The Way Forward – SDP Outlines Plans in Manifesto for Coming GE

Today the SDP is proud to unveil our manifesto, The Way Forward. A manifesto is a declaration of a political party’s vision and policies for the country.

This is exactly what The Way Forward is – a document that lays out the SDP’s plans on what Singapore needs to do to secure a bright and democratic future, and how the SDP will go about it to fulfill this vision.

Foremost is our guiding principle “people before profit, rights before riches, wisdom before wealth” which is etched on the back cover. It is more than a slogan; it undergirds our policies which occupy the centre of our manifesto.

In other words, we put our people first, we uphold democracy, and we eschew short-term fixes for our nation’s problems – an approach that is diametrically opposite to what the PAP does.

Chairman Paul Tambyah welcomed guests and highlighted the SDP’s mission to build a Singapore where all Singaporeans have the equal opportunity to progress and succeed. He also talked about the 3Cs of being competent, constructive and compassionate.

Young Democrat (YD) Naresh Subramaniam (pictured above) also spoke. He told the audience that he joined the SDP because he believed in the party’s values and philosophy of speaking up for the underdog and our emphasis on putting people first. He also highlighted the fact that he and his fellow YDs are proud of the work they are doing and helping to build the SDP into a party of and for the future.

Mr Ben Pwee, who joined the SDP earlier this year, then spoke about the SDP’s policies. Our ideas and proposals in the key areas such as cost of living, healthcare, housing, population, the economy, education, the Malay community, ministerial salaries offer Singaporeans a viable set of policies to take Singapore forward. Many of our ideas have been adopted by the government and echoed by PAP MPs.

An important segment in the manifesto is our plans for running of town councils in the eventuality that we win our contests. We have spelt out in detail how we are going to effect a smooth and seamless takeover of the running of the estates as well as described how we are going to be transparent and accountable in running town council operations.

We make explicit our policies and plans because this is what voters expect from parties asking for their votes. It is the least that a responsible and constructive party can and should do.

In short, we want to give Singaporeans a reason to vote for the SDP, not just against the PAP. We want to paint a clear picture of the alternative Singapore that we are calling the people to vote for.

These alternative policies will form the thrust of our message in the coming GE and The Way Forward forges that clear path that we are taking in our campaign.

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6 Responses to “The Way Forward – SDP Outlines Plans in Manifesto for Coming GE”

  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The WAY FORWARD is Transparency – Clarity & Integrity…

    the Three BASIC components that the PAP after a bast**d took CONTROL never had and never will until the LEEgacy is Destroyed and Sanity & Honesty return to the Party…

    SDP and other Patriotic parties should make it to Parliament…

    Godspeed & Smooth Sailing and let the Wind of CHANGE BLOW and make sure there is no Fake WhistleBlower in your Camps…PAP has the FUNDS… the People’s MONEY to BUY especially Frogs that Lompart!!!

    GD Star Rating
  • NotMyProblem:

    Ways forward is to firstly vote in more oppositions. Turn PAP into opposition if possible!

    Abolish GRC.

    Reduce salary of ministers.

    Return to the original constitution, messed up by the PAP.

    Take care of Singaporeans first. No University grant for foreigners.

    Stop PAP’s lies on HDB value. When 99 years is up, value of flat equal zero, say so and let it be.

    GD Star Rating
  • Give SDP a chance.:

    We have yet to hear what the current party manifesto but except the fear of “terrorist is real”
    “have to raise bus fare, GST, CPF withdrawal extended”. What else can they propose to bring down the cost of living?

    Wake up and let us give SDP a chance. No venture no gain.

    Let us do it for our children and for their future.

    GD Star Rating
  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    The way forward is REGIME CHANGE. PAP cannot change because of hubris. PAP considers “change” as an admission the PAP made mistakes. LKY never admitted he made a mistake. He made plenty. BTW, you will not find them in his many books.

    GD Star Rating
  • lying pap S$m thieving liars:

    if esteemed Dr Mahatir at over 90 can do it, so also anyone in Singapore.

    did it happen easy for esteemed Dr Mahatir? of course not. many najib paid IBs all saying no chance. but look at GE14 results. najib and najib wife now going to be in changi chalet long long.

    look across the causeway from JB. look at najib durian selfie buddy. pap PA paid IBs no saying bad mouthing SDP Dr Chee SJ.

    will it happen easy for Dr Chee SJ? of course not. but when it finally happens, pap clown and pap clown wife are going sama sama as najib and wife.

    That conclusion is conclusive. Because nobody can lie and expect to escape. najib had cpib bank negara spf agc unde his thumb. yet najib and najib wife now going to be in changi chalet long long. so also pap clown and wife. a matter of timing. a matter of sooner or later. because truth rules in the end.

    GD Star Rating
  • a PG:

    I think the Liverpool FC anthem “You’ll never walk alone” is inspiring to this football club to great height & success in their last season, so I believe it can also inspire Dr Chee and SDP to walk on despite all the external obstacles ahead. I wish them success in the coming GE.

    GD Star Rating

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