Election issues

1) Reserved Election: Do Singaporeans feel this was a political ploy to prevent Tan Cheng Bock from becoming president? And why were all other candidates disqualified and only a former PAP minister was eligible?

2) CPF: As baby boomers start to depend on their CPF savings, they are starting to realise they are not able to depend on their savings, and have to continue to work.

3) HDB: It emerged recently that the value of HDB flats decreases as the flat ages. Those who thought their HDB flats could be a nest egg if they lived in it long enough are now upset that in fact the value of their flats decreases with time.

4) AHTC: This will probably concern only voters in Aljunied and WP-held areas. Has the saga gone on too long – 8 years – that people no longer are concerned about it? How will the PAP squeezed political points out of this?

5) Sibling rivalry: Will the Lee sibling hatred for each other be an issue?

6) PMD: By the time the election is called, this will probably be a non-issue by then.

7) Leadership transition: PAP has already started to use this to frame the election – “It is an important election because Singapore is transitioning to a new leadership… voter support is important for investors, etc”. It’s the same play book, same rhetoric as in 1991 when GCT took over LKY, and in 2004 when LHL took over GCT. Will voters have enough faith in the younger PAP leadership to give it overwhelming support, or will voters feel there is a need for more opposition, especially from Tan Cheng Bock’s party?


Andrew Loh




25 Responses to “Election issues”

  • Tan Cheng Bok or otherwise:

    “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing…. In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle our inner spirit.”

    - Albert Schweitzer

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  • blueview:

    I’ll give you my feedback and observations which I believe 90% of all Singaporeans share in our current times. The TWO biggest CLEAR anger inducing happenings/injustices which you clearly won’t do anything about and these hot topics will give the oppositions the leverage in the coming election are:
    1. Good jobs going to FTs
    2. Our HDB flats become ZERO

    Good jobs going to FTs
    Our forefathers build a rock solid, unshakeable, robust social & business infrastructures that will stay solid during good and bad times. During good times, we do well, our GDP will grow and we generate more money. During bad times we won’t collapse overnight due to the already solid foundation we have. These were established by our forefathers for TRUE BLUE BORN AND BRED SINGAPOREANS not for FTs. BUT today Singaporeans are losing the upper hand in major industries including government as the good jobs are given to FTs. I have said enough for you and your 4G’s to go think about the details.

    Our HDB flats become ZERO
    Throwing a curve ball at this one was in my opinion one hell of an extremely BIG mistake! Why? It’s not because we are sotongs and blur blobs thinking that our HDB flats will not reduce to zero after 99 years. It’s the COMPENSATION that our very sensible old PAP guards have crafted out for us to ensure our CPF money we have “invested” in our homes will repay itself through the SERS not the VERS. Think about this – if Singaporeans were to invest our CPF money or our own savings for a return of 4% to 8% on a low to medium risk unit trust or mutual funds using a different wealth management strategy, we will have our principal amount which will keep growing plus our interest which will we can use to pay for HDB. But 85% of Singaporeans just use their CPF to pay for their homes without given the opportunity to GROW our hard earned money. So our CPF = our HDB = SERS which means the SERS is a very “Uniquely Singapore Way” to GROW our hard earned money which we can bestow to our children and future generations.
    If you have grown your money during your lifetime and when you die you pass it off to your future generations. In majority of Singaporeans’ case, SERS is that! Without SERS we are doomed. Why because good jobs are going to FTs so majority of Singaporeans earn less and HDB flats getting more expensive which means Singaporeans really can’t save that much on their lower salary!

    These 2 major aspects of Singaporeans lives are integrated and in the last few decades our old PAP guards made sure we are not robbed and deteriorate.

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  • blueview:

    Sorry forgot to mention that my comment was the comment I gave to PM Lee on another website which I just cut and pasted in this article. :)

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  • Harder Truths:

    These are all irrelevant points Andrew.

    The real question is – will $G still be around if citizens vote in bigger clowns knowing that the $G one-trick pony cannot survive using the same economic formula since 1965?

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  • Cha:

    death of school kids.patient.ns service man.

    Are all bad luck?.

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  • Cha:

    Many animals esp.birds dies on the road.

    Gets run over.( Searching for food.i think.)

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  • MarBowling:

    Would like to add in 8) which is the pathetic performance of future PeeM cum seatwarmer Heng Sweet Cake in ParLEEMent when grilled recently by WP Sylvia Lim! How can we have FAITH, CONFIDENCE and TRUST in a person who is supposed to be a LEEder when he kept on FLIPPING and FLOPPING when he was just answering SIMPLE queries and questions. He has to ask for 10 mins adjournment to gather his THOUGHTs and also sought help from maybe his big boss and colleagues. Think IN FUTURE when he is faced ONE-TO-ONE with leaders of neighboring countries on international disputes and issues, they would just PUT him INSIDE their pocket and ask him to SLEEP and KEEP QUIET! Holee shits!

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  • Sinkie:

    The election issues mentioned by Andrew pale in comparison to India CECA, 10-Million population target, world’s highest costs of living, arrogance of the PAP natural aristocrats in their ivory towers, etc .

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  • oxygen:

    ECONOMY FLAMING OUT after two decades of mismanagement is my biggest issue of concern. PAPpypolitics and PAPpynomic is out of wit trying to prevent it from SINKING via artificiality of demand creation by means of planned massive foreign influx.

    That is, the acceleration of its failed POPULATION RECYCLING ECONOMICS.

    If the contrary is true, HDB housing prices would trend upward on rising wealth, employment gains, growing population in a booming economy – DESPITE EROSION OF DIMINISHING LEASE LIFE. AND IT IS NOT THE CASE.


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  • smart nation needs smart voter:

    Would like to add in 8) which is the pathetic performance of future PeeM cum seatwarmer Heng Sweet Cake in ParLEEMent when grilled recently by WP Sylvia Lim! How can we have FAITH, CONFIDENCE and TRUST in a person who is supposed to be a LEEder when he kept on FLIPPING and FLOPPING when he was just answering SIMPLE queries and questions. He has to ask for 10 mins adjournment to gather his THOUGHTs and also sought help from maybe his big boss and colleagues. Think IN FUTURE when he is faced ONE-TO-ONE with leaders of neighboring countries on international disputes and issues, they would just PUT him INSIDE their pocket and ask him to SLEEP and KEEP QUIET! Holee shits!

    the pap Ljs pathetic performance because they started a lie about Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Low TK.

    since it is a lie, and there is natural justice under the sky, the pap Ljs cannot fail but to hem and haw when grilled by Ms Sylvia Lim.

    whether 70% sheep can see through the pap Ljs lies is a matter not of major importance now.

    rather it is the answering to maker when the pap Ljs meet maker on the other side that is NOW confirmed. the pap Ljs not only lied this time but tried to bring false charges against innocent fellow humans. serious offences both.

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  • Talking Nonsense:

    CECA does not take away jobs from Singaporean. Then can you honestly explain and give actual numbers. I was one of the PMETS displaced and now driving GRAB.

    1) How does MOM check and confirm that these Intra Company Transfer have actually worked for at least six months in India prior to their transfer to Singapore office ?

    2) This can be a loop hole where the Indian companies employ avoid employing workers from Singapore. They can recruit new employees directly from India, train them and orientate them and by the time these training and orientation ends its already six months.

    3) Why are the dependents of these recent new Indian transfer employees allowed to work in Singapore ?

    4) One European friend asked whether India has invaded Singapore because he mentioned seeing Indians all over the place. I told him that they use the ‘Weapon Of Mass Migration’ to enter Singapore job market. As revealed by the press, there are now more than two millions of foreign workers in the local job market. And probably hundreds of thousand from India.

    5) Its easy to recognize those coming from India. They usually wear long sleeve shirts, carry bag packs to keep their laptops, passport, money and important items as they dare not leave them at their rented homes, have an accent and shake their heads when talking and finally they like to wear ‘BRAs’ -singlets in our hot climate. Singaporeans including our Tamils have gone bra less a long time ago.

    6) It was mentioned in the press the Temasek group have lost few billions of dollars in the now abandoned Andra Pradesh capital project. DBS banks in India have also lost 100 over million of dollars the past few years and until recently made S$2.5 million dollars of profit.

    7) It showed that our leaders do not have the capability, EQ and street smart quality (unlike LKY Ministers) to get a good deal in negotiations. They are easily tricked in the deal. Unlike the leaders at the recent ASEAN Summit meeting in Bangkok where all the other leaders including China rejected the CECA conditions that India want to include for it to join the RECP Agreement.

    8) To settle the matter, why don’t our government reveal the actual numbers of Indians, Malaysians, Filipinos, Bangladeshis, China Chinese and other nationality that are currently working in Singapore that account for the 2 million plus foreigners working in Singapore.

    How to expect us to vote for the PAP if we are not given these real statistics ?

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  • to test the outcome ?:

    //It is an important election because Singapore is transitioning to a new leadership… voter support is important for investors,//

    alamak. investors will still come as long as the business mathematical propositions are right for them relative to other countries & all the other risks involved lar ? people still need to eat, sleep and work to survive lar ? don’t need to have 6.9m or 10m open-leg policy to compete to the lowest denominator lar while surprising COL keeps increasing (gst increase ?) even with so much competition in a small red dot hor (in turn making scare space resources even scarier and expensive ?) ?

    hk is one example already lar ? are the white idiots trying to test the outcome ?

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  • Asd:

    The sun will still rise with or without them

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  • 4g leadership:

    1g to 2g age difference – 10 to 15 yrs. 2g to 3g – 10 to 15 yrs. 3g to 4g – less than 8 yrs. what leadership transfer are you talking?

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  • Make PAP the oppo:

    After 6 decades, it’s high time to change sides.
    Let PAP be the oppo and the oppies be the gov.

    It’s time for people to really know all the secrets hidden for 6 decades.

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  • HDB flats depreciate to ZERO:

    The real and only issue for the coming GE is whether Singaporeans have the “spine” to vote for real change to hold the PAP responsible and accountable for the worse quality of life of Singaporeans since LHL became PM.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The WIND of change is Blowing and will set on FIRE the Oppositions…

    Everything is on their side except the Evil of PAP and their Evil ways of Manupalating Before and During Elections where the judiciary can judge that “inside” a balloting compound is not Within 200 meters radius…

    It is similar to a cock in a vagina is NOT rape but a sex act lah!!!

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  • Politicians n Postards:

    The ongoing impeachment of US President Trump, US Congress focussed completely on Trump exerting political extortion on Ukriane President for his political gain in US while withholding military aids for his resistance again Russia n neglect the same political extortion Trump brings on the Republicans in exchange for defending him against impeachment, he will financially aiding them in their campaign for re election to the Senate n Congress. How the Republicans succumbed to Trump’s political bribery is extraordinary n historic wonder of how incapability n greed can break heir spines n take away their soul. Political history tells of political extortion replacing financial rewards with fear of exposure of past unexposed impropriety behavior or even crime he or any family members in particular those incurring shame n deviation. Such political blackmail n extortion can happen to both political party members n public institution career bureaucrats. Trump saga shows that there could be such political strategy of a politician wouldn’t be necessary unless he/she is Involved criminally that has to be protected in darkness or be exonerated by highly irregular behaviour as exemplified by the response of Republicans including their unlawful raid of the security room in the Congress, something a lawmaker wouldn’t do in his/her right mind. What Trump did is disastrous wrt to Ukraine defence against Russia, destroying US image in international diplomacy but worse endangering US security n alienation. A good thing that emerg is the Separation of Patroits, integrity, dignity n dedication n honoring the Oath taken by both the politburo n career bureaucrats from the fakes, the greed, self gratifying, glorifying political bastards [Postards n Compliant Bureaucrats CBs] who would put themselves n Party above Nation. US is facing her her struggle between the Patriots n Traitors. The lies wrapped up in glorious faked patrotism n the passionate fearless expression of patriotism r all appearing naked on the Presidetial impeachment Stage now.
    Compliant Bureaucracy [LHY/LWL] looms large. The senseless suppression of Political Opposition n citizen political adversaries with one country two rules of laws, the disregard of vocal adverse criticism as noises of the environment n lately very irresponsibly interpreted as like, else HK syndrome point to VTO in Singapore wherein we have our dead n gone equivalence of the US Amb MY to Ukraine, Dr F. Hill, R Maddow n MSNBC hosts, Vindman with nepotic compliments. Now we have Singaporeans left to vote these Postards out n find what lie in the deep darkness! Malaysians did n found! US now still on it ying yan battle! GB coming?!n


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  • Bobo:

    Are those really big issues? No, 70% don’t feel any regret at all. Why?
    1. When HDB became no value how?
    Ans: Live until old age then die at home.
    2. When PMET jobs go to Indians how?

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  • Bobo:

    2. When PMET jobs go to Indians how?
    Ans. Nvmd, still got many jobs like PHC/taxi driver, food delivery
    job, toilet/table clearner also can mah.
    3. CPF money can not withdraw at 55 yo how?
    Also nvmd mah because govt. need reserve for future generation.

    4. Ministers are overpaid how?
    Ok mah, they deserve that kind of pay as watch puppy what.

    Singaporeans are very tough and obedient people. We don’t give problems to our gov. and we swee swee accept to all price hikes.

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  • Scarily familiar:

    Americans would be screamed now in concert “HENG AH” iff they know Hokkiens n the difference in word n surname! Why? Isn’t the later obvious but the former relate to their NYDOJ n her Judge who has stiff spine n foot Balls to order the IRAS to come transparent with Trumpy financial over the last 10 yrs. Wow wow wow, if the earth is a good voice wavelength transmitter, We may hear the Wows n shits n scumbags they will be cursing for having a 3 y trumpy ride n the republicans still worrying abt their funding n endorsement of their 2020 campaign. Americans don’t realize how more heng they r that their IRAS, AGs r not tankat into Trumpy net otherwise they would never know how Trumpy lost US$1.7+ billions thus far n has an annual $50+ millions of loan interest to n mysterious inflow $.$.$ which their NCBs have to investigate.
    Hearing all these r u wondering why conflicts no conflict, couple solely has hand in the piggy, master fake n real prosecutors n judge all rolled in one ultra sensitivity, explosion of shorty carrots, alien angpao n hefty fines all fast happening.
    Scary isn’t it? So what to do. As Trumpy supporters reverse their scream in tandem with Demo supporter roaring in the foot Ball game LOCK HIM OUT!
    Are SINs ready with BTO, VTO n then whatever truth or fake there r in Indianee conflict n lynchers, kawky vs Hangi RH med cost!
    no more
    Scummy solution for risng Cost of living with increase taxes, fees n fares,
    Scummy solution for rising med costs with lies n threats rem $8 v BS, TR e threats n TOC report
    Scummy rule for adverse critics n oppo vs $2 AIM
    Spending $130 m a y $28 m for alien siok ah
    No any Ind can come in take your job n talk u love me otherwise no kpkb!

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  • Untamperable?:

    TCB lost by a whisker. Recount?
    Lina Chiam lost by a whisker.

    I am not asking if the election process is absolutely scientifically untamperable or not.

    I am not. I am just oral masturbating.

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  • Kee Chiu is right:

    It is not CECA that take away jobs from Singaporeans.

    It is … … … this gov headed by PAP.

    Talking Nonsense: CECA does not take away jobs from Singaporean. Then can you honestly explain and give actual numbers. I was one of the PMETS displaced and now driving GRAB.

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  • vote for real democracy:

    luckily our fiesty ms sylvia didnt give hsk another stroke!
    mayb he still has 8 lives left??

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  • first world until proven third:

    Despite first world country singapore has problems like third world .

    Non ownership/ state control of land and assets
    No freedom of speech
    No freedom of information act
    No retirement
    draconian laws
    Non creative minds.

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