SBS increasing its fares but not spending more judiciously?

I refer to the news that bus and train fares will go up by 9 cents per trip from 28 Dec 2019.

9 cents per trip more to an individual passenger isn’t a lot of money but when taken together, 9 cents multiply by the millions of bus and train passenger trips each day will translate into hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of additional revenue for both SBS Transit and SMRT every day.

Recently, SBS Transit was sued by 5 of its bus captains for wrongful overtime payments and it was reported that SBS Transit has engaged the services of Davinder Singh Chambers LLC to defend itself.

Unless the services rendered by Davinder Singh Chambers LLC to SBS Transit is pro-bono, I question SBS Transit’s action of increasing its bus and train fares on one hand and potentially spending huge amount of money to defend itself over the overtime payment disputes with its bus captains by engaging the services of a top senior counsel’s law firm on the other. Surely overtime payment disputes cannot be complicated until the services of a senior counsel’s law firm need to be sought!

As a regular SBS Transit bus and train passenger, I want both the SBS Transit’s Board of Directors and its management to understand that a large percentage of its passengers and commuters are working-class people and the poorer sections of our population and so, even if money is not an issue to the company, it still should spend its money more judiciously and not splurge. I consider this to be a moral issue.

I also feel that SBS Transit, being a public listed company and a major public transport provider owes its shareholders and the general travelling public a clear and convincing explanation as to why it needs to engage the services of a top senior counsel’s law firm regarding this lawsuit that it is having with its bus captains. It shouldn’t just continue to remain silent.

Next, I have noted that those who pay cash or using single trip tickets pay a steeper fare increase of 20 cents. Haven’t it crossed the minds of those decision-makers that apart from tourists and people who travel by public transport once in a long while etc, there are still some of our truly needy citizens who simply cannot afford stored value cards but pay cash each time they board their buses or trains? A 20 cents increase may not be much to most people but to them, it can make the difference of whether they can afford to board that bus or not. Think.


Simon Lim




13 Responses to “SBS increasing its fares but not spending more judiciously?”

  • Asd:

    Think if cannot compete and provide better and cheaper service then close down la what nonsense is this asking the poor to pay more to support them for their profit

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  • the khaw must go:

    once again treating sgs like walking atms..

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  • Blood Suckers:

    You still want to vote for them ? All bloody Blood Suckers. Make the Elites such as top management and people such as Davinder Singh richer ,

    Just Vote them out this coming Election .

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  • need money yet paying S$m wage:

    any responsible company shall not pay its ceo S$m in wage when company is declared as Not Making Money.

    only pap companies can do so. after squandering S$billions in temasick gic, and coffer is empty, can raise GST to top up.

    mrt which is losing money and yet paying its ceo S$2m+ pa, since 70% sheep uses daily, can raise 7%, even though 70% sheep many of whom has NEVER in their sheep life even received 5% wage increase.

    how come can like this?

    because anything pap touches must make money. since pap can legislate to its advantage, whats wrong with making more money?

    BTW which of the committee member who says 7% raise is ok takes bus mrt? which one? NONE.

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  • Nutcase economics on trial:

    Starting 28 Dec, commuters will be subject to a 7% increase in bus and train fares due to a global rise in fuel and energy costs last year, on top of a rise in wages of local manpower and “other macroeconomic factors”, according to the Public Transport Council (PTC).

    Ok,ok now tell us more about the macro of your 30% water hike when Malaysia has been charging you the same little trickles

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  • Sucking until dry:

    Since after 2015 election they have been sucking sinkis until dry many cannot tahan already.

    The worst is currently most of the pmets n young graduates jobless yet they show no mercy still keep sucking.

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  • MarBowling:

    D Singh has recently resigned from Drew and Napier and has set up his own law firm. Looks like his business is not blady good. Think SBS is helping him out. What do you think?

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  • Harder Truths:

    And since all the transit companies are overcharging (duh!) what can you to do about it?


    Let the good (pappy) times roll….

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  • no chances left just vto:

    making those who pay cash suffer more is very cruel!
    instead of 20c extra, why cant it be just 10c extra.
    theyre still paying , not asking for a free ride!
    sickening blood suckers these multi million dollar profiteering companies these days.

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  • opposition dude:

    I thought it was obvious by now that all transport companies in Singapore die die must make money. Since that is a fact then it really doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the fare increase has been approved.

    If you can remember that far back, it was more or less comfirmed that we would all be paying 7% more come the end of the year when it was first reported in the newspaper.

    The same old nonsense will be trotted out as usual, they have used it every single time there has been an increase. After 2 straight years of giving discounts SBS and SMRT are suffering heavy losses so muct make all the money back and then some more.

    Vote wisely in the next GE ah!

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Look at the Big Picture, People!

    All the Infrastructural Spending has to be paid from somewhere. You think the spending on beautiful structures such as the Great Southern Waterfront Development, the necessary move by PSA port facilities to Tuas, etc. would come from Govt Reserves, meh? Think again!

    Electricity costs, Water costs, University tuition fees, healthcare costs & you’ve guess it, public transportation fares – the common people paid exorbitantly from their own pockets to fund not only the world’s most expensive “write their own paycheck” govt but also their extravagant Public Spending habits. 70% wanted it this way – so why complain?

    This is an extremely Spendthrift Govt who couldn’t care 2 hoots about the people they’re supposed to serve! Everyone is a slave to their Paramount State system created by the PAP – You sacrificed your “Blood, Sweat & Tears” to maintain an overglorified & greedy Political Mechanism dedicated to create a “False Prosperity” Structural image to foreigners but secretly impoverished their own citizenry. Remember the local saying, “Good to look at outside, but hardly appetizing inside”.

    The Standard Of Living for S’poreans had deteriorated terribly over the last 2 decades.
    1. Living spaces had shrunk considerably yet housing prices on a psf basis had escalated;
    2. Having a car is essentially an unfulfilled dream for majority of people in S’pore;
    3. Jobs no longer pay well as most MNCs had migrated leaving a crony capitalists system; &
    4. Cost of Living eco-system consistent with regular price increases, high inflation & depreciating SG dollar purchasing power!

    The Govt’s high pay insulates them from the very mechanism they’ve created feeding a Paramount State Entity which is failing in the Global Economy!

    What do you call Jewel @ Changi – 4 months after opening to big crowds now – A Big Fat White Elephant!

    You deserved the govt you’ve elected! No buts nor its, it’s your own fault that it turned out that way! Do you think that they care about your complaints?

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  • Irene Vanessa Wan Si Hung:

    These people are unbelievable. They act as though everyone print money.

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  • so tell PAP to byebye too:

    the gov’s attitude towards the people these days seems like “you die your business”!

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