Two diet drinks a day = dying young

Recently, a health story about fizzy drinks was widely shared online in the UK.

Some of the newspapers went big with a study – which claimed two diet drinks a day could be linked to people dying young. These papers – including the Daily Mail – report on a major study linking diet drinks with an increased risk of dying early.

The research, which looked at more than 450,000 people across Europe, found that death rates from any cause were 26% higher among people who consumed two or more diet drinks a day, compared with those who had less than one a month.

The reasons are unclear, but previous studies have suggested that artificial sweeteners can trigger glucose intolerance and higher insulin levels in the blood.

The truth is more nuanced


Cynical Investor

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7 Responses to “Two diet drinks a day = dying young”

  • Asd:

    Shut up la… clown investor…

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Never drink anything from cans or especially from PET bottles! Carry your own Themos flask, if possible!

    PET bottles can affect men’s testosterone levels re: sperm count! No joke!

    Green tea or black coffee no sugar are the best beverages for you. Otherwise, drink clean filtered water. Even fruit juice contains either too much added sugar (as a preservative) &/or natural fructose which converts into stubborn fats instead of burning off as calories.

    Most sugared carbonated soft drink especially Colas contains HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (HFCS) which is especially deadly for health!

    As one grows older, the fats (from fructose) accumulate & is very difficult to shed off as the metabolic rate declines with age! That’s why you see older men with big bellies & Ah-so with pear shaped bodies eg. Big butts & hips.

    Avoid sugar to save yourself from cancer. Cancer cells live off sugar. Too much sugar intake can also aged you badly (Cellular destruction). Reduce sugar intake to a minimum if you want to avoid cancer & look young!

    Diabetes (insulin intolerance) is caused by consuming too much carbohydrates re: rice, bread/buns (made from refined white flour). Sugar is also contains high amounts of carbohydrates. Even honey contains substantial carbohydrates.

    CI’s article another simple copy-&-paste effort without much personal input. Artificial sweeteners in diet drinks are an unknown factor for health. Some are carcinogenic (cancer causing); others not so harmful eg Stevia, Lou Han Ko (Monk’s Fruit).

    A little knowledge can be dangerous! Don’t take things for granted. Do your own fact-findings!

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  • But:

    @ Otherwise, drink clean filtered water.

    Not sure how true it is But some elderly poined out that clean filtered water is the reason he kena eczema ? He claim since young unti mid age all along no problem, when old eczema even though he has no 3 highs nor on medications. Maybe he anyhow surmised but then eczema seems rising nowadays.

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  • TruBlu:

    Yep, canned drinks especially diet is bad for your diet!

    But nothing beats that *CAN OF WORMS*?

    So,sgs will be *HEALTHY* again.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    Agree. Best go organic and/or vegan. Protein (Chicken with no rice), lean meat, fish etc. No more fried rice, cha kway tiao/mee, Bee hoon, bread etc. Lost a lot of weight (from fat), gain lean muscle for higher metabolism.
    Live longer.

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  • Darth Vader:

    So drinking 2 diet sodas a day can cause one to die young? Oh goody! Then ci, gms, tkl, hc & sonny boy lhy and the entire pap should drink 2 cartons of diet soda per meal every day to make Singapore a nicer place!!!!

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  • Harder Truths:

    No one should be taking even one of these Cans of Death. They are everywhere and the kids love them as this is the plan.

    By the time they reach adulthood the number of diabetes, heart and other related problems will be an ‘income opportunity’ for the ‘health’ services. These deal in squeezing money from you after you get a disease – never preventive.

    Where did we have so many doctors in kampungs and the early days? It is all about habits. You die your business.

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