Remove obstacles to better customer service

Customer service in Singapore is terrible. It takes 4 days to get a reply from a customer service inquiry. Sometimes, there is no reply at all.

This is not caused by insufficient customer service officers, or a high volume of work. It is caused by a bad SOP (standard operating procedure) that can be rectified immediately.

What is this issue?

When I interact with a customer service officer and they need additional information, I asked them to make contact with me by email or WhatsApp. They are not allowed to.

The SOP requires them to use the company’s website for communication. Their standard message is – we will give you a reply within four days. Their standard excuse is the high volume of communication.

If all the replies have to go to a common database, it will surely take a long time to sort of the inquiries.

Why can’t they allow their staff to use a personal email or mobile number for communication with customers?

The reason is that all communication has to be tracked. It is a bad reason. Only important communication that create a business or legal transaction need to be tracked. Simple inquiries or clarifications do not need to be tracked.

Let me quote my experience with Alibaba website in China. I made an inquiry. I get a reply within two hours by email. I can reply to that email or communicate with that staff by telephone, skype or whatsapp. And I get a reply within two hours.

What takes weeks to be completed in Singapore will take just one or two days with the Alibaba supplier.

If I decide to place an order, I have to go through the Alibaba website. This is a business transaction that need to be recorded.

I wonder how long it will take large companies and government agencies in Singapore to realize that their SOP need to be changed. It will improve customer service, customer satisfaction and staff satisfaction without adding any cost. It just improves efficiency.

Will the top management of these organizations listen?

Tan Kin Lian




8 Responses to “Remove obstacles to better customer service”

  • Great Asia:

    I couldn’t make transition through DBS ibanking because I couldn’t authenticate through the APP on my Hp. I couldn’t authenticate through the APP on my Hp because I was not able to update it as I was oversea. I asked DBS for help, but help could only be given after I authenticate through the APP on my Hp.

    How interesting?

    GLCs! All the same!

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Harder Truths:

    Great Asia:
    I couldn’t make transition through DBS ibanking because I couldn’t authenticate through the APP on my Hp. I couldn’t authenticate through the APP on my Hp because I was not able to update it as I was oversea. I asked DBS for help, but help could only be given after I authenticate through the APP on my Hp.

    How interesting?

    GLCs! All the same!

    Ha ha ha!

    I had the same problem. The DBS staff could not help me – still cannot. They did not understand the system either. They also don’t know what to do but send me around in circles and ask me to buy new products.


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  • TruBlu:

    yeah,CUSTOMER SERVICE really SUCKS here!

    our PUBLIC SERVANTS do not serve us,they SCREW us up bigly.
    they even tell us you die your business.

    i wonder why 70 pct of sgs still patronise these farkers.

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  • Suck it up:

    I was makig an enquiry. The service officer followed SOP strictly.Even if I asked her a different question, everything yes. But I know it’s a no. Like she wasn’t listening and thinking of what I said. In some cases, I had to raise my voice and be blunt:”Are you listening and understaninding what I just said?”

    Extreme case makes me go:”can I spaek to someone else?”

    Especially trying are those who can’t read and speak English. I have to spell out on paper the name of singer and title of CD. GRRRRRR!

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  • pap folks don't perform:

    pap puts every of its Ljs and Cbs in every nook and cranny in small island.

    except that every of pap Lj and pap Cb all non performing. whatever the Lj or Cb touches, fails.

    look at NOL. look at AStar. look at smrt. look at every ffffing civil serpent department in small island.

    it isn’t surprising gic temasick owned entities all very poor customer service. after all, every pap Lj and pap Cb cannot be mediocre, aka paid S$m year in year out. with S$m income year in year out where got time to serve folks like tan kin lian who can only mrt bus?

    tan kin lian truly stupid. can only mrt bus to Pixel building yet open mouth as if can compete with ownself pay ownself S$m pap folks on POOR customer service. until also S$m pap payroll, better be chair boy or floor sweeper in Dr Tan CB PSP rallies. more meaningful. and guaranteed 100% excellent customer service from everyone in OPPO rallies such as Dr Tan CB PSP rallies.

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  • What do i think ?:

    I rather they remove all the MLM scams and other scams in Sg.
    Latest one what You Bank ….

    Too many people lost blood sweat monies.

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  • Bad Boy:

    About 6 or 7 years till now , many readers on TR site complained about how biz in Sim Lim Sq have slow down drastically. How the shops have emptied and some transform from laptop, PC, mobile, consumer electronics shops to become barber shops, hairdressing shop , chinese praying item shop , several adult sex toys shops, tuition centers, eatery shops …..

    Today China ShenZhen also no different, 50 steps behind 100 steps.

    华强北变身美妆城 “电子第一街”谢幕?

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  • Give more power:

    Give more power to the frontline to get better Customer Service.

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