What matters most to you?

In view of upcoming elections, New Naratif surveyed Singaporeans on the most important issues facing the country. 447 people responded, and their responses covered not only jobs and cost of living, but also electoral and parliamentary reform, human rights and civil liberties, social discrimination, and foreign policy. Interestingly, as New Naratif points out, no one mentioned religious extremism or deliberate online falsehoods, issues identified by the PAP government as so important as to justify rushed and controversial legislation recently.

Now, if you are a Singapore citizen, you can decide which of the 28 issues identified by fellow citizens are most important to Singapore. The goal is to pose these questions to every candidate standing up for election, and to hear their individual stands.

Please consider participating in this democratic exercise. Vote with full information.


Jee Leong Koh




8 Responses to “What matters most to you?”

  • Fake Smile 15% and more:

    Oh by the way, if you didn’t know,

    HengSK was the one that said GST should be ……” 15 per cent, and there still would not be enough” as if 9% we must show our appreciation to them.

    Treating us like stupid. Amiable my foot with those fake smiles?…..


    How much are you paying to the GST? [based on 80% spent], excluding all other taxes, tariffs and hikes;

    Take Home Pay Last 5 Yrs @ 7% Next 5 Yrs @ 9% Total Lost

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  • TruBlu:

    NO MORE FAKE MPs via GRC!!!

    I wanna see REAL MPs who win their SEATS via their own efforts through SMC.


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  • Harder Truths:

    I don’t really care anymore – I let $G stupidity take its course.

    People have no choice but to live with their choices – this is one thing I have learnt that the pappy voters will come to realise when it is too late.

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  • never voted pap:

    Harder Truths:
    I don’t really care anymore – I let $G stupidity take its course.

    People have no choice but to live with their choices – this is one thing I have learnt that the pappy voters will come to realise when it is too late.

    Bro, well said. Agree.

    GE2015 was such a disappointment we have not met nor helped any relative known to have voted pap.

    But, still vote OPPO, meaning vote against pap.

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  • Our materialistic culture:

    Between a monkey and a s*ake, the one that resists change the most is the s*ake. You can hardly domesticate a s*ake and make it your trustworthy friend. Considering that most people refuse to change their attitudes, yet will discriminate against others and behave as enemies to the humanity as a whole – in their selfishness, competitiveness and egotistical stubbornness, without empathy or compassion for others – they are therefore acting like reptiles, not mammals.

    We have too much of reptilian-thinking inside the human race; and the difference between our present reality and that fiction movie about alien invasions in which reptiles disguised as humans walk amongst us, isn’t that much.

    We have been corrupted already. Humanity is nearly extinct due to a massive invasion of this reptilian belief-system. And to monkey around in compulsive helplessness is not an existential option either.

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  • oxygen:

    DECAYING ECONOMY with enduring consequences for depreciating asset/home values, CPF entombed in the same coffin.

    Just look at the mirror reflection of fast dwindling market capitalisation of SGX listings.

    PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics are lousy economic managers, even worst still as asset traders.

    Economy is now barely sustaining above water drowning with truckload manuring of EXPANDING foreign population influx knowing this is unsustainable of FAKE ECONOMIC PLATFORM.It is akin to attaching a dinghy to a sinking titanic – no survivors likely except the captain and his crew.


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  • opposition dude:

    No need for a survey one lah, the same 2 things which crop up in every election are still the most important. Namely, jobs and foreigners.

    As we all know a good number of people under 50 are driving for Grab with no CPF contributions, annual leave or any other benefits. Same goes for our young university graduates who have had to resort to freelance/part time/contract work. We all know MOM is beyond useless since they don’t even bother to help PMETs nor young graduates either.

    So to put it simply, you have no job means you do not have a steady income to survive in this very expensive country. Or you might have an impending retrenchment exercise in 2020 which would also put you in the first category. So with a good number of people not working regularly who knows how they might vote.

    Second, the number of aliens being let in increases year on year. The number of non Singaporeans has NEVER been reduced, it increases yearly. We all know these guys aren’t here for a long holiday so there goes our jobs.

    Since PAP loves telling us all that everything is fine and dandy then let us do our part in letting them know just how things really are in the next election ok?

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  • Where's My Money?:

    Return my CPF money and don’t steal my HDB.

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