Manifesto of the People’s Power Party

Prior to the 2011 General Elections, TOC had organized a political forum with most of opposition parties’ leaders in attendance. A member of the audience asked me a question on PAP’s stance on using HDB flats as retirement assets. My short retort is that our HDB flats are meant to be our home, and not an investment to fund our retirement. I would like to present the manifesto of the People’s Power Party:

- Make Singapore Our Home Again

- A Home whereby All Singaporeans should have a roof over our heads, not just a house or “asset” which we are forced to use in financing our retirement

- A Home whereby we take care of our young, old and sick, regardless of race, language, religion or social status.

- A Home where we put priorities to the well being of our people, making sure good jobs are given priority to them instead of sacrificing our jobs for some overseas investment opportunities for the Sovereign Wealth Funds (aka GIC and Temasek Holdings)

- A Home where we put the living standards of our people as top priority instead of obsessed with mere GDP figures and how much reserves our government could squeeze out from us.

- A Home where all our children and youngsters will get the best out of our education system without the worry of whether they could afford it or being squeezed out of the system just because some quota of places have been reserved for foreign students.

- A Home where voices of our people are respected and their rights defended under a just, fair and democratic society built upon the fundamentals of Rule of Law and proper Separation of Powers in governance.

- A Home where the comfort of our living is of top priority instead of obsession on how many more millions of people we could and should crowd on this little island.

- A Home where we respect the labour and hard work our people have put in their jobs by giving fair value to their contributions instead of focusing on maximizing profits of corporations and business entities.

- A Home where the government spend more resources and efforts in the welfare of our people instead of throwing excessive billions into wasteful spending on infrastructure of grandiosity and in return applying higher taxes on the very people we should be helping.

- A Home where our old can live with dignity and the sick are taken care of without financial worries.

- A Home where we treat each other, regardless of race, language or religion, as one big family and all institutions which aimed at divide us should be demolished.

- A Place where we could proudly call Home because we care more for each other just like our family members and making sure no one is left behind.


Goh Meng Seng




13 Responses to “Manifesto of the People’s Power Party”

  • The mole:

    So, a few bullshits qualify him to be place for vote splitting? or as double assurance despite the “legal” busload of a million already?

    Was he the guy booted from WP?

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    Why so many Manifesto?
    The People only want ONE manifesto :

    To serve the People.
    To be the Humble Servant of the People who are the Masters of this country.

    This means no to dictatorial regime.

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  • only possible if we VTO:

    ..only then can we proudly again recite our National Anthem w/o any reservations.
    but now the words dont seem to work for us real sgs..THIS DREAM
    can only materialise if we vote out the PAP.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Tell me this Mr Goh … what are you going to actually DO about

    1. FT
    2. CPF
    3. HealthCare
    4. HDB
    5. NS
    6. Privatising essential services to foreign companies

    No chest-thumping please – just the hard facts for change.

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  • White Uniform Syndrome:

    Hmm….. the last 2nd point coming from someone who very clearly has an axe to grind with his ex-party? Treat each other as one big family? But it’s very obvious, GMS that you’re often looking for opportunities to bad-mouth the WP! Surely you don’t do that to your family?

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    Hello GMS,
    Did you go join the black shirt protest in Hong Kong ?

    Hahaha you are leading PPP ? Pang Pui Party ? 放屁党?

    Please do not join GMS PPP. It is Pang Pui Party(放屁党)

    Fark is cheap… hahaha

    GMS is another Singaporean with Zero EQ and Zero critical thinking.

    Majullah PAP, PAP Huat, Huat, Huat ah

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  • Boh Kia See:

    Unfortunately, in Singapore there is a group of people who are professional party hoppers. It does not matter what a political party stands for, so long as they are a “leader” of that party. If not they will resign and join another party.

    These are people who cares more about themselves than about the nation–just make sure that you cast your votes for a proper oppo party not a mouth piece.

    Now Singapore has a few credible opposition parties that honourable and brave citizens can choose. There is no need to waste your vote on opportunists.

    However, Singaporeans need to VTO the PAP to have a Government that works for them and their future generations.

    On another point, the Founders Memorial is for the Clown’s son to claim some credit from the past–as these people do not have a future to look forward to. Even the dead old fart has to do double duty while in the urn–says a lot about this kind of “leadership.”

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  • gms worse than harbans singh:

    goh meng singh or harbans singh.

    it does not matter.

    as long as NOT 3 cornered fight, but between goh meng singh and pap, vote the singh. but in any 3 cornered fight between OPPO, singh, pap, vote OPPO.

    as long as goh meng singh logo is not pap, singh is good enough is it is the only pap candidate against another pap candidate with pap logo.

    pap has the goh meng singh tool.

    we have the voting OPPO saw to cut away the pap tool.

    ha ha ha. we have the last laugh. ha ha ha.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    HOME is where the HEART is and if you have a HEART you have a HOME…

    PAP has NO Heart… so no HOME just an asset that relieves you from your HEARTworking years…with the bast**d’s Hard Truth full of Lies!!!!

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  • MarBowling:

    PPP : Puki Pungent Party!

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  • Change We Must:

    Make sure Singaporean got a job first before talking about CPF , buying a home, pay the bills…etc. Many Singaporean jobs are taken over by foreign trash now. We are working as taxi driver, Grab driver, delivery, security guard, cannot even feed our family properly how to buy HDB flat???

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  • GMS is a DUD:

    GMS, your manifes-toto emphasised so much about “a home”. Have you got a home? Your are still wandering like a vagabond. You have not bothered to come home. Please come home first, then you can talk about “home”.

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  • George:

    Khaw BW and Tan CJ ruin the lives of Singaporeans and do not care for Singapore, take action and VOTE THEM OUT !

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