Address the root cause of the low birth rate

I was disgusted when I read this news.

Who wants to have babies in Singapore when the boys have to serve national service which puts them at a big disadvantage compared to foreigners.

Instead of addressing the root of the problem, this PM still thinks of increasing the population with permanent residents who become citizens (may I add, with no national service obligations).

He will destroy the country that Lee Kuan Yew spent his life to build a strong foundation.…/new-towns-industries-are-bein…?


Tan Kin Lian




12 Responses to “Address the root cause of the low birth rate”

  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    A no-brainer. The root cause of the low birth rate is: LKY and PAP

    (Only) Solution: REGIME CHANGE

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  • Harder Truths:

    The ROOT case is the GRASSROOTS a.k.a. 70% of brain-dead future trash collectors.

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  • TruBlu:

    Over-exaggerated COL here brought about by the greedy PAPple.
    Fear of financial difficulties.
    Overpriced HDB.


    It is as easy as ABC.
    ONLY DAFT SCHOLARS cannot see the point.
    Another definition of PAPple in SINGLINGO is ARROGANT OVERPAID N UNDER-PERFORMING elitists.

    Nowhere else does $ talks louder than in $in City.
    This is another HARD TRUTH.

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  • tan kin lian pea brained:

    for once tan kin lian brain is working somewhat.

    NSF NSR in the land of aliens FTs PRs of course is nothing but cheap labour with all the bad and nothing good.

    the truer reasons for low birth rate among local born are the smaller and smaller over priced public HDB rental units, the lack of commensurate paying jobs, and the over crowding lowering quality of life.

    pap Cb joe tiu says no need much space to ffff. but she is Cb. she does not understand when the Lj ffff, it is good to stretch legs. so too cramped cannot ffff good. how to reproduce?

    pap Lj bugs bunny chan never worked one day in his fffffing life outside pap system how to know about job creation in Internet age? it is out of his league and 70% sheep truly stupid to put into power a Lj who doesn’t know how to help them get commensurate paying jobs in own land of birth.

    pap open legs policy brings into the small island by the millions aliens FTs PRs. the over crowding is leading towards chaos, with more rubbish and more of everything bad since these aliens FTs PRs are mostly 3rd world bringing into small island all their 3rd world bad habits.

    wonder why tan kin lian brain is so small. can catch only the NSF NSR issue but not the other more serious ones mentioned above.

    he can’t probably because he is NEVER 30% OPPO, just another opportunist like goh meng seng.

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  • Bapak:

    Well said.

    Harder Truths:
    The ROOT case is the GRASSROOTS a.k.a. 70% of brain-dead future trash collectors.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    “We have so many plans for Singapore, in terms of new industries, new businesses, new schools, new opportunities, new towns to live in, new parks — a new society to be built for the next generation. And what we need are new people — our children,” Mr Lee told Nikkei Asian Review editor-at-large Takehiko Koyanagi at a dialogue held at the National University of Singapore.

    Pretty Silly thinking & planning building more & more residential housing & spending lots of monies on Infrastructural Beauties when the Indigenous population are;
    * faced with a high cost of living situation;
    * high proportion of people already ageing;
    * parents already overcome through stresses of life;
    * the young unable to cope with educational stress re: PSLE exam so difficult; &
    * the Global Economy in all sorts of problems eg. Dyson’s change of plans for EV – S’pore factory isn’t going to be built!

    What now for S’pore?

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  • Cita-cita kita yang Mulia:

    Mr. Tan, we are obliged to correct your misrepresentation: this country was founded and built by our founding fathers ALTOGETHER – not by Lee Kuan Yew alone.

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  • Echoed:

    Satur, Dua Tiga, “Women lah”

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  • speckofdust:

    Well said, Mr Tan. Situation in Singapore is unfair with new citizens not having to do national service. It is better not to be born male in Singapore because of national service which is very oppressive.

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  • opposition dude:

    The PAP loves to wayang a lot. They already know the cause of the low TFR since the younger generation has already mentioned it countless times before. But using typical wayang they will just announce a few more subsidies for childcare centres and that’s it, problem resolved can go lim kopi liao.

    They aren’t going to do anything to rein in the high cost of living but will just make it higher. Please remember the year end 9 cents transport fare hike hor! And also remember that GST will be raised to 9% after the GE hor! With all these increases left and right there is just no way the PAP is doing anything to make life better for us.

    And furthermore with all these old ministers in their 50s they aren’t affected by childcare costs or primary/secondary school costs since their children would either be in their 20s or already have started working so how would they know the pain of overpaying for a tin of milk powder as an example?

    These people are worse than useless and only know how to constantly cite the low TFR over and over again and use that as an excuse to bring in an ever increasing number of non Singaporeans! They cannot be bothered to try and solve the TFR issue!

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  • Darth Vader:

    I don’t know; WHAT can anyone say about tkl that he’s so STUPID, he proves how IGNORANT he REALLY is even when he’s right

    Serving NS is NOT the problem tkl, because this problem affects even FEMALES who DON’T serve NS. For the benefit of everyone here, THESE are the root causes of declining TFRs

    1) Cost of living: given ever increasing GST, public transport fares, water & energy tariffs and who knows what else, WHO can afford to have kids, especially given the shitty salaries the pap exhorts us to accept?!

    2) Relentless immigration: WHO can afford to have kids when they can lose their jobs to foreigners at any time?! Who would even DARE?!

    3) No future: even our daughters who don’t serve NS lose out to the foreigners because of CPF and the strong Singapore dollar, let alone our sons who have to serve NS till AT LEAST 40 years old depending on his rank. And didn’t the pink moron say that he does not want to be the CO of a unit of men over 35 years old? So WHY NOT end our boys’ NS liabilities at age 35 then?!

    4) Medishit Life (hope I spelled that correctly; must be, since it IS a load of shit…): your kid’s newly-born, and ALREADY you need to put money into the CPF for him or her, creating an extra burden on your family

    5) No future: foreigners and elites get priority for university education and good jobs, our children are told to become hawkers, cleaners, PHVDs, security guards, food delivery men… WHY should we even WANT to bring children into the world when THESE are all they can look forward to later in life, especially as long as the pap remains in power?!

    So for everyone here, you have two choices, keep voting pap and DON’T have children, so that you won’t bequeath them a crappy future, or vote the pap out so that your children can have a fresh start and a chance for a better brighter future. The choice is yours

    As for tkl, just IGNORE the BLOODY IDIOT; he’s suffering from the same problem as his good buddy gms & the entire pap: CASS aka Chronic Acute Stupidity Syndrome…

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  • Bangla Syndrome:

    Is it because singaporeans mostly are TOO POOR TO AFFORD COURAGE to give birth?

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