A big hassle to report a non-delivery to SingPost

I wish to describe a troublesome process adopted by Lazada and the unreliable service and poor process of Sing Post.

I mentioned Lee HL because he is the source of the dysfunction system adopted in Singapore, aggravated by the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

I ordered a rainbow teddy bear toy for my grand daughter. I received an email on 2 Oct that the parcel has been sent by Sing Post. There was no tracking number.

It was not delivered for more than a week. I sent a message to the seller, but they asked me to wait for delivery.

On 16 Oct, I received a message from Lazada that the parcel has been delivered. It was not delivered.

The only option given to me was to submit a “return” declaring that the item was “not as advertised”. There was no option for “not received”.

I printed the return label and went to the POP station to effect the return. The POP station could not recognized the return number. I got a message to call a Sing Post number.

It was a hassle for me to get through to a staff due to PDPA requirements. The staff asked me several questions to comply with PDPA. It was a hassle.

It was quite difficult for me to explain the problem to the staff over the telephone, as I was on the road and there were ambient noises. Why can’t they allow me to send an e-mail?

Finally, the Sing Post staff asked me to call Lazada. There was nothing he could do, as they do not have any record for that return number.

I explained the Lazada number. I went through quickly. There was no need to waste time on PDPA requirements. I explained the problem to the Lazada staff. She asked me to hold on while she checked with her colleague. They finally agreed to refund my money without the return of the “non delivered” item.

This incident shows the following flaws in the process:

a) Lazada does not have a process to handle non delivered items
b) Sing Post is unreliable. The postman must have kept the teddy bear.
c) Lazada prints out a return label that is not recognized by the POP station managed by Sing Post.
d) The Sing Post call center had a troublesome protocol. It was painful to talk to the staff who asked irrelevant questions due to PDPA requirements. How stupid can the SOP be!
e) The Lazada call center protocol was very good. I talked to the staff immediately. No troublesome PDPA rubbish!
f) I told Lazada not to use a 14 digit order number and a 14 digit return number. A long number is difficult to communicate 6 or 8 digits is sufficient.
g) Nobody bothers about the trouble that I went through to lodge a return at the POP station.

Lazada, Sing Post, Lee HL – I hope you are all listening.


Tan Kin Lian





15 Responses to “A big hassle to report a non-delivery to SingPost”

  • noneListeningToPeasants:

    dear mr tkl…no one in charge is listening.
    its a “you die your business” gov n higher ups are learning fast.
    a sorry state of affairs in our once efficient sg , which no longer is.

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  • TruBlu:

    In the old days where TECHNOLOGY was much uaed,our letters got delivered accurately n promptly by our friendly postmen on bicycles.
    These days,instead of 5 cents stamps,we pay much more and our letters get wrongly SENT or RECEIVED with postmen on scooters and vans in a HIGH TECH ENVIRONMENT?
    With so many MORE FT-POSTAL WORKERS,it seems we are getting less for paying more?!


    Our humble postmen were like *kawan* but these days,FT-POSTMEN seem like a PUBLIC MENACE much like other agencies especially LTA?

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  • TruBlu:

    In the old days…where technology was less available,…

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  • Buy My Teddy:

    Singapore and JB shops are so easily accessible, why buy online and pay for delivery?

    Iy’s not like the big countries where people stay very far away from shopping centers.

    Sell you my TY teddies. Interested? Registration and id still attached.

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  • Darth Vader:

    Hey tkl, how did PDPA screw you up now? Insufficient personal particulars to track your packaging quickly? Weren’t you just complaining of organizations asking too many “unnecessary” questions a couple of days back? Hey, don’t deny it. I KNOW you did, because I pointed out that the more details the organization has about the client, the easier it becomes for them to deliver on service. So now without your full NRIC number Singpost takes more time to track your package? Hey, if they have your full details and enter into the enquiry they can narrow it down, don’t you know? So what’s the problem now, too many unnecessary details or not enough?

    Of course it’s easy for Lazada to track the purchase! THEY are the ones who issued the PO number to you. Just quote it and they’ll find it. But what about Singpost? Did Lazada give you the Singpost issued tracking number? If they didn’t so you’re unable to give Singpost the number then the fault here is with Lazada, not Singpost. Sheesh, don’t you know how modern-day logistics tracking works? Thought you’re the world’s greatest expert on everything under the sun? Oh, I guess not; we all did. Only YOU YOURSELF are too arrogant, egotistical and narcissistic to admit you don’t know everything!

    BTW, FYI tkl, if blockchain technology, something you have repeatedly disparaged here as useless, was used for tracking your package, both Singpost and Lazada would be updated every time it changed hands. So much for being worthless overrated technology huh tkl?

    Oh, and you owe the postman an apology.HOW DARE you accuse him of taking the toy when you havr no proof of it. I’m no legal expert, but I believe publicly accusing someone of a crime in print without providing corroborating evidence constitutes libel. But it’s okay; tkl is a wealthy, well, whatever; don’t think person is the right word to describe tkl. The postman is not. No matter, this article tells us all we need to know about what sort of person tkl is, so for everyone out there, are you REALLY sure you want to vote for this creep come election time?

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  • Untrustworthy:

    There are lots of delivery issues with Singpost.
    They exploit cheap foreign workers and these workers vent their unhappiness by not doing their job properly.
    The staffs are generally irresponsible and not willing to work or unhelpful.

    It is one of the least reliable and offers uncompetitive service, from letters, parcels to courier services.
    You are better off paying just a little bit more for DHL, FedEx or the likes for couriering items.
    Registered mails are also untrackable and frequently lost, you will end up doing the locating job.

    In short, You should never use Singpost and avoid it at all cost.
    Just skip those sellers or items that use Singpost, it’s not worth the hassle of dealing with them.

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  • You Die Your Own Business:

    The failure of Singpost is just like the failing establishment.
    Like singpower, Singtel, Starhub, dbs, smrt and other GRCs, they are only interested in your money but not doing a proper job or service.
    They are very quick to take your money but unhelpful when come to solving customer problems.

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  • tan kin lian pea brained:

    the fault lies with Lazada.

    although we are not at all a fan of singpost, in this case, singpost is not the culprit.

    tan kin lian is so pea brained. doesn’t he know he can walk with his wallet?

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    In Singapore, everyone who is not anyone is just a digit. We serve technology and our customer – the gahmen – and not the other way round. As Jamie Fox said on SNL, how screwed can get we get?

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  • John Lim:

    I paid $50/- plus for redirection of my letters.
    8 letters were sent to my old address, they were not redirected. I made a complain and still found 2 letters sent to the old address!

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    SingPost wrong delivery.
    Cock up of yet another agency.

    PUB and DENGUE.
    PUB converts all open service drains located on grass verge next to pavement/walkways into totally concealed piping drainage.
    Any form of sediments will gather inside concealed plastic piping and possibly cause mosquitoes to breed besides being hiding places for rodents and crocroaches.

    Neanwhile,NEA OFFICERS are not seen to check such possible breeding spaces diligently or regularly.
    Even NEA CLEANING CONTRACTORS are not carrying out their duties failthfully.
    Go check them out.I am not anyhow say.

    Then NEA blames the residents for breeding mosquitoes in their homes when the PRIMARY SOURCES may have come from CONCEALED N UNCLEANED PUBLIC SERVICE DRAINAGES LOCATED ON PUBLIC SPACES?


    PUB,NEA,LTA and other agencies are doing their work in silo instead of co-operating and coordinating with each other.
    Each agency thinks arrogantly of itself and refuse to liase with another even if MR KHAW IS THEIR COORDINATING MINISTER?



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  • AGO audit:


    Agree fully.
    I also suspect so.
    So they charge AHTC councillors,how about themselves?

    Waste of public resources.
    Misuse of public resources.

    So where is AGO?

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  • Xia Suay:

    Sg is so tiny, cannot solve?
    I think if gov is changed i have solution to stop all this nonsense.

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  • SpurmYewCum Darkwinder Sing:

    Dear Sir Tan

    Why not create a YouTube channel for uploads of lost mails videos using the method I shared? Take video of dropping the mail into mail box. I have all the details.

    Contact me.

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  • Rama Chandran Andrew:

    Since when is singpost pro customer!?

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