SCDF: We Are Investigating Matter Over Fire Equipment at Bukit Batok and Will Take Action Against Town Council If Non-Compliane is Found

The SCDF says that it has done a follow up with the Town Council following a report made by Dr Chee Soon Juan with regards to the residents’ feedback that the fire hose reel on the floor was not working during the time a fire broke out at Bukit Batok on 1 November 2019.

The SCDF told Dr Chee that fire safety measures and the maintenance of equipment is the responsibility of town councils. He assured Dr Chee in a telephone call that the SCDF will take action against the relevant bodies if breaches of safety codes have been committed.

The Bukit Batok estate is managed by the Jurong Town Council.

Below is the correspondence between the SCDF and Dr Chee.

5 November 2019

Dear Dr Chee,

We refer to your feedback on 3 Nov 2019.

Thank you for highlighting this matter to us.

Following the incident on 1 Nov 2019, SCDF officers have done a follow up with the Town Council.

Town Councils are responsible for the maintenance of their estate’s fire safety measures and ensuring that they are functioning and well-maintained.

SCDF officers will be inspecting the premises to ensure the Town Council’s compliance with the fire safety requirement. Enforcement action will be taken in the event of non-compliance.

Yours sincerely,

Wee Chai Meng
SSO Service Excellence
Service Excellence Department
Singapore Civil Defence Force

5 November 2019

Dear Mr Wee,

Thank you for your reply. I am also following up on our telephone conversation a few minutes ago.

I am glad to hear that the SCDF is looking into the matter with the Town Council responsible and your assurance that action will be taken against the relevant bodies if maintenance and inspection standards are found to have been breached.

Such breaches, as you will agree, are serious violations of fire safety codes and have grave consequences. As it is, the three persons who were rescued from the fire were all hospitalised for burn injuries and smoke inhalation.

I await your report on the investigation of the matter. Thank you.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party




11 Responses to “SCDF: We Are Investigating Matter Over Fire Equipment at Bukit Batok and Will Take Action Against Town Council If Non-Compliane is Found”

  • thumbs up Dr Cher:

    i love it that Dr Chee is keeping those pappites on their toes.
    thank you Dr Chee.
    just like whenever a request to view a ccv for confirmation due to a crime or whatever..the feedback more than once was cctv wasnt on!
    how can ?
    this firehose problem is more urgent.

    GD Star Rating
  • thumbs up Dr Cher:

    Heading shd read ” Thumbs up Dr Chee.

    GD Star Rating
  • leejiayougeloongdaizi:

    “fire hose reel” not working! Is that not a clear message – “You die your business”?

    Before Ah Mu won BB By-Election, he went “mu mu here and a mu mu there, here a mu, there a mu, everywhere a mu mu”. Vote for Ah Mu he says and promised residents Ah Mu will serve them. But after he won the BE, so quiet! No see Ah Mu. No hear from Ah Mu. No more mu mu. And it takes a fire to expose the irresponsible MP sleeping on his job.

    14,000+ BB residents who voted for the man in white, ask yourself you stupid or not? Dr Chee so good you didn’t want to vote him. Voted for a lazy MP! Reflex and repent!

    GD Star Rating
  • Lee Gan Yew:

    The public service must be perceived to be non-partisan.

    In your gut feeling, is it?

    If yes, ok.
    If not, how low can you go?

    GD Star Rating
  • NotMyProblem:

    It could be my eye sight problem; I don’t see any fire hoses in HDB blocks, there are only riser nozzles, I am not sure if they are wet or dry risers.

    If there are fire hoses, anybody in the block trained to use it? Just like AED, they are just a deco piece. Who is responsible to maintenance these AED?

    I am sure everyone already forgotten about non-compliance corridor width in a HDB block. What happens to it now?

    GD Star Rating
  • a PG:

    In the wake of numerous fire outbreaks in HDB flats due to the charging of pmds, it has caused many residents’concern on whether there are adequate fire equipment and whether they are in good working conditions. Whether fire exits are NOT locked. The recent fire in Bt Batok flat exposed another revelation that the fire hoses at the block were not functioning. SCDF have a heavy responsibility to ensure all equipment in HDB blocks are compliance, although we understand they will check commercial buildings & shopping malls every years.

    GD Star Rating
  • NotMyProblem:

    “….., although we understand they will check commercial buildings & shopping malls every years”.

    Please note, checking of these buildings were never done by SCDF, they are done by Fire Safety Managers!

    GD Star Rating
  • Harder Truths:

    There is a list of standard answers to opposition that pappies give out to all their minions

    ‘..we are investigating…’
    ‘..we shall take action…’
    ‘..we will make certain…..’
    ‘..this is done by xxxx and not our fault…’
    ‘..our people have the highest standards…’

    next time you know that there is nothing going to be done when these replies are used.

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  • George:

    Khaw BW and Tan CJ ruin the lives of Singaporeans, take action and VOTE THEM OUT !

    GD Star Rating
  • a PG:

    If the malfunctioned fire hose was found in WP Alj grc, I wonder what the deputy emperor will say. He is already struggling to “tekan” the WP MPs on accountability and transparency. Leaders must walk the talk.

    GD Star Rating
  • Pioneer:

    The MP of BB should not be afraid to be questioned concerning the BB fire that hundred of lives in that block on fire, are at stake. Never hide anything but reveal the truth, nothing but the truth is the right thing to do for all elected leaders.

    GD Star Rating
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