Climate change is nothing but a distraction ploy by the PAP Government!

Masagos said at a weekend forum that he was Glad that Singaporeans we’re discussing big-picture issues such as climate change, the economy and importance of pre-school and not just bread and butter issues. But he is an Environment Minister with no credibility to talk about climate change.

He recently made the ridiculous statement that Tesla’s electric vehicles were a lifestyle choice and had nothing to do with climate change. That shows the mindset of this government that is shackled by its interest to big oil. Every country knows that an important step in reducing carbon emissions is to have electric cars for the future.

China, currently the largest Green House Gas emitter, has a New Electric Vehicle Mandate. All manufacturers of cars in the country, whether foreign or local have to produce electric cars as part of their portfolio and the percentage may reach 7% of their total manufacture by 2025. This mandate aims to have 4.6 million electric vehicles sold in the country by 2020, and ban cars with traditional internal combustion engines over the Long term.

Britain aims to be a net zero Green House Gas Emitter by 2050 and the high-powered National Committee set up for this task wants all new cars and vans made by 2035 to be electric. And they are trying to push that date forward to 2030.

Here, we have an Environment Minister who is coming out with all sorts of excuses as to why electric cars is not the solution. It is laughable that he says in a densely populated country like Singapore, where most people live in high-rises, they have not solved the problem of having enough charging points.

That shows how myopic the vision that the PAP ministers have. This so-called problem will not be a problem down the road with technological advance and if we energize our Singapore Engineers and creators to find a solution. That is what innovation is about! Today, SP announced that it had increased its number of charging points to 200 across the Island, 4 times what it had last year!

When Kennedy told Americans they were going to the moon by the end of the 1960s, America did not have the technology at that point in time. But they trusted they had the ingenuity to find a way to do so, and they did!

All this government knows how to do is to announce way in advance how much money they need to combat climate change. Singaporeans already have an inkling of the huge financial burden that is being asked of them in the coming years. $100 Billion is a huge sum of Money and a ridiculous sum of Money.

It is clear this PAP government has no idea of how to create new industries which can create so many new jobs for Singaporeans and give a fillip to our Nation’s innovation in the area of clean energy. That is why we need change in the coming GE so that we can have fresh thinking and fresh ideas to move our Nation forward.


Lim Tean




28 Responses to “Climate change is nothing but a distraction ploy by the PAP Government!”


    Depressing to read or hear them speaking.
    I totally switch off most times.
    Too many Old Farts w/o any genuine new ideas fit for our SG , and devoid of any compassion for the citizenry.
    WTH are we paying them mil$ salaries for?

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  • RDB:

    To article author Lim Tean and all readers,

    There’s no such thing as zero carbon emissions like you said:
    “Every country knows that an important step in reducing carbon emissions is to have electric cars for the future.” WHY? Because:

    Electicity is still generated power source using crude oil products. Your claims shows that you are not of relevant or even any engineering back ground knowledge.

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  • My $8 heartbypass:

    With electric cars, the PAP lose the revenue collected from petrol taxes.
    $$$ is the only determinant when they come out with their policies. Never a thought for the welfare of the people.

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  • John Lim:

    Climate Change? Don’t be funny! The climate is always changing – and has been for eons!
    You want to stop climate change?
    Who do you think you are???

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  • pap talking cock:

    a small island of 3m+ local born over crowded by adding another 4m+ of aliens FTs PRs.

    of course with more Ljs and Cbs, there is more trash, more rubbish, more use of everything, from water to electricity. pap caused the problem. pap jolly well is the one to fix it.

    many pap brained sheep talk global warming caused by plastic this plastic that in small island.

    ffffing pea brained, aka sheep brained Ljs and Cbs. which is worse? the yearly haze from Indosia and Msia damaging the environment or the use of plastic in Spore which is burned in the end?

    in the scheme of things, even if all 30% OPPO fires up their cars and let them run 24×7, the so called impact on global warming is an insignificant dot when compared with one hour of haze from illegal burning of forest in Indosia and Msia.

    pap talks cock. all 70% sheep brained followers bleat no plastic use no plastic use. truly a nation of WTF cocks.

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  • Singapore Fooled Again N Again:

    They much have calculated how much losses (in the billions $) petrol and diesel fuel tax they collected each year and the 7% GST, plus all those refineries at Jurong Island churning out fuel and contributing to the GDP and the millions dollars collected from selling a small plot of land for petrol stations. Never mind all the pollution money first, climate and health issues secondary

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  • There are 2 theories...:

    One is the one you commonly hear and align with Al gore an inconvenient truth movie. Its hot and it will get even hotter. The over release of carbon dioxide and ….etc

    Another is the opposite view, the hot period is just a cycle. Something to do with the sun ( dark spots or something like that but its getting less, i m no expert ). It ( the heat ) will peak in a few years time. Then its going to get cold and colder.

    Time will tell.

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  • But:

    But how much green house gas are sg emitting versus China or malaysia or at least one state of malaysia ?

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  • Harder Truths:

    LT – I need to clarify a few points

    Yes, climate change is a big hoax but not for the reasons you claim.
    Here is why it has never been established – rising seas levels follow the natural pattern of warming since the last Ice Age. There is no established evidence that temperatures are rising unnaturally.

    $G is warmer because we have built up a city state that traps heat. It has nothing to do with global temperatures per se. Sea levels are rising as predicted by long term weather pattern models. There has been no rise in sea levels since 1975 in $G waters.

    The hoax is to get more money from the people on useless projects that are chasing a non-existent problem. This means any budget can be made up as there is no real scientific basis for this hoax. THEY CAN “SPEND” ANYTHING THEY WANT.

    Secondly Americans never went to the moon. It was a big hoax as well.

    Thirdly electric cars (and such) do not reduce dependency on fossil fuels or are more energy efficient. They are advertising a false issue of green energy which is the reverse of what is actually happening.

    US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy says that EVs convert about 59%–62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheels. Conventional petrol cars convert about 17%–21% of the energy stored in fuel to electricity.

    Fossil fuels at the plant produce electricity at an efficiency of 29% -38%, the electric car has an efficiency of 59% – 62% – which would mean an overall efficiency of 17% – 23% of fossil fuels to electricity.

    Tell me then – which is more efficient overall? They are both the same energywise

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  • ShameOnSingapore:

    What hypocrisy. The greatest destruction of the earth/climate change is your bricks and mortar. You are building(high rise) purely for profit(eering), wealth to the elites and fattening your “war chest” at the expense of blind sheep and enslaving millions into indebtedness and meaningless existence – to jobs which keep “expiring” or go up in smoke.

    Driven purely by economic imperatives, you imported all kinds of “demons and idols” and “housed” them in your tiny island and then pass laws to ensure Singaporeans live harmoniously with these demons(economic bloodsuckers and traitors).

    End up, your people are idiots(no conscience and no humanity but great consumers like animals) while you proudly parade around with your brand of respectability in your community of shame.

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  • BooLee Diamdiam Sue:

    Toxic pap. As if they don’t know they’re also the cause of climate change and global warming. Planning to accommodate a tiny island with 10M people, they cut down trees from here and there. Build here, build there. Dig here, dig there and dig everywhere. They don’t know that they’re injuring our environment and amplifying the problem?

    Never seems to be concerned about climate change but suddenly when they seem bothered, those spendthrift people want to spend $100 billion! How brilliant!

    Clueless as they always are, solving problems using BIG money but never actually tackling the main issue is their best solution.

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  • You have no say.:

    Why must everything follow China ?

    Should sg go 996 as well ?
    Should we follow China install cameras islandwise. Including make love park at Changi and others so we can spy gf bf couples making out ?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The only climate change we face is when Indonesia slash & burn…do something about THAT rather than waste your stoopid TIME and effort on a BullShit Scam that made an ex-VP of America rich by Goring into all the stoopid BRAINS of people to join him to Scam!!!

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  • MarBowling:

    Right now we are more INTERESTED in REGIME CHANGE! Period.

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  • Expelled from Harvard:

    “Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons…. A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist…. What usually happens in the educational process is that the faculties are dulled, overloaded, stuffed and paralyzed so that by the time most people are mature they have lost their innate capabilities…. Love is metaphysical gravity. Integrity is the essence of everything successful.”

    (R. Buckminster Fuller, World President of Mensa)

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  • Weather report:

    So,climate change serious.
    Joblessness of sgs not serious.

    Clear more forestation to build more to house SUDDEN N UNNATURAL INCREASE IN POPULATION NOT an ISSUE?

    MORE CARBON EMISSION cause more people here.
    Things break down.

    Of course,SG WARMING UP.

    Did we dump FTs here?

    Roads so littered.
    Road-side carpark lots strewn with so much littering.
    Are LTA CARPARK WARDENS even co-ordinating with NEA to report littering on public roadside carpark lots?

    LTA CARPARK WARDENS damb ngeow n act arrogantly but ignore littering on public road carpark lots even when they see litterers doing it openly.

    LTA caroark wardens mostly malaysians.
    Do they come here to stir around or do their work honestly.

    Mang sgs encounter LTA CARPARK WARDENS who are nasty.
    Put sgs on the job.
    Remove malaysian LTA wardens.

    They cause trouble here.

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  • Talk only:

    Talk rot only.
    Why dengue still can resolve ?
    Why outsourced cleaners never do a proper job of keeping public spaces clean.
    Billions spent but Sg now more littered than ever before!

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  • Political distraction:

    The thing is throw up a problem or create one
    make country unite
    Create confidence so that investors come in
    Generate gdp create funds to finance solution to problem
    Create a problem to unite people to trust pap solve problem
    Hv seen it happen every time
    Underlying hint Oppo cannot solve problem only pap can
    Create problem make people worry
    Donot fall in trap,within 100 Yrs technology can become cheaper n faster solve problem,we can create water fr seawater if Govt had wanted create fuss in 1919 sept to create worry but then British in charge n more Cricket
    British colonial Govt could raise worry that water will be issue ;

    I feel sorry for Oppo members really ; odds against you like kicking Football up huge incline,
    I do worry for Lim TEAN ; he settled his 200000 suit but mr Lim rest assured it will be used as capital against you
    Common song is if you cannot manage yr own affairs how can you manage country’s billions
    Lim TEAN is worth hundred Chan CHUN sengs
    I say this out sympathy
    Watch it mr Lim TEAN you will face heavy fire as election nears ; politics is always dirty but here it is extreme
    No sense of honor or fairness and totally shameless
    We salute people like Tcb,Lim TEAN ,Csj jeya etc what for ,like late dr wee Moh nam ,he might as well enjoy good earnings good life ;free of worries and not always look over shoulder so skeleton in cupboard not brought out real or imaginary not brought out
    Why bother.when you hv undeserving 70 pct

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    QUOTE: [LIM TEAN] “That shows the mindset of this government that is shackled by its interest to big oil.”

    But Electric Cars are never going to be a solution for S’pore if the population target is going to be 10 million strong. The road traffic conditions would be at gridlocked status during peak hours & beyond.

    A lot of new TOP’ed high rise condos in certain locations are still unoccupied. Once full occupancy is reached, even getting out of the condo gates would be difficult as cars will jammed up even trying to exit the condo. There are obvious bottlenecks in many new ultra-high density condos designs. Yet to manifest because many are still unoccupied or unsold.

    Don’t believe me, go see Trellis Tower @ Toa Payoh in the morning – the condo dwellers’ cars have to content with vehicles clogging their entire street. Many are trying to drop their children off at nearby CHIJ Toa Payoh.

    It is not about electric cars, recharging stations but really S’pore can’t accommodate 10 million population because already at 5.5 million, the congestion is already evident.

    SG$100 Billion would not resolve the climate change issue for S’pore. It’s just pure rhetoric. The situation is already happening now:
    * Sea levels are rising! Flash flooding is going to be a huge issue for S’pore because S’pore PAP govt are building more underground structures. Just don’t park your car in underground carparks when it floods;
    * Food production already impacted by climate change. Food is going to be more expensive; &
    * Virulent diseases are becoming more contagious & rampant. Some even becoming resistant to ordinary vaccines. Even Measles once thought eradicated is making a comeback. Temperature changes may trigger new diseases or even old ones from stasis.

    S’pore having to rely on desalination plants to provide water is oxymoronic when it is in one of the highest rainfall areas. Water will be a huge constraint to unbridle population growth.

    S’pore has ample sunshine most of the year. Yet Solar renewable energy solutions were never adopted in a big way. The obvious reason is that land is expensive in S’pore while solar panel farms required horizontal placements ie. lots of land. Yet Japan has placed solar panels over water bodies like lakes & reservoirs but not S’pore. Why?

    Food costs will skyrocket. S’pore virtually imports 99% of food necessities. S’pore’s crony capitalist economy will create profiteering & price gouging opportunities as shortages occur.

    PAP’s ideology is totally bankrupt. Heading for more population growth just to enrich themselves will severely damage S’pore’s living eco-system. Any smart minds can see the dangerous path that the PAP is taking!

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  • Not Michael Jackson:

    I am voting for Lim Tean, hoping he is the next PM.

    Politics?, you never trust, say one thing do another. Not only from PAPi but from the world also.

    The important “principle” Number 1 [P1]: is you care for own kinds, own citizen. But as a leader, you must continue to sing fake songs just like others to the outside world but definitely not to own kinds.

    The truth of the matter is, nothing last forever. PaPi stupid spent citizen 100B, but others will continue to burn coal as fuel regardless [don't want to say from what countries]. I don’t believe PaPi 100B is for Climate Change anyway. I think is a pretext to more land filling to bring in more to buy their HDBs and literally care-less of displacement of own citizens, in short more for own party benefits.

    I believe, the common sense would be, keep the 100B and continue to use fossil fuel just like any other leaders talking cock [see P1], until its depleted or not viable anymore. But as a responsible leader, use the 100B to built nuclear power plant or Thorium Power plant and be ready to tackle the future for P1. The Plant emits no CO2 but steam, generate hell lots of electrical energy for your future electric cars [for future only, not now. Now is not the time].

    Yet another common sense is, if all other countries hungry to death and you are the only one with food and energy, then don’t expect good peace times with them anymore.

    The irony of my opinion is – don’t so much believe in the shit about Climate Change safeguarding, it’s just a political tools… when nearby countries dies, Singapore dies also.

    And Lim Tean, PV cells are susceptible to leak harmful chemicals and only usable ~30% of the time per day and are highly inefficient. I believe is negative payback. Please concentrate on Politics for P1 and leave this part to the experts. Good luck and remember to build the nuclear plant for the future [Built now so that you can stock the uranium or thorium before it rocket].

    Anyone of you want to sing save the world, please go be singer like Michael Jackson.

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  • Asd:

    Climate can’t be reversed because most countries will not give a dam.. 100b might as well use it to go to the moon or Mars… stop squandering…

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  • Seriously:

    Lim Tean, stop talking nonsense.

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  • Not Michael Jackson Part 2:

    Dear Lim Tean

    Just look at the below chart; China electric car, Germany implemented electric car, just see the chart where they stand.

    Did I say never trust Politics?

    Conversely France don’t have shit electric cars but they have Nuclear Power Plant, and look at the chart.

    I clarify, I am VOTING for Lim Tean, hoping he is the next PM, because he is for P1, the man who truly cares for its own.

    Because anyone who abused the trust of Principle P1 will be condemned very fast and very soon. Giving away tax dollars, billions by now, literally 1 million dollars a day, to foreign students, displacing so many of own kinds. Even he admitted, own U grads have got to fight for lunch boxes. That to me is an admission that Poly, A-level, ITE under their system, are gone and finished to be gojek drivers.

    Vote wisely, please.

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  • no worry lah:

    When he is the PM with Billions study budget allocated for him, he can slowly let the experts advice him on this energy part, no worry.

    But when the time comes, I will still ask him to concentrate his fixing works until to the end.

    Lim Tean, stop talking nonsense.

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  • pap PA paid IBs:

    no worry lah:
    When he is the PM with Billions study budget allocated for him, he can slowly let the experts advice him on this energy part, no worry.

    But when the time comes, I will still ask him to concentrate his fixing works until to the end.

    Lim Tean, stop talking nonsense.

    cents per post pap PA paid IB like cystical incestor?

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  • 3/4 stupid:

    Clearly this is how outdated . Each time you passed the causeway and see that sign – ask yourself about 3/4 tank rule – did u think your vote should be given 3/4 or 1/4 To moonshine puppies.. that rule serves to protect the oil industries and completely clueless JB petrol is only 1/3 the price – did moonshine puppies think about you or think about the petrol companies who are their members profiteering off Yu . That sign belongs to those in sinkies beloved party . That sign alone is arcade and shows an administration devoid of compassion. Are we brainless idiots to let this 3/4 stupidity continue or we need to force a change (press reset la)

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  • why the 100 billion??:

    The posts by Hardertruth and Rabblerouser are, as usual, enlightening and acerbic, and gives a much better insight into the ridiculousness of the $100 billion dollar announcement.

    When the engineering and the math don’t add up, then I can only conclude that the BIG BIG $100 bil announcement is nothing but

    1) A marketing campaign/tactics to getting votes from the misinformed as well as showing that the govt is doing ‘something’ that seems important and big (based on some big numbers. Resultingly, they hope to be seen as capable to the populace and the world

    2) A political maneuver to distract people in Singapore from true issues plaguing Singapore that they are incapable to solve and their crappy image of being the worst investment in the world that the taxpayers are forced to produce due to laws

    3) An announcement to TELL those that keeps them in power locally that there are big fat tenders awaiting for them IF they continue voting for them

    4) Likely the hinting of future agreements, FTAs, etc with other countries in order to maintain ‘diplomatic relations’, aka trading favors

    5) A reminder of all their horns tooting anouncements/promises – World Cup 2010, Swiss standard of living, etc etc – and the knowledge that the leadership, aka PAP, is really interested only in power entrenchment and not in doing what they are suppose to do

    6) Election is coming :D

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  • John Grosse:

    To article author Lim Tean and all readers,

    Even if Singapore achieves zero carbon (dioxide) emission,
    it will not matter one jot! Why? Because Singapore’s share
    of CO2 emission is 0.11% of world total!!

    CO2 in the atmosphere is 400 parts per million. And 400 per million
    is 0.00004. And human contribution to this 0.00004 is 3%. this works
    out to be 0.0000012! Will this tiny amount destroy the world?

    Think about it.

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