Confusing table of Medishield Life premium

Someone asked me why the cost of private health insurance keeps premium.

I advised him to switch to Medishield Life to reduce the lower cost of health insurance. What is the difference?

I searched for the cost. I found this page.

It is extremely complicated to find the correct premium. No wonder so many people are confused and end up insuring under a private health plan, i.e. the integrated plan. It is easy for the insurance agent to tell them why the integrated plan is better, without giving them a clear picture of the cost.

There is no need to Medishield Life to have such a complicated rate structure.

The government should just provide a flat subsidy that applies to everybody, rather than vary the subsidy by age band and by income level or household type.

The cost to the government of giving a flat subsidy is small. The government can afford it, without being “stingy”.

I wish the ministry of health takes a big picture in deciding on the premium for Medishield Life, rather than try to “minimise” the subsidy through means testing. The amount is small. They do not have to be miserly or penny pinching.


Tan Kin Lian



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8 Responses to “Confusing table of Medishield Life premium”

  • TruBlu:

    From No money, No honey to No money,No doctor?

    Poor elderly sgs *tan si*(wait to die)…

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Once head of the Biggest scam(NTUC Insurance) Tan ahhhhh! you of all people should KNOW that Insurance is a Pyramid system Legally accepted in the Coporate World…

    but in LEEgal way, where Singaporeans are IDIOTIC enough to ACCEPT the govt word that it is for their OWN good when the Ponzi & Pyramid system is implemented to Fleece them through CPF-Medisave- and whatever shitty Medi terms they use

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  • Convoluted:

    Agree,not just MediShield life but integrated shield plan is screwed up;I am an agent the basic portion of integ plan is supposed to use Medisave but as age grows the Medisave part not enough as there is limit on Medisave usage ;so insured has to top up with cash;
    This is where the pitfall lies causing the plan to lapse most times the insured unaware and the agent has to be alert;
    Whole thing can be solved if Govt allows usage of Medisave for MediShield life and integratedshield basic wholly

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  • the PAP is the cause of it:

    all the schemes have somehow turned into scams..
    no one ever knows how much goes in and how much goes out.

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  • Went to Japan:

    The PAPpy is doing this to reduce cost and make money, no one knows exactly what they are paying… especially the bill is sent after one’s stay at hospital.

    You asking them to be transparent?

    LOL Even his wife salary is secret.

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  • Asd:

    Is governance just a matter of taking money from the people and put a chunk into one’s own pocket ?

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  • Bobo:

    With more strong members coming forward to open up the pot of soup and stirring it to find what were the ingredients inside it, they are making us to think even deeper. Thank you, Mr TKL here. We hoped we could throw away some disgusting and distasteful ones.

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  • vote in alt parties pls:

    i hope a good alternative party wins a seat or two…and consolidate the medishield n medisave into one insurance plan…so whenever anyone is hospitalised or need treatment , deduction and payment can be made easier and clear to even our PGs, MGs and everyone..
    especially no talk cock out of pocket money!.
    many of us got 35k and over in medisave..but they act like its their money when it comes to utilising the $money in there.
    are we asking that money to go on a holiday or a makan feast?
    this gov is making less n less sense as days go by..HELP!

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