Ironic that PAP Ministers pay themselves so well but cannot help the poor

In the Straits Times, Chan Chun Sing was quoted as saying that Singapore needs more people who will help the needy. I agree with him.

The number of families living in absolute poverty in Singapore under this PAP government is staggering. There are also many broken families with family member/s in prison. To make matters worse, the application for rental flats is rather long too. All that and more is bad news.

In its simplest form, to help the needy, we basically need 2 things: money and time. The PAP government is rich and so, money isn’t a big issue but time? Many Singaporeans generally work one of the longest hours among the developed countries in the world. Many working class Singaporeans hardly have enough time for their own family bondings and even more try to catch up on their sleep deficiency over the week-ends.

I would like to ask Minister Chan what are those RCs, CCCs and PA personnel doing with regards to helping our needy in real and meaningfu ways? I understand that many such committee members enjoy privileges and perks such as free parking and priority school registrations for their children etc but how much really are they doing in helping our needy citizens?

I know also that there are some voluntary organisations, religious groups and students who sometimes visit needy families and give them groceries but many are ad hoc in nature and few in between.

When Singapore Ministers know how to pay themselves such high political salaries and bonuses that too many of our citizens can only admire, dream, talk about, salivate and feel jealous of, calls like what Chan CS made for more people to help the needy sounded so empty and hollow.


Simon Lim




21 Responses to “Ironic that PAP Ministers pay themselves so well but cannot help the poor”

  • RDB:

    When ministers are so well overly paid, where is their focus? Enjoy their highest paid incomes plus indecent bonuses from tax payer’s money earn through hard sweat and labor. How then do their have any conscience when they ever focus on is how to enjoy their fortunes undeservedly paid to them? Need to say more about such shameless antigues???

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  • Longest hours ?:

    China 996 …..

    HK to pay for house , need 2 jobs …

    Japan overwork until die….

    Its just a rat race and will never end.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    One minister said elderly pushing trolley load of cardboard is for exercise.

    Another minister also said Singaporeans love to work long hours.

    One other minister said you need only a small space to have sex.

    I would say, 70% of Singaporeans love to be screwed!

    Singaporeans choose their robber, they hand over the money to the robber in broad daylight.

    Hongkongers fight for their cause with their lives, facing tear gas, rubber bullets, sometime real bullets, pepper spray, jail and police brutality. Singaporeans only need to draw a cross in the right box, easy and safe, but they prefer to be afraid, scared and bullshitted. They live in fear all their lives, for the next generation too.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    @ Simon Lim
    70% think PAP monsters deserve their pay cheques. So, they continue to suck them dry.
    It is up to the 70% voters to fire them and end their gravy train.

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  • vincent tan:

    aiya its just old political playbook
    trick lah , any newbie politician also
    instinctively react too.
    >>>Help the Poor , handouts to Needy<<<
    nothing complicated Havardly thesisily lah
    I dare any Singaporean aspire politician,
    do a Gandhi
    do a Mandala or even
    do a JB Jeyaratnam and please
    don’t be GCTong , Halima and PAPian goons

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  • the weird mechanics:

    //as saying that Singapore needs more people who will help the needy. I agree with him.//

    i thought white idiots already targeted 6.9m or 10m open-leg policy to help sinkie land to grow gdp, jobs and to help the poor leh ?

    or somehow the white idiots and gang have not factored in the weird mechanics that more people (e.g 6.9m or 10m) would also somehow result in more needy people in a high-higher-higherest-COL in cramped up sinkie land red dot ???

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    It is never sustainable (ie. for Ministers writing their own paychecks)! The pig’s trough is running out of swill to feed them.

    S’pore is facing the threat of Extinction as S’pore’s high cost structure can’t even attract large scale foreign investments these days. Large local investments like Hyflux’s Tuas Springs ended up in financial hell for retail lenders & lending banks. The foreign White Knights to save Hyflux have came & went away.

    International Corporate Planners aren’t stupid in planning for foreign investments & expansion projects. S’pore can’t continue in this manner!

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  • walk a mile in my shoes:

    helping the needy and performing at least a certain number of hours charity work each year, should become a prerequisite for anyone interested in political office.
    so as to get a feel of how the ordinary citizens live.
    from the things these miws say it seems some of these ministers /mps etc seem to be far removed from reality!

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  • n.a.t.o.:

    why doesnt CCS take the first step?
    talk is easy.
    action speaks louder than words.

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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    PAP is the root cause of all these problems. People too blind, scared or stipid to realize.

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  • a PG:

    Ya, agree with Simon. No point for the $$$millionaire whites to keep on talking endlessly about helping the needy. In my opinion, this is in order to supply their news to the tv stations, local medias, radio, etc. to show that they deserve the $$$millions pay cheques. Someone mentions n.a.t.o. (talk only no action).

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  • lying pap S$m thieving liars:

    S$1,000 can over priced HDB rental unit buy. what a lie. worse pap can turn around and insist money be kept in CPF for CPF Life. already kosong so the keeping is just like talking cock.

    cannot eat degree. ffff. as if 70% sheep life must be in Singapore only. if no degree, what can 70% sheep children do in Singapore? not even Grab driver since these jobs are cornered by 70% sheep children ntu degree. go outside Singapore, lagi worse. since aliens in their own country all with degrees fake or non fake.

    car lite. 70% sheep believes in the pap lie so 70% sheep squeezes in mrt bus. when 70% sheep tells pap the truth about mrt bus crowding, pap says there is no ffffing crowding just a matter of you choosing to board or not to board. 70% sheep forgets pap lies about car lite so that roads remain empty for their expensively paid maserati mercedes.

    what is poor in Singapore? it is a 70% sheep choice. after GE2015 all we can say is, 70% sheep asks for it. clap clap clap.

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  • Sinchiapor Incorporated & Sons:

    One of the biggest thriving financial centers on earth with an external debt of US$ 1.77 trillion, these crony elites feel obliged to reward themselves to their exorbitant pay packages(without perks).

    Of course in the process of their wheeling and dealing they’ve raised our living costs to the roof of the world; but what do you know? Our common Joe median salaries are stuck at about S$3000 before 20% cut – and that’s the lowest among all developed economies worldwide. Of course they’ve forgotten to implement minimum wages for serfs – grandpa grandma still slogging in menial jobs for $5/hr.

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  • Hawking Eye:

    When you are overpaid, what stops you from talking big like talking about charity and giving. Honestly you give me $10,000 a month and I will give away 7 to $8,000 to charity without fuss or regret. If you (the PAP Govt) don’t believe, try me out. I have the skill-set to prove my point – earn well and contribute big to charity.

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  • Can help if match 1:1000 ratio:

    We will help if every cent we contribute is matched 1000 times by the well paid ministers. Meaning if we donate $1, they will donate $1000.
    Thank you.

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  • S28m for NK nuke program:

    Why PAP refuses to come clean how S$28 millions were spent on Trump-Kim couple of days of free vacation in SIN. The sum spent was so humongous that attract the attention of UN whether SIN violated UN Charter with PAP gifts of top end Merc to Kim blackmail of ruining poor Le Junior dream of hosting what he hoped to be historic meeting but turned out to be a con stage for the stipid greed kid? How much angpao Trump n Kim got from the hopeful kid in SIN. The nuke program of Kim seemed to be boosted after his SIN blackmail of the dunb kid, question where he got his new fund?
    Perhaps the Congree Impeanment Trump Committee should demand Trump’s bank records n what has Trump gain from SIN? Perhaps has Trump made the same demands as he has on Ukranian President in exchange for US military base in SIN plus millions?

    PAP refusal to come clean how the $28 millions wre spent is really very very fishy. So was the few millions spent on SIN PAP entertaining SIN in US! As Chinese fron PRC would say Plenty oil water. However Peanut Seat Warmer Mrs would brush it aside n scorn it is peanut! Does she mean to her durians counts n normal to her in her spectrum as Mrs SW n peanut re NKF rotten banana saga.

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  • Keppel Brazil Corruption:

    Why is Keppel shareholders paying for the corruption of Keppel management inovlved with Brazil? Why is PAP not charging those involved in the corruption including holding the BOD with all the Directors being paid for zero responsibility n accountability? What can Singaporeans interpretatethe passive attitude of the corruption involved in Keppel management n a Board notably for PAP to have its past ministers n good obedient top civil servant n statutory board including the university n tertiary institutionpresident n good doggies. Does it means that it is ok for the pap beneficiaries to sit ona company board of direction involving in big scale corruption or the fear of snowballing revelation if the corruptive officers r brought to face the Laws. what has become the squeakingly clean omage pap has been selling to the public n the world? Is it just another con mn wayang while yjre mice r lurking in the dark.

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  • Re can help if.....:

    Hi, u wait long long. If they didn’t tax on ur $1 to later launder as bonus for good wayanging minister. you should be thankful
    . Minister pays to charities, the churches will be empty. Teh temles incense will stop burning n…. for there is no need to seek god help to do what you hope perhaps not paying but their filty life n eveil minds!

    ho ho ho down into the chimney. Beware of the hugh bags ho ho ho is bringing as it ho ho ho downthe chimnies! ho ho ho shito as jap will yell.

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  • Treason:

    Trump’s impeachment sago reveals definitively that elected representative vannot rise above the party loyalty n control n put the national loyalty above party r commiting treason n deserve excution to save the nation. r SIN mps n misisters put the nation interest n loyalty above their party perhaps we should bury the pary whip first before the individual mps n minsters r drag to determine their ultimate loyalty – nation or party aka patroitism or treason n final removal for good
    of the nation n her people.

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  • paid for bootlicki'ng:

    Ministers r paid for bootlickong ‘n violating their oath sworn on their hod heads. if ya ya american congressman n senator in their sin lile ya ya the question of high medicine cost, higher than most pther countries bit they r wrong SIN medicine cost os more than US n the world. Why our billionaire minisyer not wanting to find out why? r they paying $8 for heart surgery n nothing on medicine n that tjey have to threaten a citizen instrad of asking why Kwa is telling the truth instrad of covering up like all compliant bureaucrats or polanpa. no wonder he has to go on musical chair for whistleblowing. how can Bah heart heng n humka chan stupidus singh be trusted! SCUMY indeed!

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