Unlucky to lose one maid; to lose five or more is cattiness or bitchiness

After reading the u/m passage about three S’poreans’ experiences (spending thousands of dollars changing lots of maids in extra quick time ), I remembered an Oscar Wilde quote (“To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”) which in this case would read

To lose one maid may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose five, six or seven looks like carelessness.

Or as is more likely, losing so many shows bitchiness or cattiness at work.

Not only must these S’poreans be really bad employers but they are either in denial, or too thick to realise that they are slave drivers (Or maybe they think they are entitled to behave like PAP millionaire ministers?). What do you think?

[A] 31-year-old sales manager, who wanted to be known only as Ms Tan, said that she had encountered “all princesses” after her trusty Filipino maid of two years returned home when her contract ended in 2016.

The mother of three — who ended up changing seven maids within 1.5 years  — caught one helper on surveillance camera lying stretched out on her sofa and using her face mask while her family was away on holiday, even when she had been given tasks to complete.

Two other replacements were “tai-tais”, she said, including one who took taxis whenever she headed out.

A 43-year-old manager in a private equity firm, who declined to be named, similarly had to change six helpers between 2015 and 2018, after losing a long-time Indonesian helper who wanted to return home to take care of her mother.

“They are just here for play and fun, demanding a lot of things from the get-go,” said the mother of three. She said that she used about S$15,000 of her savings to transfer the maids out, before her former Indonesian helper agreed to return in August this year.

Ms Tay Mui Lan, 29, owner of a cafe in the East Coast area, said she had spent about S$10,000 over the past six months changing five maids — all of whom did not want to work for her household of five.

They came up with all kinds of “drama” after getting assigned to her family’s home, a four-storey terraced house in Serangoon.

One “purposely” did things that frustrated her, such as scratching her floor and car and cooking for two instead of four, as if to spite the family,  said Ms Tay.

Based on her observations, Ms Tay felt that the maids were “picky”, adding that her demands were not unreasonable — changing the bedsheets once every month, and ensuring that dirty laundry was not piling up. She added that she did not ask for all four floors to be cleaned daily.

“I don’t understand why I cannot get a helper (who sticks around). Maybe I am too nice,” she said.
Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/big-read/big-read-hiring-maids-no-longer-luxury-longstanding-issues-could-snowball-if-unchecked

Seriously reading the article makes me realise that the agents are breaking the law on the fees, maids are charged. My mum’s maid was charged six months fees (article says max is two months).

And agents don’t tell employers all the legal requirements. I didn’t realise that health insurance is a must. Any idea who to get insurance from for my mother’s maid? NTUC Income?

Btw, BBC says here cleaners can afford maids. How not to vote for the PAP?


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor





13 Responses to “Unlucky to lose one maid; to lose five or more is cattiness or bitchiness”

  • cut and paste is plagiarism:

    what a convoluted piece of shitty writing reflecting shitty thinking.

    no message whatsoever, confusing his mom’s maid with others, so confusing whether mom is also the b*t*h or not the b*t*h. and pointing to the fact his mom is a pap voter and shall repent and vote OPPO instead.

    all in, a piece of shitty writing, showing the mind of a kiss and tell piece of shit even betraying own mom whether in truth or in untruth.

    truly a piece of shit.

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  • left to australia:

    this came about when the 70% noobs doesnt think.. and voted for slave
    working hours policies. And have kids while not knowing what they getting themselves into just because their sh|t grandparents want to see grandchildren before they go rotting in coffin.

    Tell me which country or developed country per say in the world has citizens hire maid because they have no time to do their daily house chores? u dont even hear of maid hire schemes or visas there..

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  • shit, what a waste of time:

    why is this even posted here?

    isn’t this meant for pap petir ONLY?


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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    we had a maid a reject by its former madam…awaiting transfer we hosted and later employed her helping out the agency…she stayed for eight long years taking care of two young kids and their grandma…Luck of the DRAW??? or… the way you treat others is the way they will RECIPROCATE!!!

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    I got a maid directly from the Philippines. It is not difficult to get the necessary approvals. I paid for all expenses – airfare, insurance, maid levy, and requisite training in Singapore. It is not expensive. I cut-out unscrupulous agencies that exploit both the maids and their employers. These agencies make money each time they more the maids between employers.

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  • Dear Cynical Investor:

    You seem to complain quite a lot, about your mother’s NTUC Fairprice discount card, your mother’s maid issue.
    By the way, is the maid only under your mother’s name to get some subsidies, rebates, etc from PAP government?
    Why dont you organize a rally at Hong Lim Park? I will attend.
    You call yourself Cynical Investor, so I can safely assume you can think critically like Tan Kin Lian or maybe you are he?
    If the employer is not responsible for the maid’s health, hospitalisation etc, who else is? The profit making maid agency? MOM? Ministry of Social and Family Affairs? Red Cross? Some dubious Cloud funding do-gooder?
    Cancel the contract with the maid agency if you are not happy that you have to pay this and that, mandated by laws or not.
    Find a local or do it yourself.
    The problem with Singaporeans is we want cheap and good, especially the rich and investors. Even our hawker centre food is no longer cheap, some even more expensive than coffee shops.
    One reason why PAP does not want minimum wage law because employers want to pay as little as possible, and Singaporeans will “wow” … that foreign workers and domestic workers will earn “hell” lot of money compared back home. Capital Outflow. Ultimately, the bulk of their wages will go to brokers back home and here, because these foreigners are desperate for the jobs not unlike our so called FTs.
    Please have a heart to these FDHs who leave their home, their family, their children behind in the hope of earning some money for them.
    There are people who clean windows only once a year, or maybe twice, but when they employ a FDH, they want the FDH to clean the windows every day! Their worklist for the FDH is maybe as thick as the SOP of a government department, just exaggerating a bit, and the worklist only allows 8 hours of sleep (9pm-5am), but the FDH can only sleep after the kids sleep, by then it would be 11pm or later.
    Yes, there are reports that cleaners can afford to employ FDH just like the infamous statement, I cannot say it is fake news or lie in fear of being sued, of a heavy weight PAP Minister saying a person earning $1000 a month can afford to buy a HDB flat.
    The low income maybe really need a FDH for their aged or handicapped family members.
    A retiree like you, an investor, albeit cynical and I believe wise, hopefully kind, can well afford a maid, so please do not exploit her.
    Yes, the FDH may not have the same hygiene standard and knowledge as we. They can be trained if given time to meet our expectation, maybe we have to lower our expectation a bit. Just imagine if your children get displaced by a FT, no employer even a local company (if there is such a term for company) want to recruit and train your jobless children.
    I am a true blue Singaporean, not a FDH or FT.

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  • maids are not your slaves:

    sgs work like slaves ..in turn they make others work like slaves for them.
    its a vicious cycle.

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  • the hardest truth:

    when you employ a Domestic Helper, (it does not matter from which country) it is just pure “tikam tikam”. you either get one that is good and can fit in with your family, or one that should not have left her home country in the first place. plain and simple. if you want to do a “direct hire” DH, best you fully research the law about this option, as well as having a reliable contact to recommend the applicant in the country you are getting this DH from.

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  • Phua Kheng Wah of PCK PL:

    I never hired any maid but one of the employers remark about some maids here to have fun is true.

    Just head down Orchrad these days and you’ll find groups of them talking loudly and shrieking like mad women. They act like they are so happrning. Really, these are just young women and asking them to look after a family of five is asking for disappointment. They probably felt overwhelmed.

    You should sack the lazy ones and just hire those hourly ones. No live in problems like them wearing your clothes and using your make up. Or better still do the chores yourself, save heartache and money.

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  • Zhenzidan:

    A retiree like you, an investor, albeit cynical and I believe wise, hopefully kind, can well afford a maid, so please do not exploit her.

    You think this cynical is really an investor? If he is so wise with investment, he could have easily donated $10k to TRE, rather than challenging readers to donate for TRE to stop publishing his shit articles.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    A retiree like you, an investor, albeit cynical and I believe wise, hopefully kind, can well afford a maid, so please do not exploit her.

    You think this cynical is really an investor? If he is so wise with investment, he could have easily donated $10k to TRE, rather than challenging readers to donate for TRE to stop publishing his shit articles.

    TRE cannot stop lah!!! CI contributes to getting attention… since nobody goes to his Blog to watch

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  • Change We Must:

    Why in the Western world ,there is no liberty of hiring stay-in maid? they can still survive with both husband and wife also working?

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  • Zhenzidan:

    patriot of TUMASIK: TRE cannot stop lah!!! CI contributes to getting attention… since nobody goes to his Blog to watch

    That’s why nobody donated a single cent to TRE for the past 3 months!

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