Online interview on general election with a 53-year-old Malay married female voter

Thanks Aisha for responding to our online questionaire on the forthcoming election can you tell us a little about your general profile eg gender, age, education, job title, salary range, marital status, etc?

Aisha: Female, 53, A Level, Manager, $2k-$3k, Married

Have you voted before and for which party? Why so?

Aisha: Yes, opposition NSP. The PAP has “lost its way” and we need more opposition in Parliament to make sure our voices are heard, and for PAP to be held accountable for the policies and actions.

How do you feel about the current political climate ie are you happy with the government and do you think we should have some changes?

Aisha: We certainly need changes, a lot of changes.

What’s your view of the recent launch of Progress Singapore Party led by Dr Tan Cheng Bock a ex PAP MP?

Aisha: I’m glad that Dr Tan has formed his party. It is a credible party and Dr Tan is an admirable person with a passion to serve his country. He has experience while in PAP and holds the respect of many people. I hope Dr Tan will work with other opposition parties like the SDP and be a unifying factor that eventually leads to the downfall of the PAP.

Do you feel that Singaporeans especially those in the millennial era is politically apathetic? Why or why not?

Aisha: The millenial generation grew up in a easier environment and they cannot see the difficulty their parents and grandparent went through. They also did not see what the old PAP used to be. So yes they are rather apathetic. But on the bright side, these are the people who dare to question, to speak up and to bring about change. Educating them is therefore very important.

What do you feel.the opposition should focus on for the next general election?

Aisha: CPF, housing, immigration policies, overturning or modifying the CECA

What is your ideal opposition Parliamentary composition – 10% 30% or more?

Aisha: At least 40% in order to make a difference

Do you feel that the current government has ran out of ideas especially when it comes to economic progress and that Singaporeans are finding it increasingly difficult to survive? Please elaborate.

Aisha: Yes that is certainly true. Just looking at the 3G and 4G ministers now. They are clueless and not in touch with the ground. They think one is poor because one did not work hard enough, and they do not have answers to the current problems. Singaporeans are getting poorer while they become richer. Just look at the suicide rates among our young people, how more and more Singaporeans are driving for a living, and how many of our old people have to work an menial jobs because our CPF system has failed.

How do you feel that the opposition has fared in Singapore’s politics? What areas do you suggest that they can improve on?

Aisha: We have some good political parties, like the WP, SDP and now PSP. But Singaporeans need to wake up and take charge of their own future. The opposition parties need to walk more among the people to inspire their confidence. And political unity among the parties would be the way.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you gauge your own political involvement?

Aisha: 5

End of interview


By Gilbert Goh


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10 Responses to “Online interview on general election with a 53-year-old Malay married female voter”

  • TruBlu:

    Then,ask for STRONG SUPPORT from voters.

    If oppo can unite themselves sincerely,do they expect sgs to unite behind them?

    Ask not what the voters can do for you;ASK WHAT YOU(OPPO) CAN DO FOR THE SAKE OF THE people?

    Forget about manifestos.
    Uphold the OPPO ETHOS instead!

    GD Star Rating
  • Hi!:

    Democracy when the electorates are taken advantaged of, treated as daft(propaganda msm) , not told the truth but only handed so called “true news”(Lol!), ARE A SURE RECIPE FOR LOOMING LARGE SCALE NATIONAL DISASTER (which led to today’s low TFR). Is it any good for the country even if we had so called “democracy” ? NO of corse.

    GD Star Rating
  • Quranic Injunctions 1:

    What is the Social Qur’an – if we can borrow terminology from the Social Gospel movement? It is a message that calls on believers to stand up for justice and bear witness to the truth “even if it is against yourselves, your parents, or your close relatives” (4:135) and warns believers to never allow “hatred of others to lead you away from justice” (5:8).

    It is a teaching that commands believers throughout the Qur’an to “be a community that calls for what is good, urges what is right, and forbids what is wrong” (3:104).

    It is an urging to follow a higher ethical plane that “Is to free the slave, to feed at a time of hunger an orphaned relative or a poor person in distress, and to be one of those believe and urge one another to steadfastness [in doing good] and compassion” (90:13—17).

    It is prescribing as a pillar of Islam the institutionalization of almsgiving for the poor and needy (9:60) and an ethic of charity that affirms and restores the dignity of socially neglected people (2:261—274).

    It is encouraging the “fair and kind” treatment of women (4:19—21). And, it is pushing people to defend the oppressed even if it means putting their own lives at risk (4:74—76).

    GD Star Rating
  • Quranic Injunctions 2:

    The Social Qur’an is also a message that prohibits usurious loans that enslave people and entire communities to a lifetime of debt (2:275—281). It strongly condemns people “who give short measure” in their business dealings (83:1—6); exploit the orphans (4:10); “act like tyrants” (26:130); set out to “spread corruption” in the world (2:203), to give just a few examples. Social crimes such as sex slavery (24:33), female infanticide (81:8—9), and so on are spoken against in the strongest language.

    So, this is a summary of what the Social Qur’an looks like. It is a message and teaching for socially conscientious people to root their social justice work in a God-centric and spiritually focused way. And, it is a lesson to those who strive to be mindful of God that faith is incomplete without a radical commitment to social justice.

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  • Ostrich Contingent:

    The more important thing to focus on is the Lack of Transparency.

    Without Transparency even if they Lie, we could believe lies to be truth.

    GD Star Rating
  • never voted pap:

    all it takes for Dr Tan CB PSP to topple clown pap is for 50.1% to vote OPPO.

    not very hard in actual fact. just need another 20.1% to turn. which they will since more are shaking at home or driving grab even though with world ranking degrees from NUS NTU SMU.

    GD Star Rating
  • Ludicrous More Good Years:

    When pain is enough, change will come, but will it be too late?

    Every year there are large numbers of neighbouring and third world new immigrants who are not able to see the rapid decline in standard of living while currently basking in short term of euphoria.

    Election is coming, clowns think the NDP celebration will make a momentus impact in getting the daft votes to continue their pilfering and drag long enough to escape their crimes to their coffins.

    GD Star Rating
  • More Pain Needed:

    Then,ask for STRONG SUPPORT from voters.

    If oppo can unite themselves sincerely,do they expect sgs to unite behind them?

    Ask not what the voters can do for you;ASK WHAT YOU(OPPO) CAN DO FOR THE SAKE OF THE people?

    Forget about manifestos.
    Uphold the OPPO ETHOS instead!

    Opposition already seen considerable unity in last few elections by avoiding 3 corners fight and taking on pigs one on one.
    The result, a resounding mandate for more Pigs Screw Years.

    Dafts are not capable of setting themselves free.
    They lack brains, spines and balls.
    They talked at length about the problems but rationalized their own cowardice and stupidity.
    They ask non issues like ‘what can oppositions do?’ , then ask oppositions to be ‘united’…blah blah blah…
    It is not about oppositions can do but rather what the Pigs had done!
    Getting rid of pigs do not require oppositions “unity” if the fight is one-on-one.
    Getting rid of pigs is the necessary first step in setting yourselves free.
    It is laughable to expect more from dafts.

    GD Star Rating
  • Bobo:

    Singaporeans are still very conservative. No matter the numbers of times PAP had failed everyone of us in many policies and investment failures, they still want to cling tightly to the shaking legs. Why not generously give a 99.9% to oppositions and have a fresh start for all Singaporeans. Have faith in ourselves and do our parts. Singapore will progress even better. We shouldn’t be living in an empty egg shell with no minerals and no air.

    GD Star Rating

    Gilbert Goh’s events have a habit of being postponed or cancelled. He did not post our interview online either.

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