Sorry Tharman fans, more qualified man of colour available

FT reported that underperforming Credit Suisse CEO (share price has collapsed since he became CEO), Tidjane Thiam, could be a candidate to head the IMF. Facts: the Franco-Ivorian CEO has long been linked with the post as a possible dark horse candidate (No pun intended: he like Tharman are long odds candidates). He has been Ivorian fiance minister and CEO of a British insurer. His academic credentials are also a lot better.

It quotes his friends as saying say he would be an ideal choice, enabling the IMF to make a switch to an emerging markets nominee that could still be acceptable to France. (French nationals have held the managing director role five out of 11 times since its post-war foundation).

As readers will know, the post of IMF head, is in the gift of the Europeans. They have always given the post to white-skinned Europeans. The Americans choose the World Bank CEO has at least gifted the post to an American with a yellow skin.

The BJP in Hindustan India and Tamil supremacists around the world are still smarting that an ethnic East Asian became World Bank president (They thanked the Gods he wasn’t an ethnic Chinese, only etnic Korean): hence their alleged support for Tharman.

Weekend reading. Tharman the wannabe stand-up comic:

Property: Tharman trying to crack jokes again

Tharman trying to tell jokes again?

Tharman joking again? Or trying to BS us?

Tharman talks cock yet again

Will Hougang make the PAP moan the inflation blues, not joke abt it?



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4 Responses to “Sorry Tharman fans, more qualified man of colour available”

  • cut and paste:

    still nothing but cut and paste.

    need substance if desire is to lure 70% sheep to blog for subsistence earning.

    suggestion is to stick with cents per post pap PA as pap IB.

    truly a useless piece of shit from Msia.

    such a pity as those who gave birth to the shit had better expectations.

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  • Statistics101:

    token men of colour is unlikely to do anything useful.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    You cynical racist go peddle your wares at your blog that no one goes to

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  • CI Talking cok Again?:

    Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan is among the top contenders for the high-profile post of International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Managing Director. There are growing demands that the next IMF chief be chosen from outside Europe and America. Rajan’s name came as a likely candidate in a letter written by British foreign affairs committee chairman Tim Tugendhat’s letter to foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt.

    “This is an ideal time for the job to be opened up to an emerging-market candidate. Raghuram Rajan, the former governor of India’s central bank has good IMF credentials as one of its former chief economists,” wrote The Sunday Times’ economics editor David Smith.

    Apart from Rajan, other names doing the rounds for the next IMF chief’s post include outgoing governor of Bank of England Mark Carney, former chancellor in the David Cameron government George Osborne, and former Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the report stated.


    Professor Rajan of U of Chicago served India with distinction & I believe chief economist of the IMF/World Bank?

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