Six voting scenario of the next coming general election 2019

Six voting scenario of the next coming general election:-

1. A change in government

Many from the opposition quarter wish for a change in government but this occurrence is akin to the sun rising from the west.

Some also drew encouragement from the recent Malaysian election which saw the once-invincible UMNO’s fall from grace but it is fool-hardy to compare the two countries.

One has a very corrupt ex-Prime Minister and a comeback veteran politician in the mould of Dr Tun Mahathir coupled with the fact that it’s civil society is very active and has organised several huge public street demonstrations.

Our opposition politics is still very disunited and only through Dr Tan Cheng Bock can we see a small ray of hope shining through the dark alley.

So a change of government is still not in the pipeline yet plus there is no visible sign that any opposition party can form the next government should the opposition miraculously wins more than half of the seats in Parliament.

Moreover, the odds are so stacked against the opposition that even winning one single seat is considered a major achievement by any standard.

2. PAP sweeping up all the seats

It is also a remote possibility that PAP will sweep up all the seats in Parliament during the next election though they have no qualms of wanting to do so.

The Worker’s Party should still win Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC though the former could prove elusive with the town council suit hanging near it’s throat. It could swing both ways depending on how the government decides to carve out the constituency boundery – they have a huge advantage here though as both the Election Department and constituency boundary committee report to the Prime Minister Office.

It could even place a minister to contest in Aljunied this time round to foster confidence instead of a unknown team in the previous 2015 GE as it has only lost by less than a mere percentage of the votes.

Nevertheless,  I foresee that the WP’s Aljunied team will finally triumph by virtue of it’s strong ground support during the last two terms and that more importantly, Singaporeans still want to see a firm alternative presence in Parliament.

Most of the WP’s Aljunied MPs have done well in Parliament so far and their supporters should continue to vote for them in this coming GE to maintain the status quo for the main opposition party.

However, it is unlikely to win additional more seats in Parliament given the rather low-key preparations just months before the next coming GE perhaps due to the recent disruption of the key leadership change and 5-year-old town council suit.

Thus, a PAP’s clean sweep of all the seats in the next coming GE  is also not possible and for the good of Singapore this should not happen at all.

3. SDP finally winning a seat

SDP may finally win a seat or even seats in Parliament?

Many loyal supporters of SDP will be jumping sky-high in joy if the party finally win a seat in Parliament – it has being the dominant number two opposition party so far but ironically without a seat yet to show.

Some quarters have murmured that perhaps the party will have a glimpse of hope if all forces will to be channelled into contesting just two SMC for the coming GE – one for Dr Chee Soon Juan and the other for Dr Paul Tambyah.

It does make sense as most of the GRCs it contested so far have not gone before the 40-percent mark in votes as Singaporeans may find the party too head-on and confrontational.

Though Singaporeans want some alternative voices in Parliament to check the incumbent, they prefer them to be level-headed and civil-minded.

Nevertheless, a much calmer Dr Chee now may have finally find enough support from Singaporeans ready to throw caution to the wind and vote in the veteran politician.

Moreover, the party’s chairman Dr Tambyah is another strong candidate who deserves a seat in Parliament given his strong articulate views on the problematic healthcare system here and may even upstage Dr Chee to attain a seat in Parliament instead for the party.

Whoever wins a seat for the party, Singaporeans are glad that finally the second dominant opposition party has garnered enough support from the voters to make it count. More significantly, without any viable presence in Parliament, it is difficult for the party to forge ahead and if it still could not win a seat in this coming GE, my fear is that this may signal it’s gradual decline of the party from opposition politics.

4. Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Lee Hsien Yang

All eyes will be on the new party formed by Dr Tan Cheng Bock and the possible partnership with Lee Hsein Yang in a mouth-watering GRC contest.

It is also the first time that a PAP ex-MP has turned against it’s master and suddenly we find new-found hope that finally there could be a break-through in opposition politics.

There is much debate whether Dr Tan should be fielded in a SMC or GRC though the former challenge looks easier than contesting in a GRC.

However, with Lee Hsien Yang as his running mate and other likely solid GRC contenders in toil, there is every chance that the new party could win a GRC in it’s maiden run at the polls.

The only setback is that if the party fails to win then it may not have any Parliamentary representative to catapulate the party to higher ground.

For Singapore’s sake, we pray that the party will weigh carefully whether to place Dr Tan in a SMC which I feel he has a 50/50 chance of making it or to a higher-risk GRC which lowers his winning opportunity to 45% even though Lee Hsien Yang is at his side.

5. Lim Tean

Lim Tean presents a fresh perspective for the opposition and his online support seems audacious and ever-growing.

His strong vocal personality gains him new followers daily and probably the only current opposition party so far which has hit the ground running literally.

His bread distribution also gains alot of traction as so far there are not many parties which could garner enough volunteers to support such a regular massive campaign.

As with the other parties, he has to weigh the difficult option of placing himself in a SMC which has a higher chance of winning or group himself in a GRC which historically proves to be a more difficult contest.

Singapore will be better off with Lim Tean in Parliament challenging and checking the incumbent – only if voters give him a chance.

6. The rest

It is difficult to foresee how the other opposition parties could win anything in the coming GE even though they have tried for many times.

NSP, RP, SDA, PPP and other parties have served Singapore well by providing an alternative voice but we all know that winning at general election is like climbing Mt Everest.

It is also unsure whether the opposition will stick to contesting in all constituencies as in the previous GE 2015 thus giving all Singaporeans a chance to vote or contest selectively so that voters are assured that the incumbent will stay in power and that voting in a opposition seat will not upstage any balance in power.

Most Singaporeans are pragmatic and still prefer the PAP to form the next government but yet many are craving for a alternative voice to provide a stable check-and-balance in Parliament.

One thing we know for sure is that the PAP will not get another 70% mandate as the LKY sympathy factor has all but evaporated and much has changed in the current political climate.

The current regime is seen to have grown weaker since the last election and its succession plan has not sunk in well with the general public. Mr Heng Swee Kiat – the best of the worst candidate to be groomed as the next 4G PM is not convincing enough that he is able to lead the country out of a looming economic crisis.

The country will in all likelihood goes into the coming polls against a backdrop of a looming recession and much is at stake here.

We find many fresh graduates out of work and many ageing PMETs under-employed either working as Grab drivers or security guards.

Swing voters could be out in full force this time round and it is believed that at least 10% of pro-PAP supporters may swing their votes to the alternative.

However,  the current new citizen voters (estimated to be at least 8% of the electorate or 180,000) are able to neutralise the predictable swing ensuring that the incumbent will remain in power at least for this soon-coming election.

With each general election, the contest will be made more difficult for the alternative as more new citizen voters will join the fray rendering any voting swing neutral to the opposition cause.


Gilbert Goh



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23 Responses to “Six voting scenario of the next coming general election 2019”

  • oxygen:

    HOUGANG SMC IS SUICIDE BUNKER for ANY WOULD-BE attacker. My informed sources – very reliable as usual – tell me that PNG Eng Huat got PLENTY OF LIAO (substance).

    Maybe PAPpypolitics might try put a female ministar there for an electoral contest?


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  • oxygen:

    A STRONG GRC-TEAM from SDP would do a LOT OF GOOD for LEE-jiapore, I want to see that happening this time.

    It is crunch time of national survival fight.


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  • oxygen:

    @ Gilbert Goh,

    NEW CITIZENS ARE NOT NECESSARILY A MONOLITH BLOCK AGAINST OPPOSITION POLITICS- many of them are worst hit than natives in PAPpypolitics asset enhancement politics scam having bought into property at their recent peaks post 2011 GE – they came late.

    Whatever accumulated CPF saving were buried in that housing coffin which like natives will vaporize to nothing on lease expiry – THEY CAN’T ESCAPE. Their children has to do NS and their jobs are at risks too of being displaced by PAPpynomics population recycling economics of cheaper foreign influx. Tough times like this has no discrimination in favor of “new citizens” except in favor of cheaper foreigners preferred by employer.

    Unlike locals with long work history, they got NO BUFFER in CPF in housing mortgage pressure if they are retrenched. They come here for “democracy” NOT DECEPTION OF DEMOCRACY. Some will clamour and desperate for change too of our political landscape.

    Gilbert Goh :However, the current new citizen voters (estimated to be at least 8% of the electorate or 180,000) are able to neutralise the predictable swing ensuring that the incumbent will remain in power at least for this soon-coming election

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  • Singaporean Kong Come.:

    RP, SDA, PPP and other parties have served Singapore well by providing an alternative voice but we all know that winning at general election is like climbing Mt Everest. These R all clown party. Some R obvious show themselves PaP spy, When up the stage in the GE. they call the voters to vote for PaP. N their college help to act like clown on stage. they R not serious. or they has mental problem?

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    One thing for sure, the Opposition will take some GRC and SMC. The only question is how many of each. Changing electoral boundaries will not help much. PAP will most likely increase the number of GRCs (i.e., smaller GRC) to limit “damage and to protect its Ministers.

    Change is in the cards.

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  • vincent tan:

    how could you leave out the very hardworking
    TanKinLian in the scenario .
    KinLian having busying posting his weirdo contributions
    on tre almost everyday. At least got a consolation acknowledgement
    how about kenneth fate?
    Hope opposition make inroad into another grc or two
    other aljunied… finger cross.

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  • thank u & all the best:

    if alternative parties can win at least 3 seats , we’d be hopeful.
    all the very best to all the alternative parties..

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  • Hsiam Loong Loong:

    I say, don’t need to think or guess so much. Just VTO and vote for oppositions.

    This present G only takes care of themselves, the rich and the foreigners. So, if you’re just an ordinary singaporean, all the more you’ve to vote for change. Why still vote for the same G which takes you for granted?

    Whoever or whichever oppo party would be contesting in your constituency, just give your vote to the oppositions to send the MIW packing.

    Not only your own vote matters. Your family’s, relatives’ and friends’ votes are as important if we want to kick those GDP – Greedy, Dirty Pigs (who are only concerned about GDP) out of our parliament. So, educate everyone whom you know who are apolitical to vote out the toxic G. Otherwise it’s a matter of time we see the end of our once heavenly country.

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  • Only One Scenario:

    Kick out Pappies, if the country is to reverse it’s systemic decline.

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  • Dr. Tan have to win:

    Gilbert Goh:
    4. Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Lee Hsien Yang

    That will be a deadly poison portion for DR. Tan Cheng Bock. Don’t have to elaborate. All of Dr. Tan’s (including himself) true supporters must sit down and contemplate. This is an honest advice.

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  • Dr. Tan has to win:

    Wait Ti-Kor Lan lose deposit again, how?

    vincent tan:
    how could you leave out the very hardworking
    TanKinLian in the scenario .
    KinLian having busying posting his weirdo contributions
    on tre almost everyday. At least got a consolation acknowledgement
    how about kenneth fate?
    Hope opposition make inroad into another grc or two
    other aljunied… finger cross.

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  • SDP Sure Win:

    If this coming GE is to be contest fairly, SDP & Dr Tan Party will win a couple of GRC each without any doubt. The important thing is to get foreign observers to monitor the counting process including abiding all laws and persecute anyone that breaks it. Be it inside or outside the polling centers.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Gilbert; stop analysing the coming GE. This GE is about People vs PAP. The people need to get back the country and return the power back to the citizens.

    We need our jobs back instead of given to foreigners by the govt, because SG are more expensive due to CPF, NS, Maternity leave, etc .

    We have to get back our Universities for our children instead of the govt sponsoring foreigners with more than $300 million of taxpayers money, whereas SG parents have to beg, barrow and steal in order for their children to enter Universities.

    We need to vote out the PAP in order for us to know what happened to our reserve, GIC, GLC, Temasek etc. Malaysians did that and now know what happened to 1MDB.

    PAP’s loss is People win!!!

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:


    My assessment base on your selection of scenarios (I think there are many other scenarios you missed out but nevertheless we can only focus on the key ones for discussion) as follows:

    Scenario #1: I agree with your statement that a complete change is highly unlikely to happen, knowing that we have at least 70% or more of voters here infected with the SSS (Spineless Sinkie Syndrome).

    However, I disagree with the reasons you gave on why this change is so far-fetched and hence you dismissed some alternative possibility here too quickly, which I will go into it later…

    Scenario #2: Incumbent sweeping up all the seats is a distinct possibility. I know many readers here (including myself) hate to see such an outcome, but lets face it. The reality on the ground is that once again we have too many infected with (SSS) Spineless Sinkie Syndrome, and very few percentage of Sinkies actually read this or other alternative socio-political websites.

    I sometimes get the feeling that our shouting here is all either merely minority voices or those with SSS are very good at putting up a show of complaining loudly but do the opposite during actual polls.

    Hence, ironically, the more online/offline opposition voices these SSS see or hear, the higher the chances PAP might sweep everything, since these SSS will panic like the last round and vote for perceived “stability” with the status quo.

    Scenario #3: Yes, I hope SDP win somewhere somehow, but then even if they win 5 seats by some miracle, is it going to change anything?
    WP has about 6 to 9 if you count NCMP for many years, so did their minority voices in the house help to counter the incumbent power at all? Ha!

    So, while I do hope they win, but I think even if SDP win something, it will be just a pointless little plastic trophy win.
    This is NOT the correct strategy.

    Scenario #4: This combination will be interesting by the results may vary depending on WHERE they contest.
    Which goes to my preferred strategy later on…

    Scenario #5: This one is a “joker” card (I certainly don’t mean Lim Tean any disrespect and I personally think he speaks with great reason and eloquence). What I meant by “joker card” is how the electorate might perceive him and how a “joker card” can either overturn a game or does nothing.

    A “joker card” may be used as an ACE that wins the game or not, depending on which card game you are playing and how you play it.

    Scenario #6: Realistically, the rest can either rest their case or join into a meaningful alliance to have any chance at all.

    ….to be cont’d…

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  • opposition dude:

    I love these types of articles as there are easily many ways to agree or disagree. Here are my humble views for all 6 of Gilbert’s points.

    #1 is not going to happen because the kiasees fear that if PAP is not in charge Singapore will go down the longkang, we will all be homeless, no jobs, chaos and riots everywhere. In short a doomsday scenario. I also know it’s a silly scenario but try convincing the kiasees it won’t happen and see the reaction on their faces.

    #2 Won’t happen as well. I can’t even remember the last time PAP had 100% of the seats so since we (and even PAP) know that PAP isn’t the same PAP from the 80s this makes it very certain there won’t be a clean sweep.

    #3 is 50/50. I would dearly love for another opposition party to be in parliament speaking up for us but the damn problem will always be the kiasees. Are the majority of them going to vote for SDP? SDP’s last showing was an encouraging 40% of the vote in Bt Batok but it wasn’t enough for them to win the SMC. And please don’t forget, the PAP has far stronger support in the west than in the east, something like close to 65% of the vote.

    #4 Dr Tan could win a seat if he takes on an SMC instead of going for a GRC. Other than Dr Tan I do not know who the rest of his ex PAP colleagues and Dr Tan himself has also stated before he has a small window of time to pass on leadership. So maybe with Hsien Yang’s help he could win an SMC and build on from there. Do remember that WP won one SMC for decades before winning their first ever GRC.

    #5 Lim Tean is out for sure, he is unknown to most folks and only has a strong presence online. Unfortunately this strong online presence will not translate into a win for him. You know it and I know it. If things were so easy then Kenneth Jayaratnam would have been voted in back in 2011 or 2015 already.

    #6 Might have a chance for NSP if they can get their act together but I see no chance for the rest of the small parties. The voters don’t know who they are, they have no presence on the ground etc. SO how are voters going to vote for them if they don’t even know the party exists? I think the bst scenario would be WP winning perhaps another GRC, SDP an SMC and Dr Tan an SMC.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Now, onto my proposal which I believe will NOT scare away the regular Sinkies who are too enamored of the “status quo”, as well as give hope to those 30% who are fed-up and want an overhaul.

    Furthermore, I strongly believe such a scenario, if executed well, will not only benefit the people, be healthier for the country as a whole in terms of her future political development (by removing Dynastic tendencies), and further would have a positive boost for our economic prospects.

    So let me SUMMARIZE my preferred scenario here again (I’ve written about this at length on TR site earlier, so bear with me for the repetition):

    - TCB should work out an agreement with all the other oppies to have ONLY TCB’s party contest against the dishonorable son’s home base.
    i.e.) avoid 3-cornered fights in this one critical ground.

    In any case, I doubt any other oppie group stand a chance at all here, so it is easy to remove the “noise” and we can “force” the s*ake head into a very narrow battlefield.

    One should never fight a stronger opponent by dispersing your energies and fighting at every location. This is pointless and even if oppies win a couple of seats or increase their percentage in Parliahment, so what??
    The s*ake head is still there and the oppies will still be the minority voice unable to stop him from bulldozing his way through or even bending the Constitution at will, right?

    So what if oppies win a couple of seats here and there?
    Isn’t this the same scenario we have for so many decades since?
    So do you think that will help?

    Let’s say by some miracle, all the Oppies combined manage to get 30 seats, can they stop the bulldozer? NO. All the white cronies will band together even tighter like a s*ake coiling up ready to strike, and obey whatever the s*ake head boss says with their simple majority, right?

    So as long as s*ake head is there, nothing will change.
    This is the key fight that TCB has to go into.

    Any other person or oppie group is unlikely to win against the Snake Head, so it makes no sense for other oppies to contest there. In fact, we would all know who are the political moles or two-faced turncoats once they show up in that GRC to force 3 or more cornered fights together with TCB’s party.

    - TCB should concentrate all his firepower at the Snake Head. There is no point to bite anywhere else. To neutralize a s*ake, you MUST cut off the head first & foremost.
    ALL other actions are superfluous and in fact dangerous because if you bite the body or tail of the s*ake, you will surely get bitten back.

    - TCB himself has implied that time is limited for him to be of service, so if not now when does he want to face the s*ake head man-to-man?

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:


    Now, the difficulty is in convincing the rest of the other Oppie parties to do minimal contest or even abstain from the next GE totally.

    - WP should stay with their own stronghold and keep their pie and hopefully collaborate with TCB’s new party.

    Frankly, I think all the other Oppie parties should just stand-down or join an alliance under TCB, with TCB leading the alliance to fight at ONLY 1 GRC (where the big s*ake head is at).

    In other words, with this strategy of focusing only on the s*ake head, you
    ensure that you are throwing down the gauntlet to the electorate to CHOOSE or Die quietly.

    - There is no point to give the Spineless Sinkies more choices than necessary. They will not appreciate nor value it anyway, as can seen in the results of the last 2 fights.

    - In fact, as I’ve mentioned, if these 70% SSS see that many wards are being contested, they will panic because they FEAR the possibility, no matter how remote, of wholesale replacement of the government. If we propose to ONLY remove the evil s*ake head, while keeping the rest of the body politic (and of course the civil service arms and their jobs) in place, don’t you think many more Sinkies will agree and support TCB?

    - If you remove the s*ake head, the rest of the body will follow the new “people’s leader”, and the dynasty will be no more. In fact, I’d say many within the current “body” will switch sides and actually work for the betterment of the country and the Constitution, rather than be beholden to party affiliations, like they have been mislead to for too long.

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  • Cronyism & The Con?:

    “I sincerely believe that banking establishments (Creative Accounting) are more dangerous than standing armies (receiving tons of the Budget), and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity (like borrowing from the World Bank), under the name of funding (Jewel, Terminal 5, Tuas Port) is but swindling futurity (our sons and daughters) on a large scale.”

    - President Thomas Jefferson

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    thank u & all the best:
    if alternative parties can win at least 3 seats , we’d be hopeful.
    all the very best to all the alternative parties..

    How does winning 3 or more seats help at all?
    So what if Oppies parties win say even 10 more seats, they are still minority in the house of LEE.
    So your plan is to sloooooowwwly increase your % over maybe next 30 years before you finally replace the incumbent?

    Is that a good plan?? By that time, I can’t imagine whats the state of our economy under the LEEdarship of the veritable fool. Ha!

    Conversely, someone else says to VTO no matter what. Aparently, kick them ALL out as the one below says:

    Only One Scenario:
    Kick out Pappies, if the country is to reverse it’s systemic decline.

    This is what we all have wet dreams for too, but we live in the real world and this is also NOT a workable plan. To say the least, it is unrealistic to expect all the SSS (Spineless Sinkies) to suddenly wake up one day and VTO “for the good of the country or the next generation”. Get real please. It won’t happen.

    If anything, haven’t you learn what the past 2 GE results already tell you?
    Most SSS (Spineless Sinkie Syndromes) wants the status quo and they are afraid of too massive a change. They prefer a “little bit” of change at
    a time (like the 2 seats at a time proposer) above…. Ha!

    The above are the two most typical responses of Sinkies, to this intractable problem. They either have weak counter-offensive by sloooowly winning a few seats here and there (which is pointless and self-defeating), or they propose to VTO. ALL of them in one fell swoop.

    Therefore, the best way forward for all of us, is to accommodate everyone and REMOVE ONLY the Snake Head. Everyone including those with SSS knows that this current Snake Head is incapable besides being dishonorable.
    the gov minstries, stat boards etc. and even the police and defence arms are all merely “following orders” from the s*ake head, right? They are good Singapore people worried about their jobs too.

    So, removing the Snake Head neutralizes its venom BUT retains the useful body of the s*ake (i.e. the entire institutional structure of gov) intact and fully functional with no job lost except the Snake head’s). This “solution” will certainly appeal to the broad masses of the 70% SSS while satisfying the 30% Oppies for definitive change.

    Look at my other comments here for the only strategy to win meaningfully & thanks for reading.

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  • TruBlu:

    Time to reform governance.
    Enriching the rich leads to eventual doom.

    GD Star Rating
  • Gilbert's Fan:

    I have a question for Gilbert You the father of modern day Singapore peaceful protests.

    Talking about SCENARIOS, is there a POSSIBILITY in future Singapore that an Elections results be Rigged?

    First, I make by absolutely clear : I do not believe in the history of Singapore there has been even once the votes have been tampered.

    In SG, we are ruled under many draconian laws. So we must speak clearly.

    My question pertains to how bulletproof is our elections process?

    Going forward into the future, is there a way to hack the elections process?

    I am not encouraging it but speaking from a factual scientific perspective.

    A simple question : can the republic of singapore’s elections process be tampered?

    Possible or not , these ways :

    1. Swapping the ballot box with pre-done votes. I do not believe this has ever been done before given our honest people in charge.

    But, as a scientific person, I asking is this a POSSIBILITY if there is a flaw in the system or process? Do you have the answer ? If you can prove this is not possible, prove it.

    2. Is there a moment the box is kept out of sight of any volunteers from all parties?

    3. Why is there no signature on the ballot paper? It’s printed and we just can make a cross at the selection.

    Is this not relocatable?
    Can 2 copies not be printed?
    How can the cross be proven to be drawn by the actual voter?

    I again reiterate, I do not believe any tempering was ever made. This is because the people involved are all super honest.

    What I am asking is from a scientific perspective. Possibilities and flaws if any in the system or process.

    At least I prove that I am one of the rare Singaporeans having the mind to raise such a possibility as a question.

    I am sure none of you have ever heard any Singaporean asked this question.

    Eg. Do you know any certified accountant able to prove the GDP cannot be manipulated? Such questions never ever come to their minds because they have a brain but not fully utilised.

    Does this mean I am saying the GDP is fake?
    Not at all. I am asking what is the technical possibilities.
    If you can prove it’s bulletproof as good as gold, prove it.

    So I hope you Singaporeans can see something OUT OF THE BOX.

    I AM looking for ways to exit the system.
    CPF withdrawal at 55. Bye bye.

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  • Old spurm John:

    There is one more scenario Gilbert Goh did not mention.

    In a freak elections, will the generals be activated?

    GD Star Rating
  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Old spurm John:
    There is one more scenario Gilbert Goh did not mention.

    In a freak elections, will the generals be activated?

    Thats why read my preferred scenario of TCB party only contesting against the Snake Head, and forgo the rest.

    - WP just stay status quo with their current stronghold areas.
    - All the rest of the Oppies stand-down and do not even contest. If they have to, they join alliance UNDER TCB leadership.

    -Let all the other wards be walkovers. This will pacify the 70% SSS that NO BIG overhual of the system will happen, hence NO FREAK results possible.

    - All the paper generals will also keep silent because even if TCB wins against Snake Head, only The Snake Head lose his job.

    The other paper generals still get to keep their jobs (unless Snake Head put all his paper generals with him together in his GRC which he can’t since only 6 seats and he won’t because he will not dare to put all the powerful Eggs in 1 basket ;).

    Furthermore, paper generals will prefer to take no risk as long as they have their jobs and just continue to take their paper money. Ha!

    Besides, you think here like China? NS boys here won’t obey these paper generals to shoot civilians. Paper generals here also won’t dare to issue live rounds to NS men in any unlikely “State of Emergency”, for fear NS-men will use it against paper generals & Snake Head instead. Ha!

    So, you see this is the best & safest scenario for Singapore and her SSS (Spineless Sinkie Syndromes).

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