Helping people to cope with the cost of living

Many people are struggling with the high cost of living and inadequate wages.

There is little that the government can do to increase the wages of workers in the private sector or with improving the savings of retirees. These challenges will take a long time to address.

However, there are a few things that the government can do immediately and urgently.

Here they are:

a) Abolish GST, so that the cost of living can come down by up to 10%. 7% comes from the actual GST that is paid to government, up to 3% come from the saving in administrative cost by business.

The government can cope with the reduction of $11 billion a year from abolishing GST. They can exercise cost control over the spending on infrastructure and defense.

b) Create useful jobs for people, such as provide better administrative support for teachers, build more child care centers, train child carers, employ mentors.

c) Provide wage subsidy for small businesses to employ local workers at higher pay.

d) Increase wages and improve work conditions for public sector workers and stop outsourcing of these jobs.

e) Introduce rent control on renewal of leases and make more commercial space available at modest rentals.

The government needs to create more meaningful jobs in the public sector and make it possible for small businesses to give jobs to local workers at better wages. If more jobs are available, there will be less stress for families where the bread winner has lost a job.

The lower cost of living will benefit families and retirees.

We need to implement these measures urgently.


Tan Kin Lian




13 Responses to “Helping people to cope with the cost of living”

  • Asd:

    Very good at talking cock

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  • No Mandate, No 2nd Chance:

    “Profiting” from your own money at their dictation and pay you miserable interest back from your OWN money at the pretext of saving for your retirement and you can’t even do a thing, so TKL stop dreaming.

    After so many years, so instead face to the reality and execute by doing something more directly relevant instead of stupid suggestion that you know will all be more fakes and heartless if ever its adopted to silent the masses and they inflict more pain in the next term, afterwards.

    We need to stop it.

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  • for them to complain song son:

    //Helping people to cope with the cost of living//

    garment smart lar but sinkies daft lar. garment keeps on pushing the boundaries lar.

    as long as daft sinkies can take it, white idiots can keep on turning the temperature just A LITTLE BIT higher each time for them to complain song song and then adapt to it (bo pian right ?); and then the cycle can repeat itself again and again. anyway why should the white idiots deviate from a successful formula if it seems to work all the time ?

    can always claim popular mandate of 65% north leh (majority is ok and must be liking so much lar ?) and all the positive survey results right ?

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Isn’t TKL’s suggestion a rehash of some Pakatan Harapan recent 2018 election manifesto:
    * abolishing the GST or SST (sales and services tax) in M’sia’s case;
    * reduce cost of living factors;
    * increase wages and improve work conditions for public sector workers; &
    * review & exercise cost control over infrastructure spending & big ticket projects.

    Whereas in the past, M’sia copied from S’pore some of our policies as their own. These days, S’pore politicians unashamedly copies wholesale from M’sia. It is the sign of the times! *Sigh*

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  • Flabbergasted:

    vote the pinky and the whites out, half the problem will be solved or at least cost of living will stagnate, for a while, until the new administrators get evil.

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  • Darth Vader:

    tkl, WHAT planet are you living on????!!!! While what you wrote here may be sensible for once, WHAT makes you think the pap WANTS ordinary Singaporeans to have a decent life????!!!! Know WHY they keep talking about raising GST and NEVER personal income tax?! It’s BECAUSE raising GST hits ordinary people harder, whereas raising income tax on thr highest income earners hits the wealthy hardest. INCLUDING THEMSELVES!!!! Likewise, WHY ELSE do you think they WANT ordinary locals to do gig jobs instead of permanent jobs?! It’s BECAUSE they DON’T wznt us to have steady reliable income, THAT’S WHY!!!! WHY ELSE do you think they keep exhorting us to accept only $1000/- a month while they themselves demand to be paid in millions?! Again, it’s BECAUSE they want to CONTROL us, that’s why!!!! And for that matter, permanent jobs are STILL available, but the pap keeps telling us to settle for gig jobs! So WHO fo you think is doing all these permanent jobs?!

    Pity I’m not a licensed psychiatrist, or I’d get a court order to have you legally committed by force. Maybe you should just heed my advice and go away and engage in penetrative sexual intercourse with yourself!!!!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Mr. Tan; SG high cost of living was artificially created by PAP. There is no way to catch up with this cost of living.

    30% increase in PUB, increase in parking, increase in S & C, increase in everything possible, but salary stagnant. Going to increase GST and transport fare too.

    The only way to reduce cost of living is to vote out the PAP. Once PAP is not in power, everything will fall in place. Reduce in Ministers’ salary, reduce the number of MPs. Reduce spending on all unnecessary infrastructures (Jewel will be white elephant soon) and reduce defence spending.

    Singapore will save a lot.

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  • James Lee:

    Well said!!!
    However, more can be done by the government of the day to help boost the standard of living of those GPs and MGs who are living “mouth to hands ” by implementing without any further delays the following measures:-

    1)Provide without conditions,free basic hospitalisation and health care to all PGs and MGs. The government can save on subsidies and medisave top ups.The moneys in the medisave accounts of these senior averaging S$40,000 can therefore be released to meet their retirement needs.

    2)Pay to all these seniors a monthly sum of S$500/=

    3)Issue free Singapore Passport to all seniors.

    Please do the needful before its too late!!!!

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  • ahkong:

    Good strategy will definitely give you many many votes.

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  • LPP:

    There’r lots of articles talking about coping with cost of living, especially for citizens with low income & poor families.
    But the thing is that this arrogant out-of-touch govt dont really bother, dont care & dont give a shit about all these issues.
    The govt’s concern is & will always be the economy (& their monthly hi income$ 1st).

    Do govt even think of long-term impacts & consequences when they opened doors widely to welcome mostly mediocre foreign workers into this island?

    Only thing citizens can do is to VTO !
    Or at least cause thir total votes to fall & decline steeply!

    VTO… comin soon @ GE….
    Yes we can !!

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  • Trying Very Hard To Convince:

    Cost Of Living is one of the Main Issue. PAP can be seen trying very hard to convince the people to vote for the 4G leaders. Pinky remains in the background becos he has made many people angry especially with the way he treats his younger siblings. If he can treat them like shit, he can treat the citizens worse.

    They even use Mediacorps Old Actors to talk about HDB Flat Lease Buy Back and Merdeka Generation Benefits on TV. They also feature many of the 4g Leaders on TV such as Chan Chun Seng, Grace Foo, Sim Ann, Putucherry, Teo, Lawrence and others working very hard meeting people on the ground and Heng’s speech on working for you and with you. This is all a last minute big Wayang to win the coming GE and after that back to square one. Felt Sorry for the 4g leaders becos of the many screwup by the 3G leaders.

    We will never be con again. The only way for them to make us vote for them will be
    1) Return our CPF at 55 years old as promised by LKY.
    2) Reduce all Minister and top Civil Servant salary by 70 per cent.
    3) Sent back all the white collar FT back to their country.
    4) Stop using our money to give scholarship to foreign students.
    5) increase spending on Health Care for the needy and the the oldies.
    6) Cancel all GST.
    7) Tax the wealthy more becos without the people the wealthy cannot make money.
    8) Reduce Ho Chin salary to one million dollars. How can she earn more the PM?
    9) Stop using taxpayers money to fund SME . Ask them to close shop if they are not capable of operating a viable business.

    We will not vote for the PAP if they cannot meet the above.

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    I did not bother to read the article. Just price down everything. Abolish GST, ERP all these nonsense.

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  • Bad Boy:

    $$$ important???

    For this tycoon, apparently so


    Of course some would prefer to pull the plug .

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