Horrible experience when finding a job as a local

I am here to recount a story of my friend from poly who has been out of luck finding a suitable job, and had to resort to driving PHV for a living. My friend X used to be a bright, confident student back in poly, where he led camps and was very active in his CCAs and networked extensively from young. He had his eyes set on a multinational coy here and interviewed for many roles in many companies, but did not get any job offers from them after graduation. Not letting this get to him, he decided to upgrade himself even during NS. When he was unable to stay out as he was posted to a combat unit, he managed to find a way to down PES and change his unit, so that he could stay out and attend night classes. He is definitely not those undeserving locals who did not upgrade themselves, and he took the government’s advice to upgrade his skills ets. While other NSFs were wasting their time at night browsing Instagram and chit-chatting, his nights were spent learning new skills such as business management and project management skills, and he spent his day revising concepts and studying.

Upon ORD-ing, even though he did not receive a good recommendation from his CO, as we all know no one cares about the army recommendation letter. Unfortunately, he was still unable to secure a suitable job at any companies he applied to. I understand if companies did not have headcount when he graduated, but even after 2 years, do they still not have headcount? It is not just 1 or 2 companies like this, but many famous, large companies that I shall not name did not even bother replying him, when he graduated from a top poly and had a list of accredited skills from his part-time courses.

As he did not want to be unemployed, he asked his groups of friends to help and some of them bluntly told him to lower his standards. Is this what the local mindset? Telling our own citizens to lower their standards while foreigners are taking good jobs away from us. When he remarked that MNCs should have a responsibility to hire locals, even his own friend retorted sarcastically that “if so easy to do business, please go start your own business and hire more locals and make sure you pay them well, we all will be very happy for you. You say until so easy, please found your own MNC one day.”. What a toxic attitude. My friend has been applying for jobs at these companies as he knew fromm his internships experience that he did not enjoy working for some of the local companies as it was a bad fit.

It has been 1 year since he ORD-ed and he has been driving PHV for months, renting from a part-time driver, and sharing the rental. My friend is very disappointed with the govt and this really shows the flaw in the local governance. Instead of helping deserving locals find a proper job, they help more foreigners by giving scholarships and grants. Instead of recommending good jobs for locals, they tell locals about the “gig economy”, go deliver food, deliver passengers for a living. I predict when driverless cars come out, the govt will simply say its a “commercial issue” and let all the PHVs go hungry.

The govt better wake up their idea if they wish to remain in power and protect local workers. They should stop testing our patience and make sure all locals can get good jobs, especially those hardworking locals before opening their legs to FTs.


A Singaporean Son




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  • Lunch Thief:

    Driverless cars are still far off but if the economy takes a bad hit and companies pulled out, all these new citizens may also end up driving PHV and steal away his lunch. Your friend may have to “upgrade” to become a security guard and be verbally abused by an “atas” foreigners living in a $1.5 million condominium.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Dear Singapore Sons

    As far as $G’s system is concerned, which is run by FT and for FT – your ‘friend’ is a useless appendage – much like an appendix in the human body.

    Why do you and your ‘friend’ keep insisting that locals have a right to be employed? And so what if locally-born poly grads are unemployed? I mean – who really cares?

    Just ask the $G locals – the 70% who keep supporting the system. The majority of citizens have shown they prefer FT than locals. They elect a government which lets FT come in and run the local job markets.

    Keep scolding the government. They laugh at you and your friend. You are both dinosaurs that will become extinct soon. Your friend should count himself lucky to have a PHV job – but soon even this will be taken by the FT.

    Life in $G is about what the FT want – so unless you can be a useful slave to them you have no hope.

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  • Tremendous:

    Sorry to hear of your friend’s plight. The current bad governance is more than what you mentioned. Your friend and you should start to rally your network not to vote for members of a certain party. Our nation is full of catastrophic problems by now including underemployment and unemployment ones, yet those people have the cheek to prioritize “fixing the opposition” over our interests.

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  • Dear Singapore Son:

    Your last sentence shows you still have some trust and still want to give govt a second chance. Asking them to wake up your idea.

    No point upgrading when all comapnies can hire fake degrees.
    The system grooms you to trust the govt until things prove otherwise. So vote oppo. No point pleading with the govt.

    Although your friend was sacarstic, opening your own business is a good idea. You call the shots, don’t take crap from recruiters. Nowadays can do online business, don’t pay rent. Consider.

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    PAP is pro-alien. A compelling reason for REGIME CHANGE.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    @A Singapore Son
    I am also one of the True Blue Singapore ‘brain-washed’ sons. Born in 1978, been through LKY’s ‘Singapore is Number 1′, ‘NS is good, help make a boy become a man BS’ regime.
    I was lucky to receive an overseas scholarship to a US University. Unlearned all the LKY’s propaganda BS, re-wired my brain in order to survive in this ever changing dynamic unpredictable real world.
    All the 10 year’s series and straight As in exams and best degrees will not guarantee a smooth sailing life or even a half decent job in Singapore.
    You need a good adaptable strategy. Right now, ‘Upgrade’ is not the answer. ‘Uproot’ and ‘globalize’ is. Based on your set of skills and training. In the US, a Vocational Technical School Certificate holder Electrician can make over $100000 a year. A Diploma Trained ER Nurse can make over $80000 a year. All enjoying life with multiple big cars (BMW, Lexus etc.) which are dirt cheap here. With 4000 square foot house on a 1.5 acre land for only US$400K (free hold – you own it forever – if you die you can pass it down to next generation. So they don’t need to pay another cent of mortgage).
    I don’t understand why are young talented Singapore sons still fighting for scraps with foreign trash in Singapore.
    By all means, keep your Singapore passport as backup, but be daring and venture out. The world is way bigger than Singapore and the LEE regime.
    To let the LEE regime’s corrupted politics policies control your life and your family’s life is totally unnecessary and stupid.

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  • 1st and foremost, get even:

    You and your jobless friend must 1st of all, get even.

    By voting against pap GE2019 aka vote only OPPO.

    If you and your friend continue to vote pap, then, by chance if your parents are able to afford getting both of you spouses, your offsprings shall face even worse discrimination in own land of birth. Confirmed even worse if you and your friend continue to vote pap.

    After all, especially with ceca ah nehs, they bring the whole village here. And they seem to breed like rabbits. In no time, Singapore shall be over run by these 3rd world caste ridden ah nehs.

    Don’t need to get mad now. While looking for a job, we doubt you can now get one since Singapore is already infested with 3rd world ceca ah nehs, get even. Tell everyone who listens to you to help you get even, vote against pap.

    Aka vote only OPPO.

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  • A Nation Of Dumb Parrots:

    You are stupid son, because you acted and reacted just as they wanted, a lowly Digit.
    Learn to adopt the LKY helicopter view, think hard where is the Root cause of all problems.

    The chance of you fending for yourself is near Zero, because you are already trapped and struggling in a system set up for you, paid expensively by you.

    It has already been 4 decades, when the open door policy was first conceived by greedy pigs, then executed silently but widely in 1993. Those inside will know these dates.

    The root of the problem is that dafts had installed and trusted a greedy incompetent self entitled team, that came up with the liberal immigration policy and flooded the country with non-sustaining cheap labour, that stagnated or pushed back the economy to third world. Pigs didn’t want the country to grow up and mature, or perhaps this is the best they could only come up with, after enriching themselves.

    No way will sinkies defend the onslaught of transient third world migrant workers, who has a low cost of living in their home country and are able to fall back on their motherland.
    The same applies to the hollowing out of manufacturing in US to cheaper countries like China, unless government policies are drafted to intervene.

    The First thing to set this right, is to REMOVE THE PIGS. Vote them out of government.
    This will remove the rot and greed, infuse new thinking into governance.
    Setting things back into the right context, that who should the government serve or look after foremost.

    Without changing the current regime, the struggle of poor hardworking sinkies will get worse and drag for decades, until the difference in economic development is levelled out.

    Imagine greedy Pigs lifting 3 billion or more migrant workers out of poverty, killing 2.5M of it’s own, while profiting immensely.
    Perhaps they should give themselves a “Kissinger’s pat” on their backs.

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  • leejiayougeloongdaizi:

    “The govt better wake up their idea if they wish to remain in power and protect local workers.”

    Huh? Still thinking of voting for the pap? Typical singaporeans mentality. Can’t find jobs then worry. Got jobs continue to vote the white party.

    Locals cannot find jobs in own country. This is the fate of many. Discrimination against locals takes place in many companies. It has been going on for many years already. It’s not something that just happened yesterday but the pap is still winning in every GE.

    Asked G to wake up? It is singaporeans who should wake up! Frogs in boiling water still cannot feel the water warming up. Singaporeans will be slowly cooked to death if people still do not wise up.

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  • Sinkie:

    “livelihood” – a means of securing the necessities of life.

    Modi pulled India out of joining RCEP trade pact as other countries in the pact adamant in not offering CECA-like concessions to absorb India nationals for jobs in their countries. Modi said he needs to support the livelihoods of his people.

    PAP elites such as PM-in-waiting Heng appease India with CECA, sacrificing the livelihoods of ordinary Singaporean PMETs.

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  • Overworked:

    Just VTO, best solution.

    No more Ramesh, just jobs for locals

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  • lazy and choozy:

    //I am here to recount a story of my friend from poly who has been out of luck finding a suitable job, and had to resort to driving PHV for a living.//

    aiyoh. don’t anyhow say lar ? wait white idiots and gang and businesses will say (propaganda) that daft sinkies are too lazy and choozy and demand high salary lar ? the white idiots and gang expect our daft sinkies with high education to demand pay and expectation like that from chat-ba-lang countries so that the white iditos and gang can promote their 6.9m or 10m open-leg policy better lar ?

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  • ya'll know what to do:

    another one bites the dust..
    so plse do it right at GE..
    spread the msg to family friends and anyone else who’ll listen.
    good luck to your friend.

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  • Sympathy for fellow sporean:

    Feel so sorry for you young guys ; Pioneer now but last time was unemployed for certain period; demoralising and depressing;I waited for letter for interview or job ; last time no email,esp Chinese ,man supposed to earnmoney if not you feel lousy n useless ; been thru it all,
    I like to ask you one q did you n yr Friend vote wrongly ie one of 70 pct then in that case I say you deserve yr karma,
    Whatever it is you n yr Friend must vote wisely n tell yr family and friends this time round or you will have another five Yrs to repent and older also and more difficult find jobs;
    Now as Pioneer I watch my expenses but luckily during my younger days I did not spend anyhow and always save,young readers I like advise ,if you earn 100 dollars spend thirty for necessary things; 20 dollars keep Std by and save at least 50 dollars,
    Today the sun is shining but tomorrow it may rain; be like the animals they store things and foodduring summer but in winter they hibernate

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  • MarBowling:

    Hi Sinkaporean Son,

    Tell you good friend NOT to just kpkb and complaining about this company that company NOT calling him up for tea session! Tell him to go DIRECTLY TO SEEK HELP FROM THE DISHONOURABLE SON as he has promised “FOR YOU, WITH YOU, FOR SINKAPORE”!

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  • Asd:

    Good for you local, you are just a human, can clone or import, so why bother about you, go jb there cheaper to die, already told you all but you still kpkb.

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  • vto for real democracy:

    they no care u say they incompetent.
    sudah thick skin liow..
    pay themselves $mil salaries plus 18mnth bonus..
    where got this kind of job anywhere in the world??
    only in pappyland!

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  • justanothercitizen:

    @ A Singaporean Son,
    Your last paragraph summarized yours and many Singaporean desire and errant view of Singapore situation. All you want is jobs for Singaporean, but the situation is a arrogant government. So you desire the MIW government to buck up and deliver you a job. That is so pathetic!
    What is needed in a true democracy is for the government to listen and work for the people. A government that has absolute power will never do that, that is they will never listen. And thus never truly work for the people. They may think that they are serving the country but they are not working for the people. They are just living in their ivory tower, dreaming up their own scheme to run the country.
    It is not possible to have a true democracy, with a high percentage of voters having this kind of mentality. Without true democracy, the cycle will continue.

    PS: What will happen after you get your job, you will only be a slave to your housing loan for the remainder of your life. Because that is what keep you in check!

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  • Two Singaporeans' Singaporean:

    Dear A Singaporean Son,
    How can it be?
    PAP says FTs create good jobs for Singaporeans.
    Grab, Uber, Deliveroo are high tech, created and run by FTs. E- scooters are modern day transport device supplementing PAP self acclaimed “world class” public transport system.
    Grab jobs are good jobs, even local Uni graduates are doing delivery, just look at the overwhelming Grab delivery men and women pressurizing PAP MPs and even the heavy weight PAP MPs and heavy weight Minister Shame to save their livelihood and good income.
    How can PHV driving not a good job?
    If it were bad job, PAP will allow foreigners to take over because Singaporeans will not want it.
    By the way, is your other parent a FT?
    Maybe your friend’s parents are Singaporeans, and he is not so well connected and smart albeit from Top Poly (is there a Top Poly here? I only know Sg has Nanyang, Ngee Ann, Singapore, Republic and Temasek Poly, the schools there are all good schools, is your friend’s Poly affiliated to South Pacific or Hulls University?)
    Do your friend a favour, tell him if he were ever to work in an MNC, he will not have free evenings to upgrade himself, maybe not even on weekends, he will not be able to ask for transfer for a have more personal time job, maybe he can still ask …
    Now he has time to go for training and retraining, and maybe he can use skillfures funds, even get wage supplements and allowances for certain courses.
    It is true, not fake news.
    Please do not take offence.

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  • Straight "A"s Marlboro Tan:

    dear young people in singapore

    As far as SG system goes, it is run by FTs for FTs who are run by white scums. It is because yr parents voted for such a system and continue to vote for it. And so have u.

    good luck in finding yr dream job and singapore 5Cs life.

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  • To A Singaporean Son:

    I am from a top University here, with many years of working experience, jobless for many years.
    I don’t trust PAP so I am not pleading with them.
    Can I befriend you and you help me? Just don’t beg PAP on my behalf.

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  • Dear Singaporean Son:

    Did you vote for PAP? It seems you did.
    No point threatening PAP here, it wont work.
    Is your friend going to vote for PAP in the next GE?
    The choice is his.

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  • Lets think critically:

    Ask your friend to join the civil service.
    Good starting pay, good bonus, yearly increment, stable job.
    Promotion and superscale pay for Yes men and women.
    The difficult part for your friend may be to be a Yes man.
    Do not ask for job transfer (maybe your boss’ big boss will ask you to stand for election and maybe even selection as Executive President of Singapore, $3,000,000 a year for 5 years), dont leave office early or on time for self improvement courses (your boss may recommend a scholarship to you in Harvard Business School, that is a real top University in the world, not a top Poly in tiny Singapore).

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  • Hmmm ...:

    How many MNCs jobs are there in Singapore? total 500,000?
    How many people graduate from polytechnics in Singapore a year?
    How many people graduate from universities in Singapore a year?
    How many Chinese graduate from China universities a year?
    How many Indians graduate from India universities a year?
    I suggest your friend can apply for a security guard job in MNC. The problem is many MNC HQs are not in CBD. Your friend may not want to work in industrial estate or Jurong Island.
    Maybe, he can apply for a receptionist job, but I do not usually see male receptionist at least in Singapore.
    Maybe he can give up his PHV job and go into another gig economy job like food delivery, he can tell his boss he only wants to deliver food in CBD, from CBD restaurants to customers in CBD.
    Is Tanjong Pagar considered CBD? The old HDB flats there.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Why are you writing & complaining when your friend is keeping MUM and accepting??? that is the CONditioned mind of the sheeple in Singapore in ACTION!!! come election he most likely will vote for PAP!!!

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  • Bobo:

    Asked yourself one simple question like can you save yourself in case you are also being fired due to FT policy? Our graduates are nuts about PAP policies and keep supporting them. We have heard enough of stupid graduates that would rather spoilt their votes than giving their precious vote to opposition party.

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  • don't continue to be a cock:

    To A Singaporean Son:
    I am from a top University here, with many years of working experience, jobless for many years.
    I don’t trust PAP so I am not pleading with them.
    Can I befriend you and you help me? Just don’t beg PAP on my behalf.

    where got top U in Singapore?

    wake up.

    top Us are in UK in USA and such.

    imagine the pap BS. nus ntu smu rank higher than LOndon Us or Ivies USA.

    wake up.

    lky did not local U but UK. his 2 sons did not local U but UK. tharman did not local U but UK. teo chee bye did not local U but UK. even 4 gen ones heng did not local U but UK. bugs bunny kee chiu chan did not local U but UK. aljunied reject ong ya kun did not local U but UK.

    where got top U in Singapore, you stupid sheep.

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  • Food for thought:

    don't continue to be a cock: where got top U in Singapore?

    wake up.

    top Us are in UK in USA and such.

    imagine the pap BS. nus ntu smu rank higher than LOndon Us or Ivies USA.

    wake up.

    lky did not local U but UK. his 2 sons did not local U but UK. tharman did not local U but UK. teo chee bye did not local U but UK. even 4 gen ones heng did not local U but UK. bugs bunny kee chiu chan did not local U but UK. aljunied reject ong ya kun did not local U but UK.

    where got top U in Singapore, you stupid sheep.


    From your English and tone, I guess you are not graduate of the local university, autonomous or otherwise. Don’t be sour grape. No hard feeling please.
    Maybe you can sign up an extra mural course there or some course to qualify yourself as an alumnus. Maybe you can do it free of charge, using skillsfuture fund.
    Some important criteria of ranking are the number of foreign students, foreign lecturers, foreign researchers.
    PAP spend hundreds of millions of dollars giving out scholarship to overseas students.
    So these local universities cannot take in too many local students like yourself.
    You mention all the PAP Ministers attending the top universities in the US and UK, can I infer you mean these Ministers are also “top”, so they deserve million $ annual pay?
    So they continue to draw fat pay and bonus importing foreigners with degrees from the US and UK, like University of Hull.
    Former PM Goh Chok Tong is from the local University so is our $3,000,000 a year half Malay half Indian Executive President Halimah. So are they as good or rather as “top” as Tharman, Teo, Heng, Ong?
    Sheep are not stupid, they eat and sleep, they are led by “top” LHL, Tharman, Teo, Heng, Ong.

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  • I have a story:

    I have an old friend.
    Every GE, he votes for PAP, he would ask we friends to vote for PAP too.
    His job is stable, he draws a decent salary.
    When his friends got retrenched or involuntary early retirement, he will echo PAP – market force is at play, go for training and retraining, lower pay never mind, as long as there is a job.
    Then his elder brother got retrenched, he is indifferent, asking the brother to try harder to get another job as he was still young then, with a family to support.
    When his younger sis got displaced by FT, he said happy retirement.
    Then his son enrolled in a Poly for some “exotic” course with fanciful subjects names, he thought it was a top Poly here, without realizing that all the schools/departments in that Poly are good, of course some are better, some are good “dumping” ground.
    His son barely passed the diploma course, even by our Poly inflated grading system.
    His son was enlisted but did not like army life and “keng” to get out of combat unit for a 9 to 5 desk bound job.
    He said ok in private, it is safe job, former EP sons also got cosy jobs in NS, it is only he has not enough money for his son to evade NS like Benjamin James Davies.
    When the son ORD’ed, he could not get a job because he wants only a MNC job in CBD that pays at least $2,500 a month. One year later, after being pestered by the mother, the son finally decided to be a PHV driver.
    In our recent gathering, my friend related his son’s “predicament” to us and unfair competition from FTs. He said he did not want to write to the mainstream media forum that he often contributes articles to, supporting PAP policies, like minority EP bill, Malay Indian EP Halimah. He does not want to lose his PAP RC or CCC Vice Chairman post. Of course, the Chairman post is held by some SME businessman who offered his son a job, but his son rejected.
    The FT issue has been here for more than 10 years, he still sings PAP praises, voted for PAP without fail.
    I believe many Singaporeans have similar stories, in parts or in its totality.
    We are like the proverbial frogs enjoying themselves in the lowly heating water, before they get killed, not knowing why!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    “… He is definitely not those undeserving locals who did not upgrade themselves, and he took the government’s advice to upgrade his skillsets”.

    @A Singaporean Son; upgrading, retraining and life long learning are just excuses of the PAP government gave for Singaporeans who are out of jobs.

    Don’t you see we have FTs with fake degrees from fake universities are employed, where Singapore graduates are shaking legs at home.

    You try to attend any of those upgrading or retraining classes and see what you would be learning.

    If you still believe the PAP, you just die faster!!

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  • TruBlu:

    Ang mohs came to replace good Sg-talents in the late 1990s and left for Shanghai a few good years afterwards.
    Many locals were then unfairly and discriminately RELACED N DISPLACED.
    MOST OF THEM never got back the decent jobs they performed so well when Sg experienced the HIGHEST PRODUCTIVITY RATINGS.

    After ang mohs came Indians,pinoys and others.

    Banks are suddenly fronted by aliens.
    Same for up-market retail and IT jobs.

    FT policy has shown itself not unlike the PMD ON FOOTWAY POLICY,BOTH ARE DOOMED TO FAIL!


    Needless to say more.

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  • stephentan:

    Why complain now?
    Too late now as Government will still retain their more than two thirds majority in parliament yet still in coming Elections and pap will still care less about the well being of the local citizens: you die, your business.
    You and your mindless friends around you have been played out for good by the pap.
    All you absurd, no brainer locals who voted the pap in past elections will have to pay the price for voting in the pap that you become second class citizensto foreign talents converted to new citizens to ensure the perpetuity of the dynastic pap rule in spore.
    Dont you know these new citizens are forever grateful the government for their new new roosting ground in green pastures enjoying all the benefits given freely by the government.
    Suggest you look for your green pastures elsewhere if you are smart and enterprising enough to make that judgemental call. Failing which, you will firever live like a frog in a boiling pond walloping in self pity while pap ministers are sitting fat on high monthly salaries.

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