Sing Post’s top management must take responsibility

My friend complained that Sing Post is now quite unreliable. Many of his mails were not delivered. He asked his bank to keep his statement and he would collect it personally at the branch.

I considered that the top management of Sing Post should be blamed. Another person disagreed with me. He said that it was the individual postman who was at fault, and not the top management.

I strongly disagree. The top management has the responsibility to ensure that the right people are recruited and properly supervised to do the work.

If the top managers do not care, the people down the line will also not care. This is how the standard can deteriorate to a low level.

Sing Post used to employ their own postmen. In recent years, they have outsourced the delivery of the mails. But they failed to have the proper system to ensure that the mails are delivered. Instead, they rely on the contractor to take this responsibility.

Sing Post has also embarked on other lines of business, such as e-commerce. They should focus on getting their core business in proper shape, instead of losing their focus in other areas.

I hope that the top managers of Sing Post are listening, and also the regulators in charge of the postal services.


Tan Kin Lian




13 Responses to “Sing Post’s top management must take responsibility”

  • How to Lost Mails:

    Hi Innovative TKL

    Here is my free solution for all who posts mails to prove to singpost that singpost have lost their mails :

    Steps :
    1. Take a video of the letter or small flat parcel. Ensure the address is recorded clearly and that you posted into the mail collection box.

    2. If recipient does not receive in 2 working days, you have proven late delivery.

    3. If after several more days, you proven mail is lost.

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  • Harder Truths:

    No problem TKL. your mail is in the dirtiest garbage bin next to your block.

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  • what the hell!:

    every damn job oso employers give to cheap cheaper cheaperest think they care ?
    get sgs to do the jobs like before and pay a fair wage.
    im sure overall work ethics will change.
    what was all that bullshit we heard re Singapore First when jobs are concerned.
    how to believe this gov ? say one thing but do the complete opposite.

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  • TruBlu:

    How many pct of staff are non-sgs?
    Can we have the precise stats.

    Even LTA alot of FTs.
    Same for PUB.
    Sgs kena *F* both at work and even on public services?

    Meanwhile,a grinning lee ah long tells you GO CHASE THAT RAINBOW…
    Just make sure you dont stumble into a $HIT-HOLE dug for you by PAPple.

    Vote for your job n everything else.
    Or get prepared to be dumped into THE $HIT-HOLE.

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  • Darth Vader:

    BREAKING NEWS! Failed PE2011 candidate tan kin lian says that top management of Singpost must be held accountable for poor performance of postal staff! In response to a question, an anonymous netizen who admits to supporting the ruling party had this to say: “Alamak! How can be hold our top elite scholars accountable when something cock up? Wah, jialat leh! Liddat hor, if something cock up in the country our beloved prime minister must kena answer ah? Cannot liddat leh…” An another netizen had a different answer. “Oh wow,” he said, “you mean to say it took tkl so many bloody years to finally realize that the people at the very top are the ones who should be held accountable for the failings of their underlings is it? Humph! Pity I don’t gamble, otherwise I’d strike the lottery today…”

    tkl, GET REAL! OF COURSE the top management must be held accountable for the failings of their staff; that is NOT the issue. The REAL issue is WILL THEY? Was ng yat chung held accountable for sinking NOL? Was dr ivy ng held accountable for the SGH hepatitis C scandal? Was the $8/- cow held accountable for the Bishan station tunnel flooding? Was le pinkster held accountable for how screwed up Singapore became under his watch? Do you even know the answer?

    OF COURSE NOT!!!! And that is WHY the top management of Singpost will NOT be held accountable for their staff’s failures, NOT because they aren’t accountable, but BECAUSE if the government was to hold them accountable for Singpost’s screw-ups, then once you hold the top accountable for the organization’s failings, then that means that the damned ministers must be held accountable for screw-ups in their ministries; they can’t just simply blame some low-level staff anymore. Do you REALLY think they want that tkl?

    If you do, then you’re even MORE STUPID than I give you credit for…

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    Forget about asking for hard copy of bank statements. Soft copy of such statements are available from all banks. The bank can send it be email. Also easier to file soft copy.

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  • Cronism: all about the bargain:

    Without a national minimum wage to protect its citizens, this commercial government is bent on outsourcing its job functions to the highest bidder for contracts. Thus poorly paid workers who cannot cope with the high costs of living will naturally lack the motivation to do a good job. The obscenely paid elites even say that of themselves!

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  • most uselss:

    Singapore post is cutting cost by having fewer people to deliver more mails, this is why all the postmen are stressed as they cannot deliver the KPIs easily, so they throw the mails into the bin.

    PAP model of max profit min cost is adopted by GLCs and town councils. Now town council deploying fewer workers for the blocks, end up every where also dirty. They raise the fees, cut down on man power, want to maximise profits.

    In parliament, irony… all the heavy weights ministers, some even deployed a few into one ministry….. most are sleeping or snoozing in parliament….. And they make millions.

    The solution to all this bs is to vote PAP out.

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  • Regulators outsourced!:

    “I hope that the top managers of Sing Post are listening, and also the regulators in charge of the postal services.”

    If Singpost already outsourced their core mission of postman, regulators probably also outsourced their core mission of regulating.

    So, regulators are not to be blame. The outsourced regulators are.

    Welcome to Singapore.
    Every responsibility is outsourced.

    One more example, CPF Board has outsourced their investment work and responsibility to GIC.

    Mr Tan, if you become President, also can outsource your presidential work. Just sit back, shake legs and whatever, and collect money.
    Song si!

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  • CI = cystical incestor:

    tan kin lian talks just like pap PA paid IB cystical incestor.

    it is always hearing from a source, hearing from a friend. NEVER it is from 1st hand genuine information.

    truly birds of a Lj clan, or Cb mouth band, all flock together.

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  • Get What You Voted:

    It has been rotting since privatization in 1992.
    Singpost does not care a bit about your mails or deliveries while taking your money.

    By now all dafts should have encountered lost mails or deliveries, one way or the other. Just like the country, it’s an open knowledge that singpost is a dysfunctional organization.

    Like your squandered votes, nobody cares anymore.

    Suck up the rot. You ask for it.

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  • Vote wisely soon:

    FT CEO cannot be sacked, otherwise Singapore will have a bad reputation, then how to attract FTs.
    Invest more in non-core businesses and e commerce (like SMRT, SBS, SPH in properties and rental), lose money never mind.
    Just increase postage fees, like SMRT, SBS increase fares.
    We the people of Singapore pledge ourselves as sheep and to be captive market of these companies.

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  • Zonky:

    How many pct of staff are non-sgs?
    Can we have the precise stats.

    To know a bit more, everyday at HDB estates, singpost mailmans will come with their bike and you can ask if they are Malaysians. I asked the guy and he is malaysia boleh

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