Have we as a nation lost our way?

Dr Tan Cheng Bock said that the PAP has lost its way.

ESM Goh Chok Tong said that it is Dr Tan Cheng Bock who has lost his way.

Have we as a nation lost our way?

Definitely. We can’t be on the right track when our seniors have to work during their twilight years just to put food on their tables.

We can’t be a successful nation when the wealth of the country isn’t trickling down to the people.

We have people in the government serving the nation but their hearts are not in the right place.

1. Our town councils have a combined cash and asset of over a billion dollars but it still raised its conservancy fees. It prefer to use the surplus cash to speculate on bonds.

2. Our national reserves is estimated at over a trillion dollars but we still have citizens that are homeless.

3. The Public Utilities Board (PUB) has a total assets of $8 billion dollars. Recently, it has increased its electricity tariff for household despite yearly profits of over hundred million of dollars.

4. Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) has a net asset of over $192 million as of 2018. Sadly, some Muslims still have to seek alms from other religious organizations due to means testing.

5. We have a budget surplus of over a billion dollars each year but GST will still be raised.

6. Our universities are sitting on over $10 billion of reserves but our uni fees are still on the rise. The government is spending over $100 million for foreign students annually but Singaporeans are denied a place in our local uni and have to send their children overseas.

Yes we are a cash rich nation but the people are not benefitting from it. The rich gets richer. The poor gets poorer due to electing the elites and giving them unparalleled autonomy

Truly, we have lost our way. Let us steer back this ship to its rightful path where the country and the people can prosper together.




Osman Bin Sulaiman




24 Responses to “Have we as a nation lost our way?”

  • oxygen:

    PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics took us into zombieland, and they don’t know how to come back.

    HDB/CPF/SWF are defeated misadventures or failures of monumental proportion.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    It is the mentality of the PAP that destroys the lifes of its citizens and future generations. That is why the PAP has got to be demolished if Singapore and its citizens can grow and flourish.

    it seems that there is a requirement that evey Government Entity must return a “profit”each year or have large reserves. Even the Turf Club has huge reserves. For what purpose, I wonder.

    Because of this flawed mentality of the PAP, you see it in every policy that the formulate and operate. Erosion of their power is not enough. They need to have the opportunity to see Singapore and Singaporeans from the other side of the bench. Don’t deny them this opportunity, as the PAP do not have a balanced view of Singapore.

    A loose coalition should be formed among the opposition parties(except WP, as they are PAP B-grade)so as to remove the PAP and develop a culture of open government.

    In the next few days the Clown will give his sermon of motherhood statements and feel good expressions but listen carefully. It will sound all true and give you the warm fuzzies but it lacks content. Match what is said with what is being done and you can see that Singaporeans are fodder in a juicing machine with the press going downwards–all for the elites.

    So wake up and take notice and be prepared to vote when the next election comes.

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  • Stinkies!:

    You serve the heart of betrayer, the emblem of Silver on your chest, when you listen to the lies of politicians to seek prosperity (rule of mammon).

    Those who shamefully and shamelessly eat of its fruits are in denial because they have much gain and stake in the economy.

    Sin people can never see the light and how can you move on to the way, truth and the life when you are a coward without conscience and soul as a people?

    So you keep worshipping these half breed leaders whose talent is lip service to a righteous cause.

    You are Sin City. You sowed the seed of destruction and it is bearing all the unrighteous fruits in China(same identity as china hence your leaders support the chinese). You think you will be spared?

    You stink as a people! Worst than cowards(especially the younger generation), unlike HKies.

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  • sampan is sinking:

    good points from Mr Osman.
    so folks if we are yearning for change, we have got to change the gov.
    just show support for the best of the opposition parties.
    we’ve got nothing to lose.

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  • Under-reporting?:

    “5. We have a budget surplus of over a billion dollars each year but GST will still be raised.”

    Yes, over a billion dollars. Not wrong.
    But it is most likely over a hundred billion dollars!

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Bro No One lost their way…Some found the Way to Cheat Lie and collect Millions from the Public…while some stoopidly SANCTION their WAYS…

    The Rest will Find a WAY to rid this Cancer in our Nation and seek a WAY to Heal our Nation…

    And…what better way than to have a Doctor name Tan Cheng Bock to rid this Cancer…especially his buddy ESM’s Bodek!!!

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  • Asd:

    Wealth trickle ?

    Trickle is a playful word what it means is.. at mercy of… wealthy..

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  • RDB:

    Blame the dumbass Jackesses who kept voting for that Peeing And Pooing farty as their govt.

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  • Note to the Governors:

    “When did you start enslaving people, when their mothers gave birth to them as free people? Whosoever shows you your faults is a friend. Those that pay you lip service and sing your praises are executioners. And Trustworthiness means that there is no difference between what you do and say from what you are thinking.”

    - The caliph of Prophet Muhammad, Umar ibn al-Khattab.

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  • China Feeds it's retirees:

    China can feed so many of its retirees in their 50′s years of age.

    Singapore cannot.
    Tak Boleh!

    Yes, too much evidence exist in Singapore today showing elderlies in their 60,70,80′s having to work to survive.

    This is a P▲P Failure.

    The reason why this situation persisted is because the Ostriches dare not speak up.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Osman; this nation has certainly lost its way. The people of SG led by the PAP is now moving round and round in autopilot with a broken compass.

    Can anyone tell me when you are inside 200m radius, is it the same as within 200M?

    Can an Indian becomes a Malay overnight? And how is 4 = 5?

    GRC was supposed to ensure minority representation in Parliament, but why it is only for election period only?

    Why POFMA is meant for everyone and anyone, but PAP’s ministers are exempted?

    I am lost because I am following PAP!

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  • Jinx Ho:

    I never audited that the budget surplus is really $x billions.
    Have you, Longans?

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  • Ostrich City:

    Too many Ostriches chased away the Lions.
    An Ostrich problem.

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    101% correct. PAP have lost its compass. Where the guy who promised us Swiss standard of living? Instead we got the Swiss cost of living. VTO

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  • not really, we found new ways:

    new ways to tax sinkies. another sinking feeling. song boh?

    Lee Ah Long will be talking about climate change in the National Day Rally speech, as news reported. Are you ready for a much higher Carbon Emission tax rate sinkies?

    Notable Trump retort to talk cock sing song journalist.
    Journo :Are you going to stop the production of straws?(plastic drinking straws la)

    Trump: USA got much more important things to worry about than straws!

    Meanwhile in another part of the world, somewhere in SE Asia.
    Sing Songster leader : As a country, we need to do more on our part to counter climate change.
    Journo: How to do more ah?

    Sing Songster leader : I will be increasing to rate of our carbon emission tax. I will hasten the implementation and the tax rate increase. Have no worries its for the sake of you and your families.

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  • The Evil Operator:

    The cash comes from milking the dafts repeatedly, passing losses and expenses to dafts while hoarding the riches for themselves and rewarding themselves for their ‘good performances’ with obscene bonuses.

    The self entitled greedy pigs creamed out the most, leaving droplets for the easily contented brain washed lemmings in the civil service and dust for the dafts.

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  • Shameless Crooks:

    These greedy pigs with their mouths still wet with milk, babbled foolish self serving propaganda and lies without batting their eyelids, to hookwink the stupid while using their own laws to persecute the wise and vocal.

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  • True facts:

    Fully agreed.


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  • the emperor's new clothes:

    our nation is surely lost,period!
    when the mil$ PM choses to speak about diabetes last NDR , and this year he is going to speak about Climate Change.
    i agree these 2 topics are vitally important but doesnt this country’s citizens need to hear more reassuring news to boost our morale..esp in this country where many things are going downhill..and a looming economic downturn..
    many are losing jobs etc.
    or doesnt our PM see anything wrong?
    His advisers all tidur kah?..or all boh pian!!

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  • Harder Truths:

    Sorry – which way again?

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  • vote for change:

    IT is going to talk about climate change …then in the midst of his loon loong story he’s going to slowly slip in the reasons and justifications of a coming new tax , above other taxes…ie the carbon tax…its my bet that will creep out.
    this absolutely useless sgov only knows how to treat us hardworking citizens as walking ATMs.
    so if we are crying out for change from PAP’s heavy handed ways , then Vote to Change the Gov.
    no other choices.

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  • Bapak:

    Dear All, kkn the day that f**ker slapped a senior minister he had lost his way. Now then bring it up. Too late.

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  • Jman:

    The world has changed irreversibly. With technology, corporations just do not need so many people from top to bottom of the hierarchy, and are far more mobile and can move to different jurisdictions with much less disruption.

    With so much more fragmentation in commerce, the Govt’s previous longstanding strategy of placing bets on large industry clusters to deliver good jobs on a large scale just doesn’t work anymore. It is much more dispersed now, and the job quality is far more patchy and uneven and even unpredictable.

    This is a new normal that has been forced upon everyone, not just Singapore. But this is something that is not discussed very much.

    HK has truly lost its way for a long time. HK would be a real poster boy for coasting along, going by the old play book of colluding with tycoons and letting them run the show and getting obese sitting on the backs of the sick and the poor and the unfortunate, pretending everything is ok, and asking suffering people to comply with law and order. HK govt is unbelievably delusional.

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  • a PG:

    Good write up by Gilbert. I hope those many ex-ruling parti MPs who were asked to retire early or those are have left (unhappy with their previous master) after one or two terms to come forward and serve our citizens. I am sure many of the past MPs are still in good health and around the ages of 50s to 70s. I think they still have an active brain to assess the current Leedership and the shortcomings. Do come forward to join Dr Tan or even form another alternative parties. Think hard again.

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