Learning to cope with mortgages and grief

Talking to friends’ kids and their friends and neighbourhood kids, learning about mortgages and dealing with grief is something that schools should teach

Schools should teach more life skills to avoid producing “A* robots with no knowledge of the real world”, the Welsh Youth Parliament has said.

Its first major review suggested life skills such as dealing with grief and arranging a mortgage should be part of children’s education.

It called for the new curriculum to be amended on the basis of its findings.


The problem is that in S’pore, there always be an examination to test whether kids know the “right answer”.


Cynical Investor

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9 Responses to “Learning to cope with mortgages and grief”

  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    Most important is to teach students that any asset with limited life or usefulness like HDB flats are basically DEPRECIATING assets. At the end of its life (or lease) it is worth ZERO. This is a FACT (TRUTH). (HDB’s Lease Buyback Scheme proves it.)

    Therefore, HDB flats are NOT a store of value. Allowing the use CPF money to pay for a DEPRECIATING asset is a big PAP blunder. HDB flats DESTROYS value because they depreciate to ZERO. Think about this when you vote at the coming GE. You have been conned big-time.

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  • mike:

    You meant dealing with grief of mortgages?

    Haha… so funny one

    First, need to correct your england on mortgages, unless the kid want to become a bank or have a lot properties then perhaps he/she need to deal with mortgages.

    We normal peaseants do not deal with mortgages, we deal with loan that we took and we are the mortgagor.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Singapore kids are now taught who’s their god, spells PAP.

    Also an Indian can be a Malay. Race is determined by the community. 4 can be 5. “Select” can be spelled as “Elect”.

    “mortgages” means leasing an overpriced HDB flat which becomes zero value after 99 years.

    Only Ministers can lie, everyone else will be POFMAed.

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  • Let us remember this:

    start by not reading nonsense from folks who don’t know how to invest or who are cynical about investment.

    then everything can start to turn for the better. to cement the improvement, vote OPPO. stop voting pap.

    there is no other way. just the above two ways.

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  • Jman:

    Schools cannot teach everything. This has never been the case, and never will be.

    There are some lessons the family has to impart to the next generation, and other lessons the kids will have to learn for themselves.

    Just as there are certainly “A” students who know little about these life issues, there is likely as many kids without “A”s who know little about mortgages and grief.

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  • Bad Boy:

    One solution as prc and other FT have illustrated, …..老賴, dump everything , run road….

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  • Bad Boy:

    Another method kpkb also, cry and kneel down and beg plus sing china national song as malaysia MBI fiasco.

    Another example will be curse and swear



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  • Harder Truths:

    I heard the Timbuktu University of Sankore did the same thing. Their students now learn milking lonely goats and sitting on abandoned tortoise eggs to hatch them.

    Most of the students do not read or write. These are now seen as irrelevant. There is only one Masters student who passed his ritual – he was able to steal a coconut from King Kong before he was spotted. (He did not get Honours as he peed in his pants).

    These are practical things all people should know about like here. We should have some too. We should all have the right to be mediocre and useless – just like our hero CI.

    Thank you CI for opening our eyes again.


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  • their adult lives life:

    //Just as there are certainly “A” students who know little about these life issues, there is likely as many kids without “A”s who know little about mortgages and grief.//

    aiyoh. even adults know and are practising life issues on 4 = 5, and selected = elected and “inside is not within” ? but big time life issues having wider national implications are more important lar and good examples for ‘A’ students to learn and bring into their adult lives life ?

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