Ang baos could be pooled and distributed equally to workers

I refer to page A7 of today’s Straits Times, “Stern CPIB warnings for crematorium staff who got red packets“. This comment is purely my opinion.

Our zero-tolerance towards corruption is well known and has earned us a good reputation and respect internationally. It is a valuable asset and our CPIB is doing a good job and they deserve encouragement and praises, no less, however, I do hope that they can be more flexible when doing their jobs and couple it with a human touch. I want to clearly stress that flexibility is not compromising its stand on corruption. Let me explain.

To many families, the demise of a family member is an emotional and painful experience. I remember when a family member passed away, the strains, the pains and the emotional drains etc that it extorted on my family members and relatives were high. I believe that it is the same with many other families.

It is only natural human that at the end of a funeral, bereaved families wish to express their appreciation and gratitude to low-income crematorium workers for having done a satisfactory job and giving of angpows is one convenient way.

I want to clearly point out that for any crematorium staff to ask or hint or prompt for angpows is strictly unacceptable but to forbid those low-income crematorium workers from accepting angpows given voluntarily is also undesirable. They are, after all, working hard in an inauspicious job and providing a useful service. They have families to look after too.

I suggest that any angpows given voluntarily by members of the bereaved families be pooled and at the end of every month, crematorium workers share them equally. That way, the goodwill and gratitude of bereaved families are not denied, no laws are broken and low-income crematorium workers are more motivated to provide a higher level of service and empathy to bereaved families. It is a win-win-win suggestion.

I hope that our relevant authorities are not just made up of book-smart alecs but devoid of human feelings and a deeper understanding of life and things. Think.


Simon Lim





11 Responses to “Ang baos could be pooled and distributed equally to workers”

  • Simon say the parrot:

    “Our zero-tolerance towards corruption is well known and has earned us a good reputation and respect internationally.”

    good, parrot, good.

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  • Facts for smart alecs:

    Singapore 4th globally ranked Crony-Capitalist political economy & ranked a very poor 49th position out of 57 countries for Income Inequality.



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  • TruBlu:

    So strict ah?
    What about making sure that gra$$LOOTER$ who own SMEs CANNOT DONATE TO POLITICAL *PART* to gain favour$?

    These workers do the work most sgs dont want to do.
    Pooling ang pows for them is ok.
    But funeral agents shud not abuse.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Zero tolerance?

    If having a million dollar salary is not corruption, I don;t know what is.

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  • focus, simon, focus:

    the difference between a successful person and a not successful person is focus.

    the successful person makes a goal, devotes whole life to it, and makes it, finally one way or the other.

    the not successful person fritters away time and resources over many things, most of which are unimportant.

    what is the important thing in Spore? topple lying S$m pap liars. anything else is a waste of time, more a pursuit of pap IBs than true blue local born.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Article shows an absurd waste of govt corruption policing resources chasing after minute gnats when there are far greater fishes to be caught. Then again, external studies by foreign experts had identified S’pore as a major Crony Capitalist Economy. LOL!

    How to be impressed with the CPIB when they have nothing better to do than chasing after lowly paid crematorium staff who accept “red packets” from the gratitude of bereaved families! To me, it is an absolute joke that I’ve ever heard of! I hope you guys out there agree with me & not attack the messager!

    Death is a taboo subject which few people would want to handle death matters especially given innate superstitions & fear of retribution, karma & loss of luck from the spiritual realm. People who handle death are those on their last legs or on their job of last resort. What they do, nobody in their right mind would want to do!

    Sometimes, you wonder what it’s all about in S’pore? Is the politics here a big picture viewpoint or a micromanaging overbearing Authoritarian govt who operate a 2-tier economy – 1 set of rules for one, another set for the rest. You tell me!

    It seems like TRE have found a trifecta of 3 “brilliant” contributors who are the subject of much ridicule from TRE readers. I don’t have to name & shame them. You would know who they are!

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  • Tan Hwa:

    It the good will of relative to give red packet for warding off any unpleasantness from those dealing with the corpse.There is no sence of corruption intended by both party.
    Unless the taker demanded specific amt or else work would not be carry out.Then such person should taken into account.

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  • Asd:

    Yeah go tell that to Najib

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  • #06-195 Ah Lee Baba Old Cootie:

    Might as be calculative about Chinese New Year Ang Baos. Children might be so money minded.

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  • Bobo:

    What’s wrong with taking small ANG POA in exchange for good luck when those people work so diligently? Such Ang poa is not like every deceased family will definitely give. Many families don’t give at all. How about people making use of religion to collect money for a living in the name of Jesus Christ through holding worship meeting session in their own HDB flat? How is CPIB going to take action on such home/private activity when no neighbours reported it? Is this legal in Singapore and any one also could do it say about two to three times a week? Who will record the fund collected from the members?

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  • N.Jungne:

    Mogarbage travel in the Cargo-class back, Harbiebie was carried in the streets. At most he was carried by Gojet in a Ang-Poa

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