Stay focused on the subject

It is important to stay focused on the subject and avoid the habit of straying away from that subject to talk on something else.

Let me quote an example.

I made an observation that the price of kambucha in Sydney is less than half of the price in Singapore.

I had a special interest in kambucha because a friend had recommended it as a drink to improve my digestive system. I bought a bottle at a supermarket for $8. I found that a similar product was sold in Sydney for $3.

I posted this observation in Facebook.

It attracted several comments from people who compared the prices prices of different products and cost of living in Singapore and Sydney.

One person indirectly accused me of suggesting that all products in Sydney are cheaper than in Singapore. He (or she) asked to look at the prices of the products and services that are more costly in Sydney.

I did not make any suggestion of this kind. Indeed, I am aware that the prices of many products and services are more costly in Sydney than in Singapore. This is primary due to the higher wages paid to workers.

It is not helpful to a productive discussion when some participants distort the views of other people and make criticism and judgment based on their distorted perspectives.

Sadly, this is quite a common habit. I had to deal with it by deleting the offensive comment.

We should stay focused on the subject and give our views in a constructive way.


Tan Kin Lian




7 Responses to “Stay focused on the subject”

  • MarBowling:

    Tan Golden Chain,

    Instead of comparing the AVERAGE prices of ordinary daily food and drink stuff, you should COMPARE the PRICE of the MOST EXPENSIVE STUFF Between SinKapore and Sydney and rest of the developed countries: ie the PRICES of the (PA)Pigs! Holee shit.

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  • ntuc is pap S$m thieving shop:

    any pap Lj or pap Cb who loses GE, whether talented or not, is confirmed a lucrative S$m position in ntuc. need an example. pap Ong Ye Kung.

    but ntuc needs to make money in order to dispense the S$m to the losers in GE.

    aha. brilliant. pap says ntuc is cooperative for 70% sheep but actually ntuc is S$m making shop for pap Ljs and pap Cbs who fail to make it in GE.

    that is why many things in ntuc are so much more expensive than things just across the causeway. the same things made by the same manufacturers.

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  • Explore Beyond Kambucha:

    This is the art of the evil way.
    It is call framing an issue, to sway opinion in a certain direction by selective comparisons or omitting certain facts.

    It is a fact that Singapore has one of the highest COST of living in the world.
    Naturally many goods will be priced higher than most other places.
    There is nothing much to debate on this, as it is an outcome.

    Please explore why your Kambucha is more than twice that of first world cities like Sydney. Please explore the PPP, what the actual buying power is for Sinkies.

    Please explore why the costs keep stacking up.
    The price of oil had dropped, but the cost of petrol has not, why? Since PAP has been harping about the free play of market forces.

    Who are the agents controlling the wealth of this tiny place, check that as well.

    Then explore why many sinkies lack common sense or refuse to acknowledge the obvious. What are their concerns, what are they afraid of? Unlike China, sinkies are still able to explore what’s happening in this world, despite the early or constant brainwashing. Are sinkies really daft?

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  • White Uniform Syndrome:

    GE is around the corner, TRE. Why are there more and more of this kind of ‘bo liao’ and sometimes even personal articles on TRE? Looks like POFMA is as frightening as ghosts, huh?! Cannot see but people are scaring themselves.

    C’mon! STAY FOCUSED on what’s not right with our country and G otherwise might as well simply shutdown TRE to save costs, time and efforts.

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  • Longanus Lee Albinus:

    Mr Tan seems to be having a health problem due to being rich.

    The 47% retirees who could not meet the cpf min sum are eating grass. They wont have this unnecessary problem he is having.

    Rich man’s disease.

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  • Some relevance perhaps:

    Isn’t the Minimum wage in Australia at $18/hr? For a 40-hr,5-day work week that rounds to about $3000/mth (the Median wage in Singapore). But in costly Sydney you can bet wages are percentage points higher than the national average; although Sydney is not in the top 10 most expensive cities of the world. And can’t we feel this our little city tops the world in costs of living (hawker centre & coffeeshop bearable lah)
    But do we even come close to Australian workers in terms of work-life balance? And the Australian PM earns only 1/4 of the $2,000,000 this PM earns in a year (GLC secret wages aside).

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    Election is coming. Stay focused on why Singapore needs regime change. Also tell your family members and friends.

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