Why a Police Warning for Merely Stating What Is De Facto Government Policy?

In yet another example of the PAP Government’s double standards, Preeti and Subhas Nair were handed a 24 month conditional warning for their rap video, meaning they will be prosecuted if they reoffend during that period. At the same time the police said no offence had been committed by Dennis Chew’s “brownface” ad and neither did it breach the Internet Code of Practice.

At the same time the police warned that “”It will be the minority communities, specifically the Malay and Indian communities, who could suffer more in such a situation.”(if people are allowed to post similar videos). This reads like a not so subtle warning to minorities that they are there on sufferance and must tolerate racism and unequal treatment. If they call it out the repercussions for them will be severe.

How can it be offensive or inaccurate to say “No matter who we choose, the Chinese man win.” when Lee Hsien Loong and Heng Swee Keat have both said that Singaporeans are not ready for an Indian PM, when the boards of major Singapore companies (which are mostly majority owned by the Government) have much less than 25% minority representation, when Government scholarships go overwhelmingly to Chinese candidates and when the self-styled Father of the Nation has said innumerable times that Indians and Malays are of lower intelligence than Chinese and been allowed to get away with it? Yet when a member of the minority states what is de facto Government policy they are threatened with prosecution for offending the majority.

All the steps the Government has taken have reminded minority Singaporeans that, despite the promise in our Constitution of equal protection under the law, some are more equal than others. If the Government was serious about ending discrimination it would enact the equivalent of the UK Race Relations Act and Equality Act or the 1964 US Civil Rights Act. While the PAP by their actions show that they are not serious about tackling discrimination, indeed enshrine it as necessary to protect Chinese culture, Shanmugam’s words that the Nairs do not need to use “the language of resistance” in the United States because Singapore is in a “very different” situation are hypocritical and divorced from reality. Instead of addressing minorities’ legitimate grievances, Lee Hsien Loong feels compelled to shut up anyone who states the truth.


Kenneth Jeyaretnam

* The author blogs at https://kenjeyaretnam.com/.





14 Responses to “Why a Police Warning for Merely Stating What Is De Facto Government Policy?”

  • Don't mix:

    Please don’t mix personal show cast with Politics.
    They want to make their video or what? If they got a voice, go to HLP la.

    I am 100% against MIW but in this case, I say they get what they deserve. In any case, the video is a poor taste bad quality.

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  • Asd:

    Think these 2 are puppies instead of singing why malay is indian they choose to sing chinese

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The Grand Cho Kong of Racism is DEAD but Racism lives on!!!…Until the GrandCho Kong’s Dynasty and Evil LEEgacy is DESTROYED…

    Racism is The Flavour of the DAY!!! 1-2 and 1 to come…”Singapore is NOT ready for a Non-Chinese to be PM” Quote-unquote…

    the 1 between 1-2…is Pure SHIT so he would NOT know the difference between the smell of SHIT…so why SHIT!!!

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  • Dr Tan Tai Wei:

    Too few Malays and Indians, compared to Chinese, sit on management boards of companies, and awarded scholarships? But, in order to prove unfair racist discrimination, Kenneth must go beyond saying that, and provide evidence that irrelevant and racist criteria had been applied in the selection. The relevant criteria must be solely ability, and we must accept the results of such selections, whether or not proportionate racial representation ensues. Investors would worry should managers of their moneys be selected on the basis racial representation, and not purely ability! The case about Chinese PM is a different issue, rather like the reserved Presidency. Those are exceptions, the issue being some sort of political expediency (whether or not we agree as to the expediency). About LKY’s purported “racist sayings”, I remember his favourable regard for Indians and saying, when addressing some Indians who had complained, that he was surprised by their anxiety, because Indians had shown outstanding ability to compete and do well, and disproportionately many had done very well.

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  • never trust pap:

    … when Lee Hsien Loong and Heng Swee Keat have both said that Singaporeans are not ready for an Indian PM, …

    who is lee hsien loong? who is heng swee keat?

    aren’t they beneficiaries of pap S$m ownself justify ownself payment system?

    can trust such? surely not.

    just as Spore is ready for INDIAN president, Spore is also ready for non Chinese Prime Minister.

    we are Chinese in Aljunied. we gives our votes regardless of race language religion to anyone as long as not pap. we uphold the Spore pledge unlike pap lee hsien loong who said Spore needed malay president when he meant INDIAN which whether malay or INDIAN breaches Spore pledge.

    believe pap clown or his junior clowns die fast fast.

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  • justtryingtobefair:

    I am a fan of Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s writings, but I feel this article misses the point entirely. The actor Dennis Chew wore ‘brownface’ for a role an ad agency created for him, while the siblings wrote, created, and shot the video with the specific intention to offend. It is a false equivalence to conflate the two.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Actually KJ, you are giving a one-sided slant to the story.

    The ‘brownface’ ad – that may or may not be offensive. I know Indians and Malays who don’t care either way. But there are others who don’t like it. These appear to be in the minority. Yet it is only their voice tha tseems to be very loud. I am not saying it is wrong mind you – just tha tit is not a clear cut case of discrimination or racial stereotyping or anyhting like that.

    On the other hand, the two idiots who used this to take advantage of the situation and insult ALL chinese – that is a clear -cut case of racism. It was intended. Unless you can prove their combined I.Q. was less than 20 (maybe it is) – they are carrying out a seditious act.

    The two scenarios are not the same. In fact the two ‘rap-crap’ idiots were very lucky to get away scot-free. Yes – scot-free. They deserved far worse in my opinion.

    What the police said was also true – a racial issue involving a minority group and when instigated by members of a minority group will always be more difficult for the minority groups . There is no malice in this – it is a fact not only in $G but any other country as well.

    I am no fan of the government but you should not use this to race-bait and set an agenda based on race. As a lawyer you should know better.

    No hard feelings.

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  • Now Disagree With Kenneth:

    The Nair video showing the middle finger and using vulgar words towards the whole Chinese population or even the Malay population is way too much. It can ignite into a Racial Riot. Its like throwing a challenge to the entire race.

    If you are not happy with the Ads, go after the Ads Agency who go after the entire population. What happens if some driver on the road saw them and bang them ?

    The Police has been too lenient. They escaped with only a warning. Is it because they are Indians ?

    A fair sentence should be at least one week in jail to prevent others in future for causing racial disharmony.

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  • Dr Tan Tai Wei:

    It may be that “black face” in America, because of some past untoward associations, is connected there with whites somehow insulting blacks. Are some of us, even on this, Americanising ourselves, like many here absorb, say, American pop culture; eg. we don’t even sing with our natural voice, instead strain to sound like some Michael Jackson? And so, we copy even their grievances and strain to feel insulted when someone painted his face “brown” in order to role Indian? In itself, why the presumption of insult? Even of America, we can recall those days when we enjoyed on TV “black and white minstrel shows”. I never knew that could be insulting when dancing singers painted their faces black. Indeed, I thought it brought out “blacks” well, celebrating their peculiar talents for music and showmanship. Here, at home, we are all “coloured” anyway. Why should Indians feel insulted when a yellow-faced got himself brown-faced in order to role as Indian? Do we likewise suffer from some untoward past happenings that associate brown with disfavor? I recall Abishigenathan, well-known classical musician of days gone by, being made-up for a TV recording. He said, with good humour, please don’t take away my colour (He meant he wanted to retain his brown on TV. Similarly, should not Indians feel honoured when someone especially of another race made himself brown in order to be Indian?

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  • Indian sage counsel:

    “Fame is a jealous mistress and will brook no rival… Those who have wisdom have everything. Fools have nothing at all… The wound caused by a burning fire might fully heal but the wound caused by a harsh tongue leaves an indelible scar.”

    - Thiruvalluvar

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  • Ostrich Lieutenant General:

    What if it were SDP that said that?
    Justice for all?

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  • Went to Japan:

    Under PAP, the application is very different. If you are an obedient puppy, they actually side with you. If you are against them, then you better watch out.

    These days we are behaving like some third world countries; elites, party members and foreigners are treated very differently in the eyes of the law.

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  • Zhenzidan:

    No wonder you only got less than 200 votes in the Ponggol East by election, unlike your father who broke the PAP monopoly in Anson.

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  • KJ is off:

    This time KJ is carried away by his race.

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