Unusually high water meter reading

I wish to share this worrisome news about possible problems with the billing system of SP Services that led to excessive billing for water consumption.

A few months ago, the condo where I was a Council member reported a sharp increase in water consumption. The condo manager checked on all the water points and confirmed that the usage was normal. He also checked if there was any leakage in the pipes. He confirmed that there was no such leakage. The water consumption was more than two times of the normal usage.

I suspected that the increase was due to a wrong reading of the water meter. It was possible that the meter reader quoted a wrong number. For example, if the actual reading is 226123, the meter reader could have recorded 229123, leaving to an increase of 3,000 Cu M.

SP Services was not able to give an explanation after four months. They could not even tell us about the water meter reading that they used in the computation.

There was an adjustment in the water billing for the next few months, but the adjustment was not consistent with the sharp increase. It appears that their billing system is in a mess.

I just received the water bill for my home. The average consumption per month was around 30 Cu M. In September, the consumption jumped to 90 Cu M. It was not possible for us to use 3 times of the normal volume. There was no water leakage or excessive usage that we were aware of.

I have given a feedback to SP Services.

I suspect that they have a problem with their billing system, or with the reading submitted by the meter readers. I wonder if the outsourcing of the meter readings have led to this kind of inconsistency.

With the progressive nature of the billing, it is possible that an increase of 3 times of the consumption could lead to a bill that is much higher than 3 times.

I wonder if other people faced the same problem?

Tan Kin Lian




14 Responses to “Unusually high water meter reading”

  • MarBowling:

    A few months ago saw a young man holding a meter reader checking the Utility meter of individual unit on a SUNDAY! I passed a remark “wah, so hard-working, doing this on a SUNDAY”! He just smiled and continued hastily performing his task! This is the BEAUTY of outsourcing or like some joker has coined it:BEST-SOURCING!

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  • Chronology of HIKE$:

    Well done, good pointing out by Sir Tan.

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  • TruBlu:

    not mistakes,maybe deliberate ‘mi$takes’?


    THERE ARE 4 MORE ‘JEWEL$’ in the pipeline.
    and,THEY NEED TO COLLECT MORE $$$ from peasants too.

    whats the initial build-up cost for JEWEL at CHANGI and what is the RECURRENT COSTs for this and the other ‘jewel$’?

    will poor sgs ‘FEEL FULL’ if they visit JEWEL when they have NO MONEY TO BUY FOOD?

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  • Went to Japan:

    Yes this is happening, I believe SP Group is playing games on the meters. I had heard many complaints that their bills had surged so much, as much as 200%. For example 3 bedroom flat below $100 and now paying $200 plus. Since they are illiterate, they kept paying. But with cost of living so high, they are now feeling the pinch. So she came with complaints with her friends and I was there, and then suddenly all of them said they experienced the same thing.

    I also had the same experience but I complained and as usual SP said they found nothing with the meter. And then subsequently my bills dropped, I suspected they tried to compensate me with lower bills. I switched to reseller but there was no savings as my consumption went up almost 30% after I switched.

    I believe SP is gaming us by tweaking the readings higher to make more money. If you dont complain, they dont adjust, they keep billing. Most Singaporean household especially the poor, they dont know how to complain and the rich dont care if they bill a few hundred more.

    If you complain:
    1. SP will say there is nothing wrong with the meter.
    2. The regulator will say they found no issue.
    3. Readings and bills will adjust itself next month.

    But if you dont complain, things will go on and on. And the only way to solve this problem is to send meter reading to SP. Secondly is to have the history of your meter readings and lodge complaint to the regulator and SP Group. Honestly both sleep together and you have to push them really hard.

    This meter reading sudden hike and discrepancies honestly I believe it is part of their underhand method to make $$$. The only party to check them is regulator but you know they sleep together.

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  • No problem for them:

    What’s the problem with collecting more money?

    70% very happy to pay more into the reserve. Country reserve gets obscenely richer, 70% more satisfied.

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  • Democracy weakestLink:

    No problem for them:
    What’s the problem with collecting more money?

    70% very happy to pay more into the reserve. Country reserve gets obscenely richer, 70% more satisfied.

    Democracy has a Weakest Link called the People. A balless people disables the democracy.

    So to hack democracy is to rule by fear.

    An analogy :
    A police allowing robber to rob.
    The police failed to do his job.
    Why blame just the robber?

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  • Asd:

    Robbing you softly

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  • NotMyProblem:

    “I suspected that the increase was due to a wrong reading of the water meter”.

    @Mr Tan; do you think there was any reading at all? Meter reading is done but out-sourced contractor. This contractor is NOT responsible for “wrong” readings. All figures are “dream” up by the meter readers!

    You understand now?

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  • robbing us blind:

    thats why i dont pay by GIRO . if there’s any discrepancy its so difficult to get our money back..
    limit the amount that Giro can deduct from your a/c.
    dont let them rob us blind.

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  • Hell no we're never stopping!:

    It all trickles down to the Water Existentialist inclinations of crony-capitalists in the name of Singapore. 30% upped and greed knows no bounds! Just ask Mahathir how many cents he still charges them per 4.5 Cubic Meters for Scudai water lah….

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    Do you know tht SP does meter reading for all the electricity providers? What’s the point of switching when you alternate provider takes reading from SP? There’s an increase from $30+ to $40+.

    Yah my side also water increase quite a lot despite same usage ($40 to $60). Maybe we should cut water supply because evryone become paranoid about using water.

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  • Worrying:

    Very worrying if the vested power with them had transpired into this. If they need money, their investment returns in overseas development should suffice as main revenue. Why hike the utilities price when the people can’t make ends meet. Many had resorted to their last resort to earn a living like graduates becoming hawkers, driving cabs part time, some even earning thru immoral ways and so on. Sad.

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  • Realistically:

    I had similar problems about the actual meter readings.

    I suggest sinkies take the trouble to read their meters – water & electricity – towards the end of each month & then compare with previous month’s meter readings.

    Quite frankly I do NOT trust the accuracy………..in any case, SP services & the new electricity players might also not be trustworthy with their billings, at least in my experience.

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  • tan kin lian pea brained:

    tan kin lian only notices water bill error lately?

    he doesn’t realize the poor quality of HDB renovation work all these years?

    it is because of all the cheap cheaper cheaperest aliens pap Singapore is admitting. from renovation work to PUB meter reading, all these alien cheap cheaper cheaperest hands can do is to shortcut aka cheat.

    when need to read 1,000 meters a day, and cannot make it, the alien fakes data. when need to do 4 HDB units a day and cannot make it, the alien anyhow completes the task. and there is no follow up since every eligible local born is busy driving Grab no time to check on work by aliens.

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