transport fares.
    no problem, just keep deducting from the people..
    their salaries never touch !
    everything sponge from the people…while they keep paying themselves $millions!
    they keep saying that theyre the best so need to be paid highest salaries in the world!
    well so in the same light we citizens expect the best the which we arent getting at all!
    we the consumers know full well nothing is free…we want a service we pay for it, yes.
    but were they compensating us when all the big delays and countless faults were n still happening?
    no. yet they never hesitate to raise fares at a pin drop!
    a bunch of incompetent freaks is what we have in our gov.

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  • Asd:

    Money went into nothing than rot than now talk cock ask for more money to go into nothing

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  • N.Jungne:

    The Cow cannot work

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  • We want details:

    WP, please ask KBW to detail the “INCREASE” in reliability of the MRT, as if it has NOT been already planned for and rightfully “paid” for in the original fares.

    Specifically, “Increase” OR “Rectification of existing works”? Increase means “future enhanced benefits”. What increase in reliability he is talking about? How the “increase” can be ascertained and bench-marked on a regularly basis? And did the public specifically asked for such “INCREASE”?

    At least, to trap his words and record a figure of merit so that these can be tracked or bench-marked for its worth. You see, is not that they have not FXXX up with the construction of the signalling before.?

    I would say, Its getting hard to believe in anyone who needs to FAKE exempt themselves from accountability, you never know when they are telling you the truths.

    Judging from the public outcry, I can say, People lost trust in the PAP.

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  • Bobo:

    Say and do whatever they like. No protest from affected public. All remained so silence and pay accordingly for every hikes. PAP is no. 1 in the world being very successful ruling party for 50 years. They trained the nation well so that the white MPs could pass laws and policies without having to crack their heads. No if, simply roll-out. Easy job, world highest income and bonuses, best benefits. Promising career path and job stability for own family members as well. Other govt could only salivate.

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  • factotum:

    Remember, the famous proponent of Half Truths had already said -
    “What’s wrong with collecting more money?!”!

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  • Attrition is good:

    Khaw revealed his true COLORs when he said a little attrition is good;he treats Smrt staff like pocket tissue
    It reflects his thinking
    Ministers replacement and attrition is good if non performing
    I was boiling when I read abt increase fares did the Govt not have huge surplus ; is the country not in recession
    And you keep increasing

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  • True facts:

    V serious if they keep increasing everything n taking sinkis like money printing machine.

    No wonder we can’t get our cpf at 55 yrs old as promised by lky.

    Something is wrong somewhere.

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  • True facts:

    Common sense will tell if u keep saying u have strong reserve but keep asking for increases every now n than people will come to know that u r actually dry broke.

    Even a child will know such hinden agenda.

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  • Tremendous:

    He has the largest workforce among all ministries and he still asks for fare increases after so many blunders. He has to go.

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  • Need HELP to answer:

    And, “If” GIC signal inability to run with more funds [headache], the question is then why are we only channeling money to ONLY GIC or Termasek?

    Termasek Holding owns the MRT, bought over from SMRT, the CEO is Ho Ching, the wife of LHL, the PM.

    They make Profits, they declare big big bonus, Earn Less, we top up and pay them.

    For example SP services wholly own by Termasek makes Billions every year. Here, Maybe our smart Singapore University Students can help me analyse this and Philips Ang can help to pick this up;

    CPF members earn mere 4%. The monies goes to Termasek which owns key institution and services that hike and hike guaranteed earn from the citizens / the CPF members, let say Termasek Profits 20% from CPF members monies, then pay 4% to CPF members, makes 16%. If they lost money, CPF members must top up for them. What silly CPF scheme is that?

    The question is why do we need such stupid arrangement? So isn’t it take our money, and hike and hike, guarantee hike until make our money from our money.

    My question to Ravi, Lim Tean, Sylvia lim, [lawyers]… Is this legal? like this any different from KongHee Big Loop? Isn’t that a clear conflict of interests and we played out by our own government?

    [Please don't tell me about those other recently power providers available. The base price is decided by EMA using complex big loop formulation and tender. I look at these providers as mere puppets or tied up traders].

    Understand my question and concern?

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  • Harder Truths:

    Where else is the money coming from, if not from their own pockets?

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  • Ah Leow Bo Leow Chao Uncle:

    Do pay for our transport fares, dear govt.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    PAP’s target of running the country is failure, if you want it to do better it asks for more money. MRT is aimed to fail, in order to improve in service, it needs more money. When it got the money, it start the whole cycle of failure again. Than ask for more money again to improve. The whole cycle repeats!

    That also the reason why MPs absented or sleeping in Parliament. PAP’s MPs will ask for more money to attend Parliament and for more to stay awake.

    I call this extortion; “the extortion by dishonest officials of fees for performing their sworn duty”.

    This extortion will never end if PAP is still in power.

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  • TruBlu:

    umm,the minister and his buddie$ want some more pay increases lah?

    what else?

    even if OIL PRICE drops drastically,they will still find OTHER rea$on$ to increase fares?

    the MANTRA ‘ WHATS WRONG WITH COLLECTING MORE MONEY ‘ must CONtinue to be chanted?…this is THE PAP PRAYER to the “FATHER” in H…

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  • Q?: Lim Tean, slyvia, Ravi:

    Is it a corruption crime to derive personal benefits [self declared bonuses] from massive “hikes made profits” from tax-payers money guised as from a “country made” Private Limited company revenues gained from controlling and operating the country primary essential services?

    What differentiate them?

    How can this be prevented?

    Can Singapore Primary Essential Services be NOT owned / operated by a Private Limited management or Investment company and controlled / Operated by the “husband and Wife” or any inner working affairs so as to avoid unwanted [but reasonable] suspicions?

    What is the problem with the government directly owning the Primary Essential Services. [since they priced themselves as from the TOP notches]

    Can WP pursue this matter in Parliament?

    <a href="#comment-

    My question to Ravi, Lim Tean, Sylvia lim, [lawyers]… Is this legal? like this any different from KongHee Big Loop? Isn’t that a clear conflict of interests and we played out by our own government?

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  • LOL:

    Former SMRT chief Desmond Kuek joined private bank UBS as vice chairman..earnin hi $$ income, despite leavin SMRT in freakin inefficient mess.

    Those army top jerks joined SMRT too, n now many top fools in SMRT resigned too…

    Question is why r we, citizens, paying for the ever increasing transport train/bus fare? Why r we paying for the increase in train fare…caused n impacted by the damn inefficiencies, dysfunctional & mediocre management of SMRT?

    Whats Temasek & HC doin?

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  • George:

    Khaw BW has led Singapore into the gutter with his policies, VOTE HIM OUT !

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  • Straight "A"s Marlboro Tan:

    Khaw BW has led Singapore into the gutter with his policies, VOTE HIM OUT !

    that ex mudlander loser is interested in high salary

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