When the PAP plays politics, it sullies the democratic system

There are simple solutions to this problem, but the PAP will not accept these because it prefers to play dirty, petty politics.

Simple solutions:

1. Appoint civil servants as grassroots advisers – PAP did this in 1981 in Anson after JBJ won the ward.

2. Appoint non-party members as grassroots advisers.

3. Appoint a non-party panel in the CIPC decision-making committee (at the moment, they are all PAP MPs and even a loser-candidate from the PAP, Victor Lye).

4. Allow town councils to apply directly to HDB/MND or even the CIPC for use of funds, without having to go through a grassroots adviser.

5. Have the CIPC publish a quarterly or half-yearly or annual financial record of how the funds have been disbursed to the various town councils, and make such publication public.


Funds are public funds, and should not be used to benefit any political parties.

And, an elected MP should not have to seek the approval of the very candidate who has been rejected by the people in an open, democratic election.

A loser-candidate has no business, and should not have authority, to decide how public funds are used for residents.

The very reason why voters did not vote for the loser-candidate could be because they do not trust him or her.

Why then is he or she given power to decide how the elected MP should use public funds for the very same people who did not vote this loser-candidate?


Andrew Loh




21 Responses to “When the PAP plays politics, it sullies the democratic system”

  • oxygen:


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  • Keff:

    That ramp looks too steep….
    I speak from experience.
    It won’t be easy controlling a wheelchair coming down
    or pushing a wheelchair up it. Same with a shopping cart.
    If you need a tongkat to get around, it’ll be quite a
    climb up and a limp down.
    When will the govt look into having smooth pavements
    without cracks and broken bits to trip over?
    When does the govt intend to start planning how to make
    it easier for the older generation to move around? Curbs
    are too high from roads. Ditto for road dividers.

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  • Untamperable?:

    Andrew is assuming sg is a democracy?

    What we should be concerned about is not how dirty the politics is. It is dirty.

    We should be concerned about whether there is enough volunteers to keep an eye on the ballot boxes and whether the process is tamperable or absolutely impossible to tamper with.

    This is the most important of all.

    There is no lack of people voting against them. There is no shortage of flawed policies an broken promises.

    How can it be assured the public service is non partisan?

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  • from 1st world to 3rd!:

    dirty politics…no diff from those 3rd world places we used to read about or visited.
    we used to mock and compare our once ‘perfect’SG to those places.
    well never say never…we’re now in the same boat !
    so how dare the PAP keep boasting theyre a 1st world government???

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  • Kiasu & Kiasi PAP:

    The PAP government is kiasu and kiasi. It wants to take every advantage of people. You have just shown your color. Sorry, we will not want this kind of party for government. We will show you our color at the coming GE.

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  • Let us move forward:

    that lying pap is a clan of lying thieving S$m dishonest humans is a given.

    speaking of them all the time isn’t going to improve our Singapore one little bit.

    it is the toppling of pap, just like Dr Mahatir PH toppled najib UMNO, that is the one task every honest citizen needs to do.

    Unity we stand. Let us all unite and vote into power Dr Tan CB PSP coalition. Then, all citizens, 30% OPPO or 70$ sheep, shall finally have a chance in life.

    Let us move forward, together. We can move mountains, and topple pap at the same time, once we put our united hearts and minds to it. GUARANTEED.

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  • Play politics not for people:

    Wah, i so-called merdeka generation have not heard such a sensible forthright argument for some time. Sounds like old vintage PAP MP.

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  • Vote for Change:

    Consider giving away $1 million dollars a day every day to foreign students, to this miserable cheap ramp for the residents or own citizens and needing to tussle over for so many months. What a F**cing shame.

    Last time old man take care, now infilial one own father mother last wish also denied. Such kind of people only will take you for granted and a fool. Don’t believe, just see the MiloIndianCumMalay fixing work done whether we are treated like a fool.

    No need to be loyal anymore. Now either you be smarter to take care of your own-selves, fight for your lunch boxes or be poor and your children head bowed down to foreigners in YOUR OWN LAND.

    Alternatively, Singaporeans don’t need to be partisan at all, practically speaking. Just squeeze maximum advantage from the ruling party by voting against them to receive more goodies, lesser tax, lower cost of living etc… In another words, “fix” them back.

    As someone said, “loyalty don’t pay” read comments in;


    So regulate their power by voting against them to receive maximum advantage. Don’t need to be loyal to any political parties

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    Another compelling reason for REGIME CHANGE.

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  • Loser as Presidential Advisor?:

    Be prepared. Can happen?
    Every appointment is under their control. Anything can happen. Black, white or grey power everywhere.

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  • Democracy Under Siege:

    All this time they have been chipping away our democracy by passing laws, regulations and changes to the Constitution in order to tighten their grip on the country. It defeats the purpose of a democratic election if elected MPs are hindered in their efforts to serve their constituents. If the people cannot see this and continue to vote for the same, SG will cease to be a democratic country. However, there are people who may think that democracy is bad for the country; communism or authoritarian regime is better. Either they have forgotten their Pledge, or do not believe in it anymore.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    It is obvious that Singapore is not a democracy under the PAP. Those failed candidates do not have a mandate to do what they are doing except for the PAP’s shenanigans.

    They can wreck the efforts of the opposition parties in their work which is what they are trying to do all the time. The Clown referred to this as “fixing them.”

    When PAP lost Aljunied did you not hear one of the losers said that they will provide a clean transition to the WP? If AIM and all the legal cases that WP has to contend with, and that is considered a “clean transition” I wonder what a “dirty transition” will be.

    PAP is bad news all round–they must be removed from Government. There are now opposition parties capable and organised sufficiently to take over the reins of the country.

    VTO–it must be. Ensure no tampering of votes as well. New citizens, if they worry about their children’s future should think carefully and VTO as well.If not their children will suffer the consequences–just think about Ben Davis.

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  • Victor:

    Edge junction at ocbc bank cck loop

    One side level very steep other side level

    Ok.Same location.but 2 different floor level

    finishing.(need to bring down drawing to double check)

    I told LTA.

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  • High time for change:

    High time for change if not the people will suffer greatly. Just vto.

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  • Sperm of Macaroni:


    It can be taken back even today, you may not believe so.

    It’s unfair to say it’s stolen when they people gave it away and they can always take it back. But need balls.

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  • Bapak:

    Whoever gives the Clown that stupid international awards must be sleeping.

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  • Just Like CCP:

    As long as there is only one party autocratic rule, chances of widespread corruptions are inevitable, as there is no check on the regime.
    Cover-ups are expected.
    Another means of check is also gone, such as investigative journalism and independent media.

    Local media become a loudhailer, amplify only one voice, only one thought, from the dictator.

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  • VTO - no other way:

    the fact that they use ‘dirty politics’ to stay in power, tells us alot is amiss in our SG..starting with the reserves, our cpf monies , and our hdb homes.
    theyre hiding plenty from us citizens..
    another few good reasons to VTO.
    then perhaps all the secrets will be unveiled.

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  • hahaha!:

    Whoever gives the Clown that stupid international awards must be sleeping.

    not sleeping but brain dead.

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  • Not Really Sleeping:

    Whoever gives the Clown that stupid international awards must be sleeping.

    Trying to sleep by counting S$ instead of sheep.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Before I need to bow to foreigners for mercy in my own country, I will vote against the PAP. I don’t give a second thought of who’s the opposition.

    I want my country back. PAP sold my country away!!!

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