Cisco defends its supposedly ‘lazy and rude’ Security Staff at Tuas Checkpoint

Cisco has on Monday (7th Oct) issued an official response to Mr Terence Wong, the reader who has accused one of Cisco’s security staff at Tuas Checkpoint to be ‘lazy and rude’ in his email to Cisco and published on TR Emeritus [Link].

Mr Wong had on 27th Sept supposedly encountered a ‘lazy and rude’ Security Staff from Cisco who shouted and yelled at him for not returning a tray used for security screening at the Tuas Checkpoint.

The said Security Staff had also refused to ‘identify himself when requested’, according to Mr Wong.

Cisco’s reply reproduced verbatim below:

We regret to learn about your unpleasant encounter with our Security Officers at Tuas Checkpoint on 27 September 2019.

We understand that you were greeted by our Security Officer who directed you to a X-ray machine for screening. We hope to seek your understanding that our officer’s role is important in managing public order at a checkpoint where international travellers will also transit through.

We believe that our officer’s intentions are positive, reducing the possibility of travellers leaving behind loose items in the blue tray. Our security officers would do so by first advising travellers to keep their loose items in their bags. It was unfortunate that you had to place your electronic items in your wet bag.

Your feedback is valuable for us to improve our customer services. We wish to assure you that our officers are trained and expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner while on duty.

Thank you for writing to us.


Wilson Yeo
Assistant Manager
Marketing & Communications, Singapore

Responding to Cisco’s official reply which apparently did not address the Security Staff’s alleged poor attitude and refusal to identify himself, Mr Wong commented:

The slipshod reply from Cisco which seeks to obfuscate matters by masking the guise of deterrence from using trays at Tuas checkpoints as a “kind gesture” so commuters won’t forget to collect their belongings. What a kind bunch this lot of lazy inept jokers are.

“Oh, Wilson has also conveniently forgotten to answer if the onus is on commuters to retrieve empty trays for the lazy Certis staff at Tuas”, Mr Wong added.




10 Responses to “Cisco defends its supposedly ‘lazy and rude’ Security Staff at Tuas Checkpoint”

  • TruBlu:

    maybe CERTIS officers are MALAYSIANS.
    these malaysians working for SG COMPANIES AND GLCs are very kwai lan to sgs.

    even LTA carpark wardens mostly malaysians very kwai lan type.
    they come here and stir shit.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Ownself defend ownself from ownself

    GD Star Rating
  • The Same Kind:

    The extended version on steroids has already played out at the north. The dictator master and puppet HK adminstration also supported their police force brutalities on the people.

    GD Star Rating
  • Great Asia:

    They employed all kinds of monkeys to be security officers. It’s common lah, go to Changi Airport and take a look for yourself lah. Ha ha ha!

    GD Star Rating
  • pap S$m money grabbers:

    Wilson Yeo is not Singaporean but just another alien FT PR.

    Wilson Yeo, if Singapore, is New Citizen, the hopeless kind.

    Wilson Yeo, if true blue Singaporean, will fight the system tooth and nail NOT to hire aliens FTs PRs but ONLY Singaporeans New and Old.

    Wilson Yeo, being himself alien FT PR, of course talk hen and chicken. Not only did not answer questions, but elak swee swee many words all amounting to nothing. Probably in Singapore too long, learning all the pap bad habits.

    Where is the pap minister in charge? S$m yet not doing even a simple job.

    GD Star Rating
  • NotMyProblem:

    The way Wilson Yeo writing seems very Malaysian.

    The answers given were totally not what Mr. Wong had asked or alleged. It was all about the blue tray, what that got to do with loose items to be put into bag.

    If it was because of loose items to be put into bag, why provide tray at all?

    Why come up with “international travelers”? Totally out of place in the reply!!

    GD Star Rating

    It is exactly the kind of reply one would expect from gov places. Skirt the issue. Say good things about oneself. Tone is we did nothing wrong so no apology.

    Wilson Yeo – marcom mgr. What kind of “marketing” does Cisco do?

    GD Star Rating
  • Worse at airport:

    They r at their worse in the airport esp when a pap cab mudster is on his way! Talking abt foreign interference. PAP mudster should be the first to be convicted. They r having alien bodyguards paid by us taxpayers. Suck if they don’t trust You singaporeans. Singaporeans should get real n tell them to get lost. Vote these aliens pimps n prstitutes out of SIzn ss soon as possible to preserve our multiracial society without the white racists, the prc crudes n the white lapping indians destroying our True blue Singapore culture!

    GD Star Rating
  • Ng:

    Certis cisco and Aetos are the ‘legalised gangsters’ imported from malaysia to the tune of thousands of them to fine, humilate, harass and make the locals go on ‘bended knees’ as what we have witness from a local video made showing a taxi driver doing just that to plead for mercy at the hands of these ‘legalised gangsters’.The ruling regime’open leg’ policy has resulted to this present day scenario. Be wise and awaken to vote out the pigs out that are heaping misery upon misery daily on lives of the locals. If not we soon will experience upheavals worse than HK when the onslaught of recession comes knocking on our doors sooner than we thiink.

    GD Star Rating
  • Rama Chandran Andrew:

    If what wilson said is indeed true, security agency has failed to ensure professionalism for the industry.

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