PAP Continues to Follow SDP’s Lead in Education Reform as Party Set to Launch Transformative Policy

In 1994, the SDP stated: “A major problem of streaming is the effect of self-fulfilling prophecy…It is not difficult for children in lower streams to feel less valued.”

A quarter-of-a-century later, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung echoed: “Entering a stream that is ‘lower’ can carry a certain stigma… It becomes self-fulfilling.”

In 2014, the SDP wrote: “Currently, the main providers of preschool education are private playgroups and kindergartens. The government does not provide preschool education at the national level.” We called for pre-school education to be nationalised.

In 2017, the MOE announced that it would institute government-run kindergartens.

These are just a couple of examples of how the PAP has been following the SDP’s lead in formulating our nation’s education policy.

We will continue to show the way when we launch our education policy on 13 July 2019. Our current system is heavy on rote-learning and exam-taking. This approach is out-dated as we head into an era of innovation where critical thinking is of the essence.

The PAP cannot continue to point to the high achievement of our students in the PISA assessment. This index tells us nothing about how prepared our students are after graduation.

The current system emphasizes paper qualification to the detriment of knowledge and skills essential for dealing with the realities of the present age.

An OECD study showed that in the area of literacy, the average Japanese high-school graduate is as highly-skilled as the average Singaporean tertiary graduate. The study defined literacy as “understanding, evaluating, using and engaging with written texts to participate in society, to achieve one’s goals, and to develop one’s knowledge and potential.”

We can continue to delude ourselves by believing PAP’s rhetoric that its education policy is number one in this and that.

Or we can come to see the reality for what it truly is: That the PAP continues to wield education in Singapore as a political tool by stifling critical and independent thinking and adopt an enlightened and transformative policy that the SDP is proposing.

Event: Launch of Educating for Creativity and Equality: An Agenda for Transformation
Date: 13 July 2019, Saturday
Time: 2-4 pm
All are welcome

Singapore Democrats


13 Responses to “PAP Continues to Follow SDP’s Lead in Education Reform as Party Set to Launch Transformative Policy”

  • DavidNeo&IreneVanessa:Bastards:

    I also must teach students how to harass people.My ego and pride must always take precedence above everything else, even human rights.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    How sad to realise the silly sheeple voting a BUNCH of IDIOTS who pay themselves Millions and KNOW NOT how to run a proper Govt…will they VOTE again the IDIOTS or are the Sheeple so Silly they have lost all SENSE of LOGIC!!!

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  • sleep:

    SDP behaves like small little child squabbling over ownership of little Fruities.

    Whereas, a noble single sentence in the appropriate time would have sufficed and carries significant potency on its image.

    I would say, like the vast voidness china rattle drum, backwards approach not befitting modern styled Singaporean.

    Please just don’t create vote dilution for the deserving OPPOs. thanks.

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  • TruBlu:

    I wish you that more sgs can wake up n witness the TRUTH.



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  • give SDP a chance:

    Be Smart. Vote In SDP!
    we have nothing to lose but alot to gain.

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  • PAP not ashamed of herself:

    Till today despite all the copycats from SDP, PAP esp education minister is not ashamend of herself. High M$ salary and this waht they paid themselves without any referendum. PAP supporters deserve it but I think they dun bother. Wait until they are retrenched one day like some people here, then they will feel the pain. Hopefully they will copy more and make themselves useless.

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  • opposition dude:

    SDP, I’m looking forward to seeing PAP implment your NOM scheme for HDB flats. After the easing of CPF rules for older flats there hasn’t been any news of demand for the flats nor prices going up ha ha ha!

    No one would be that dumb to buy a depreciating asset even if CPF rules were relaxed. Who the hell wants their HDB to depreciate after all right!

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  • Harder Truths:

    All those ‘streamed’ students since long ago now are old like me – and still voting pappies. Ha ha ha. Government we deserve.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    For all I’m concerned (& to those whom may be concern). The S’pore Educational System is deeply flawed & it is not keeping up with the critical elements & the necessary requirements needed for a Global Knowledge Economy.

    When I’m confronted with my children’s education in the S’pore school system – I see an obvious Failed Mechanism in place! I’d feel that up to middle secondary school level for the basics in education, the mechanism is already inadequate. Parents are already inundated with a highly pressurized financial onus on their part & their child’s school participation academically stressful on the child’s part. If & when the parents actually “see” the overall outcome of their education investments, the S’pore landscapes are strewned with academic failures, downsized dreams & even upon graduation, a Gig Economy confronts their children.

    The S’pore Educational Mechanism throws back to us the “Real” Cost of educating our children. It is us, the parents who have to bear the real cost of educating our child through additional investments in basic tuition (keeping up with the school syllabus) followed by further investments in material (school assessment books, notes, past exam question papers) & specialised cram schools, “exam-smart” coaching facilities – ALL FOR WHAT? The general consensus are that what is available in the marketplace are Grab or Go-Jek driving assignments or a career as a food hawker! The “obvious” outcome for educational opportunities in S’pore are highly dubious & undesirable!

    And the S’pore school mechanism provides an inadequate schooling for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). This alone tells you S’pore’s positioning in critical Industrial & Technological areas like Smartphones eco-system, Artificial Intelligence & Smart Technologies, etc.

    The Educational mechanism are still locked in the past academic rigidities of elitist schooling, subject streaming & paper chasing qualification based on exam-marks & credential testing (of grades).

    But the current Knowledge Economy is unconcerned with academic achievements nor “good” schools affiliations. The world out there needs people who are “Thinkers-Out-Of-The-Box” & risk takers who dare push boundaries beyond their current limitations. People who can’t see this are doomed to fail.

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  • shameless gahment:

    all this “maxed out brained” G can
    do is steal others hard work!…but worse continue paying themselves mil$ salaries.
    at least give SDP n the others credit for their ideas n mayb work together..
    but no…so shameless this G.
    how to respect such ppl?

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  • 柑林内:



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  • Singaporean Kong Come:

    How sad to realise the silly sheeple voting a BUNCH of IDIOTS (Si Gui Kia)Sleep from black hair turn white hair, taking million $$$$$ of salary. They don’t have to crack their brain, accept copy n past others people ideas. When PaP first step into power, they also don’t has any ideas how to rule SG, accept copy n past David Marshall ideas. Just kick them out in this coming GE. nothing to lose,

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Sad to say this but the ship had already left the harbour some 20 years ago. S’pore’s Educational System should had drastically been revamp to meet the challenges from the Knowledge Economy then. They should have focused & concentrated on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects; opened it up to greater numbers & trained them all the way to Post-graduate level but did we? And the powers-to-be twiddle their thumbs & kept the cornerstone of their [SILLY] Meritocracy Policy (a quota system) intact – in fact they reinforced it by introducing Elitist Schools, etc.
    SDP suggestions wouldn’t make an iota of difference because S’pore had lost over 20 years momentum when they could have shifted the direction of the educational system towards STEM. Now, it’s already too late!
    No amount of jawboning (talking of SMART NATION, narratives, etc) can disguised the truth that S’pore had fallen way behind the technology curve. The Global Momentum for STEM are onto Machine-Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Frankly, machines would replaced human effort going forward leading to a permanent loss of jobs & worse, redundancies for education, training & any hope for social mobility. And S’pore looks forward with a 10 million population target obsession oblivious to the incoming Paradigm Shift & awful Structural Changes ahead.
    Even Amazon (the great American online company) is preparing its vast workforce for the automation job apocalypse as they introduces more robots and automated systems to sort goods and fill orders, making their workforce redundant. “Technology is changing our society, and it’s certainly changing work,” said Jeff Wilke, chief executive of Amazon’s world-wide consumer business.
    China is now beginning to overtake the U.S. in science and technology. Between 2000 and 2016, China’s global share of publications in the physical sciences, engineering, and mathematics quadrupled and, in the process, exceeded the U.S.
    To forge further ahead, they updated their manufacturing base by rapidly developing 10 high-tech industries, including electric cars and other new-energy vehicles, next-generation information technology and telecommunications, as well as advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, aerospace engineering, high-end rail infrastructure, and high-tech maritime engineering.
    Understand this & you see the failure.

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