The 2 issues which the opposition can use to rally for support in GE2019/20

I’ll give you my feedback and observations which I believe 90% of all Singaporeans share in our current times. The two biggest CLEAR anger-inducing injustices which the PAP will not do anything about that will give the opposition a leverage in the coming election are:

1. Good jobs going to FTs
2. Our HDB flats become ZERO

Good jobs going to FTs

Our forefathers build a rock solid, unshakeable, robust social & business infrastructures that will stay solid during good and bad times. During good times, we do well, our GDP will grow and we generate more money. During bad times we won’t collapse overnight due to the already solid foundation we have.

These were established by our forefathers for TRUE BLUE BORN AND BRED SINGAPOREANS not for FTs. BUT today Singaporeans are losing the upper hand in major industries including government as the good jobs are given to FTs. I have said enough for you and your 4G’s to go think about the details.

Our HDB flats become ZERO

Throwing a curve ball at this one was in my opinion one hell of an extremely BIG mistake! Why? It’s not because we are sotongs and blur blobs thinking that our HDB flats will not reduce to zero after 99 years. It’s the COMPENSATION that our very sensible old PAP guards have crafted out for us to ensure our CPF money we have “invested” in our homes will repay itself through the SERS not the VERS.

Think about this – if Singaporeans were to invest our CPF money or our own savings for a return of 4% to 8% on a low to medium risk unit trust or mutual funds using a different wealth management strategy, we will have our principal amount which will keep growing plus our interest which will we can use to pay for HDB.

But 85% of Singaporeans just use their CPF to pay for their homes without given the opportunity to GROW our hard earned money. So our CPF = our HDB = SERS which means the SERS is a very “Uniquely Singapore Way” to GROW our hard earned money which we can bestow to our children and future generations.

If you have grown your money during your lifetime and when you die you pass it off to your future generations. In majority of Singaporeans’ case, SERS is that! Without SERS we are doomed. Why because good jobs are going to FTs so majority of Singaporeans earn less and HDB flats getting more expensive which means Singaporeans really can’t save that much on their lower salary!

These 2 major aspects of Singaporeans lives are integrated and in the last few decades our old PAP guards made sure we are not robbed and deteriorate.


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27 Responses to “The 2 issues which the opposition can use to rally for support in GE2019/20”

  • Likely a PAP voter, this guy:

    “These 2 major aspects of Singaporeans lives are integrated and in the last few decades our old PAP guards made sure we are not robbed and deteriorate.”

    Please, stop believing in PAP over the last few decades.
    1)The good years stop when HDB flats go up from $20,000. Yes, twenty thousand dollars. That was in the late 70s.
    Since then, the gov has been squeezing more and more money from people.
    2)The good years stop when CPF returns drop to 2.5%. This was decades ago. The gov has been profiteering from CPF returns at the people’s expense, and not fulfilling their fudiciary duties as trustees of our CPF money.

    SERS was nothing but a decoration, and with your cash also. It does not extend the 99 years by even 1 day. SERS does not change the eventual value of $0 for HDB flats.

    LKY repeatedly promises flat values will always go up. He did nothing to extend the 99 years. If you really die-hard believe in him, you think he would extend 99 yrs eventually. But he died without doing any extension. His chosen set of leaders tell you straight in your face – $0, $0, $0.

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  • TL Tan:

    Both issues are likely to be wishful thinking on the writer’s part.

    With regards to jobs, we have a very low unemployment rate and starting salaries for fresh graduates have been increasing every year. There are some well-paid jobs going to foreigners, but these are few and far between, and are meant to complement and lead Singaporean workers, not take away their jobs. These are 2 completely different categories (ie. top level vs middle level).

    On public housing, most Singaporeans see HDB flats as a roof over their heads. They don’t use it for speculation or investment. They know the 99-year lease depreciates every year. They know they can’t live till 99 years old anyway, so the HDB flat would have fulfilled its objective of providing a lifetime roof over their heads. Any remaining years of the lease after their deaths will just be passed on to the next generation, who will decide what to do accordingly.

    Therefore, both issues are non-starters with Singaporean voters, who are already aware of these issues and understand the position of our government, and we value our peace and stability above all else.

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  • We are being Robbed:

    Please bring up the topic that the Indian who pretend to be Malay Papadum Puppet will release $100 billion to fund the climate change project – it is but a sad excuse to fund the $50+ billion losses of Temasick and Ho Jinx mistakes.

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  • N Chan:

    No, no, this should be the real issue that the Opposition parties should be using to rally around.

    Since the PAP has been blaring their trumpet loudly on “integrity” and “honesty”, they should

    1) Be held to account to all the lapses in issuing of tender and contracts by the various government agencies and departments under their watch that involve far more money than that between AHTC and FMSS and its other contractors, as flagged out by the same AGO that audited AHTC. Especially the “adverse opinion” persistently given to the People’s Association accounts. To think of it, not even AHTC’s accounts have been given an “adverse opinion”.

    2) Be held accountable for the elected presidency issue and the appointment of the new auditor general as well as the question of DPM Heng’s wife helming the National Heritage Board. Since the PAP has been harping on the importance of safeguarding public money and the WP putting friends over public money, then why did the PAP go out of the way to change the rules of the elected presidency so that no one but their own person, Halimah Yacob, and Halimah only, could be president. And she is not even politically neutral. Dr Tony Tan is even more politically neutral than her. She barely resigned as a PAP MP and the (biased) Speaker of Parliament before being ushered into the presidency 1-2 months later. And the president is supposed to safeguard public funds! The PAP should be account for similarly putting their own friends over public funds!

    3) Similarly, on the appointment of the new auditor general. SMS Edwin Tong (if I’m not wrong) talked about putting foxes to guard the hen house. Well isn’t that what the PAP blatantly did when they put the wife of a senior minister of state as the new auditor general? Isn’t putting the fox to guard the hen house, in other words, “ownself check ownself”? Also, isn’t it a more blatant case than the WP and FMSS of putting one’s friends, even worse, spouse over public money? Are we waiting for a potential Najib and Rosmah issue to happen a la Singapore style?

    4) Also, if the PAP truly cared about public money, than why was Heng’s wife appointed head of the National Heritage Board when Heng became the finance minister, whose ministry oversees the AGO? Will Heng move a motion in parliament outlining a system to ensure that he recuses himself when the NHB which is under his wife is subjected to audit?

    5) And lastly, what is Lucien Wong, PM Lee’s personal lawyer in the 38 Oxley Road issue doing as attorney general especially it is clear in the least that the govt has a vested interest in the issue of the house. Will Edwin Tong, Desmond Lee, Indranee, also file a motion outlining a system to ensure that Lucien Wong recuses himself the Oxley Road…

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  • tan kin lian pea brained:

    GE2019 is soon. pap PA paid IBs very active.

    sounding alarm in East but intending to attack West. as if such old tricks work in 2019 Internet age.

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  • Deferred payback:

    The coming GE is the payback postponed in 2015 when LKY passed away. Since then there are even more reasons for VTO.

    Not only are HDB flats depreciating to ZERO most of Singaporeans’ CPF money is tied up in their HDB account and this too is losing value daily.

    Previously PAP was able to create a property bubble to offset the steady decline in the value of HDB flats. But this is no longer possible because the price of new HDB flats is so high it takes an entire work life of 30 years to pay for one. (Price has more than doubled since LHL became PM.) And after paying for it the CPF account of the owner is depleted (below the CPF Minimum Sum) so the owner has to downgrade to get money to live on in retirement.

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  • Straight "A"s Marlboro Tan:

    there are many young people i have advised in singapore .

    i told them before u do anything in singapore be careful of what u are about to do and analyse the repercussions. Example raising a family and kids in singapore. THe conditions there are against u – the average person. The dominant ideology of the elite rules singapore not the people’s ideology > it takes a toll on u.

    I have told them do not believe yr stupid merdeka generation parents idiots who pressure u to marry have kids and see grandkids.. this si the first step to downfall. The fools push their son/daughter into this trap. clearly the place is not suitable for any kind of family life or kids. Thinking that somehow u can handle the challenges of raising kids and also pay for yrself … this is just wishful thinking. Do not ever have this thinking. The odds are too great for u to handle…

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  • TruBlu:

    Whatever,meritocracy means not leaning on TAKING ADVANTAGE against worthy opponents.

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  • Thunder cums after Lightning:

    We all feel helpless and trapped under the PAP dominant system.

    We all say BOH BIAN to all policies, So much So, that many long ago have surrendered themselves to the system. They accept everything reluctantly as if it’s their fate.

    This Loser Mindset is what I want to Change.

    BOH Bian in Chinese means 没办法。 It means “I have no choice but to accept.”

    But if we scrutise this loser mentality , we realise :
    1. When someone says Boh Bian , it’s not that technically there is no way out or no solution. It’s just that their FEAR makes them reluctantly concede and accept.

    For example, gst hike, electricity hike. Many conveniently say Boh Bian. But they can actually spread the message and their logic why the policies are wrong. They can protest. They can join as elections volunteers to keep an eye on the ballot box. They can post comments. They can write articles. They can join opposition parties. But Singaporeans typically live in absolute poverty of Courage. They Cow to Fear which makes all the above many things they can do to contribute to bringing CHANGE faster disappear. This is why they say BoH Bian . Their PYSCHOLOGY REMOVED ALL THESE CHOICES. This is why they say NO CHOICE.

    Now, I want to educate you all why FEAR is not self preservation. It’s PERCEIVED to be self preservation when you FEAR PAP. But it’s the opposite. FEAR of PAP results in more FEAR and the PROBLEMS REMAINS.

    It’s like if you do not do something, nothing is done. So simple logic.

    FEAR AGGRAVATES THE PROBLEMS. SWEEPING PROBLEMS under the carpet never gets rid of the problems. If you do not seek treatment to your illness, you are only aggravating the problem. The worse is when you waited too long, if you decide to do something about it, ITS TOO LATE. STAGE 4.


    1. PAP One Party DOMINATION

    2. CONTROL state media and the various mouthpieces and almost everything.


    4. WHERE did out HUMBLE SERVANT go? Are we not their MASTERS?

    5. OUR CONSTITUTION GIVES US THE RIGHT TO KICK OUT ANY RULING PARTY WITHOUT FEAR NOR FAVOR. So, why us there a CLIMATE OF FEAR? Is the reality abiding to the rule of law of the Constitution?

    We lack SOCIAL JUSTICE and EMPATHY for the many poor and less fortunate . “NOT IN MY BACKYARD” MENTALITY isolates the people into islands . DisUniting People . Divided and conquered. Gone is the Kampong Spirit.

    7. FEAR of the Bully NEVER GETS RID OF THE BULLY. It only Emboldens the bully and you get bullied more and more. You are inviting more bullying.

    *** *** ***
    To Solve the Above problems is SIMPLE. Best solutions are always the simplest.

    In a nutshell, the solution is to CONFUSE THE PAP…

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  • Thunder cums after Lightning:

    Part 2 :

    1. Some voters fear losing goodies if their estate is not PAP run. The more you fear the more the fear remains.

    With my solution, this fear is mitigated.

    2. Some fear a FREAK election. This fear is based on fallacy but nevertheless it is a fear. Actually even with regime change today, the civil service continues to run the show.

    With my solution, Singapore Start Reducing Reliance on PAP. This means Opposition gets one chance to run a town council for one term. If good continue . If bad return to PAP and learn from mistakes. Residents do not get much affected in five years. And no news to worry about goodies because if not given then won’t vote back PAP!

    First STEPS to FREE Ourselves from PAP

    1. Allow several wards or grc to be under Opposition for 5 years.

    2. This Opposition party should be the best choices available eg. PSP SDP PVP.

    3. Return to PAP after one term, if the voters choose to do so. THIS WAY, MANY territories get to be run under Alternative. But only for one term if the residents want PAP back. THIS WILL RESULT IN A SITUATION WHERE THERE IS NO PERMANENT PAP and No Permaneny Alternative territories. This can even destroy the GRC gerrymandering concept. The PAP will be confused.

    4. This way, the People is Doing the job of Releasing the PAP stranglehold on the people. This is a way to reduce the dominance of PAP. After a few cycles, we have many experienced opposition parties who can form a coalition govt.

    At the same time, those worried of change need not fear change will come suddenly like a freak election.

    In SG, there are typically several categories of voters. Some are PAP fanatics . These will totally ignore the flaws in the policies. They are typically less or least or not affected by the policies adversely.

    They may not have empathy of those affected.

    They will only mind when their iron rice bowls are affected. There is no comraderie between them and the less fortunate Singaporeans.

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  • Why Cannot?:

    Private Condo- 99 years can enbloc.
    HDB should be the same.
    We all do NS.
    Land bought cheap by Gov. By Acquisition and cemetries

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  • Anonymous incognito:

    And the HDB leases also refute the govt’s sustainability nonsense. It’s in ethical to building buildings that only have a 30-50 year lifespan before demolition.
    That means they have damage neighbouring countries’s ecosystems for sand.

    So much for Josephine’s bragging about planning for 500 years when HDB only lasts at most 50 years.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Thunder cums after Lightning:


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  • PAP G4 Mission:

    Sinkes kpkb abt fast rising cost of living:

    PAP G3/4 not my problem. My problems r how to self [papists n PAPplps] gratification n glorification. So increase taxes, fares, fees n whatnot papplps proposed for chalking up reward points sufficiently to get jobs in govt major shareholding companies cos corruption ycan n if caught n even hundreds millions $ loss, no problem, shareholders pay n still can get bonus as in retired minister CEO in Keppel! Besides DHIS think the more kpkb, the more his popularity becos Le Sr said Sinkies r daft or damn stupid not dove!

    Sinkies kpkb abt rising cost of medicare:

    PAP G3/4 not my problem. My problems r how to self g n g. So increase taxes, fees, fares n whatsnot for the interests n benefits of papisis n CBs {papplps} to help them chalking up reward points …..

    Sinkies kpkb conflict of interest appt

    PAP G3/4 not my problem. But Le Sr said sinkies, so damn moron or daft, would
    lying down n take whatever sai G sarn suku spew including no issue if san suku thaink the CoI scum has career success as the racist lynchinh spreading indianee vomited out n the entire CBs Legal SBs Got their mouth so sai plastered that they r deaf n dumb! DHIS thinks kpkb is likesai him.

    G sarn suku no problem to lie for sarn suku got their ministers prosecutor n judge to rule n CBs kisxi all have gone deaf, dumb n rotten brain like the bad rotten heart which cost $8 or $ [first class delux private patient] or whatever suka suka say for ministers have power to prosecute n judge whatever they like to think but definitely pap n CBs say r true n the rest fakes unless it is gng peenpoo.

    Accountability to Humka Chan is filiality which all CBs follows sheepishly like DHIS that’s why as far as PAP concerns, accountability is not their problem only self gng n peenpoo whenever, whatevern n wherever they damn like. What contempt of the Court n Constitution? Today no first lady if no Quid pro quo. First lady tomorrow if quid pro quo.
    Jialiaobi aka Rock pulverizer aka nepotic sidekick angmo SB DoL even now is a giant parasites even intolerable to CBs.

    So whatever these pees n poos n their CBs r not serving SIN n Singaporeans but r serving themselves n the aliens like jialiaobi rock pulverizer n alien sucker! VTO n find out what they have done in the dark! Ho ho ho down the dark chimney with a big bag of ho ho ho le ho!

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  • Lam Pah Mini:

    Why Cannot?:
    Private Condo- 99 years can enbloc.
    HDB should be the same.
    We all do NS.
    Land bought cheap by Gov. By Acquisition and cemetries

    Change the garment. New garment can .

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  • paleface:

    NS for true blue Singaporean, some lost their lives.

    Good jobs for foreigners. Some became citizens without doing a single day of NS. Can buy million dollars condos and look down on us – second class living in HDB flats.

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  • justanothercitizen:

    If these are the 2 main issue to vote on, then democracy is truly dead in Singapore.

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  • Tan Song Chin:

    How to DISRUPT PAP :

    1. You sinkies fear losing out if vote for opposition? I have a way to PERMANENTLY END THIS ISSUE.

    2. How? Allow a GRC or smc to be under a good Opposition party for one term. It’s a very short period. Then switch back to PAP.

    3. This totally Confused the PAP. Permanently end the main issues we face and free ourselves from PAP STRANGLEHOLD. No more being held ransom.

    4. This is a job only the people can do to save themselves. For example, many fear FREAK ELECTIONS. With my solution, there is no freak election. An Alternative Team is being prepared to take over as and when PAP needs to be replaced.

    At the same time, it’s only one term for opposition. PAP still gets majority. But maybe denied 2/3 majority.

    5. With my solution, WE NO LONGER NEED TO WORRY WHAT IF PAP FAILS. And it’s blatantly clear PAP has caused an EROSION OF GOOD GOVERNANCE. There is no LKY anywhere to be found in Singapore .

    I am the one that has Liberated Singapore and sinkies.

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  • Is it UnTAMPERable ?:

    There is only one issue this GE :

    Technically, Scientifically and Absolutely ?

    This is the only issue voters should consider.

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  • Singapore voter:

    No wonder opposition party never do well.

    First point, jobs going to FT – our forefathers build Singapore based on meritocracy. You good, you get the job! Irregardless you citizen, PR or foreigner.

    Second point, HDB value becomes zero – PM already explains before many times again & again. HDB value becomes zero after 99 yrs because government need take back the land for future generation live. Singapore is small island not like Australia so big. If HDB flats is permanent, then where future Singaporeans going stay? Another point, government never force you use CPF money buy HDB flats. You can use cash buy HDB flat also what. So if your CPF money become zero because HDB flat become zero value, then that is your problem. How can blame government?

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  • George:

    Khaw BW and Tan CJ are the cause of injustices in Singapore, VOTE THEM OUT !

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  • Insurance premium up 50% !!!:

    The CECA and RCEP may influx even more foreigners and new citizens.

    We may have a hard time getting hospital wards.

    With so much more new citizens our hospitalisation premiums still sky rocket by 50% ???

    We are forced to downgrade from private hospital to gov hospitals which may have a much longer queue.

    Life is getting from bad to worse in singkapore

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  • blueview:


    Your comment:
    If these are the 2 main issue to vote on, then democracy is truly dead in Singapore.

    My comment to your comment:
    Do this using paper & pencil. Put the main issues in each box and then link up the conditions, scenarios and problems attached to these issue boxes. You see how enlightening to see the connections and your many main issues will lead to some main issues. It could be more than 2 maybe 3 or 4.

    Do this first before you sprew nonsense. There is a course provided by NTUC with SDF subsidy on how to solve problems by visual drawing methods! Go for that class and learn how to think out of the box!

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  • blueview:

    @TL Tan:

    Your Comment:
    Both issues are likely to be wishful thinking on the writer’s part….BLAH BLAH BLAH…

    My Comment:
    On Jobs – you must be totally blind or like our PAP “close one eye” to the truth about the job issues we are facing – FT vs true blue born bred Singaporeans. Go out everyday and open your eyes BIG BIG. While you are looking keep your so called intelligence, the glass is half full attitude aside and just learn to observe things around you and take notes. I mean write down your observations without the intervention of your prejudice mind/brain interfering. LEARN how to just OBSERVE! You’ll be amazed what you’ll learn.

    On HDB – do your math on using CPF money vs Non-CPF money to service the HDB mortgage. You’ll see the many options available to citizens to grow their money and buy property. The problem is the HDB financial rules attached to buying an HDB which limits the payment options available to Singaporeans.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s a good way for citizens to have a roof over their heads but they cannot retain their supposedly “built up” wealth from their HDB because of 99 years lease decay attached to HDB. This is where the SERS and VERS come in – SERS helps in some small way to retain the “built-up” wealth whereas VERS diminishes the “built-up” wealth and the govt gains. This is why the old PAP established the SERS (as a thankyou for parking our CPF money in HDB vs personal investing options) while the new PAP destroys Singaporeans wealth-building capability with VERS. The new PAP dilemma is this – how to keep HDB flat prices at market value/appreciating or whatever with a 99 year leasehold attached to it vs keeping people happy vs continuously increasing the country’s sovereign wealth fund. SERS is for the citizens whereas VERS is for the country to grow richer.

    It’s complicated and there are no easy solution. I suggest if you are retired or have plenty of time on your hands, please investigate on this and document your findings. As for me, I’m extremely busy earning my rice bowl and trying to build up my retirement fund.

    Lastly, you wrote “we value our peace and stability above all else”. Does this apply to and/or materialise for your future generations? Taking your situation as an example if you live in HDB or someone you know living in HDB, do an assessment on SERS and VERS scenarios and how it benefits or do not benefit the future generations, i.e. citizen’s wealth building whatever little they can build vs growing country’s money purse. Also, do an assessment on using CPF money to buy HDB vs how much you can grow your CPF money if you have other means to grow your CPF, pay your HDB using non-CPF money. Keep in mind, our HDB is getting more expensive while our jobs are…

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  • blueview:

    @Singapore voter:

    My comment:
    Why is the HDB prices going up if it’s on a 99 year lease? In western countries, 99 year leasehold buildings are WAY cheaper and comes with no other restrictions, that is, people buying leasehold property can rent out to whoever they want at whatever price they want in that 99 year period. This is the true course of action for a leasehold property but can Singaporeans do that? How many restrictions are attached to buying HDB? Why when you buy HDB flat your CPF is automatically reduced to ZERO!!!!!

    So being a “Singapore Voter” you obviously do not see all the hidden rules & barriers. And even if you want to service your HDB loan with your own money, can you be sure you’ll have a job when you turn 40 or when good paying jobs are given to FTs?

    You maybe earning well today but tomorrow an FT can swoop in and steal your ricebowls, your family’s ricebowls, lunches, dinners, snacks, entertainments, travels, etc…. YOU SEE THE CONNECTIONS!

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  • blueview:

    @Likely a PAP voter, this guy:

    To set the record straight – A VERY BIG NO to me being a “likely a PAP voter, this guy”. I lived in one of the 2 most prominent opposition ward for decades and you know how the oppositions won. I try my utmost best to keep aside my prejudice mind when looking into situations. So I’m not a PAP sucker, no way.

    Your Comment:
    ……………LKY repeatedly promises flat values will always go up. He did nothing to extend the 99 years. If you really die-hard believe in him, you think he would extend 99 yrs eventually. But he died without doing any extension. His chosen set of leaders tell you straight in your face – $0, $0, $0.

    My Comment:
    I cannot tell you that this is what LKY and the old PAP guards were thinking when they came up with SERS but if we look at how SERS works, the person can upgrade or downgrade the next new flat that they are going to get under SERS. So if you buy a 90 year old flat, when SERS kicks in, you have a choice to upgrade to a bigger flat with either the SERS compensation you get or pay the difference if you want a bigger flat or downgrade to a smaller flat if you want to have extra cash or for your retirement needs. So far as I know from friends who have gone through SERS, you have options and SERS can actually allow to built personal wealth bit by bit. There are so many choices and options available with SERS. VERS is the verse, you pay and pay and pay to upgrade… and your generations never win, never get to increase your wealth however small it is.

    Do some research and learn to see things in an unbiased way! For starters, review comments and pause to think of all the scenarios.

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  • blueview:

    Anyone interested in contributing to social justice issues, investigating or doing some useful analysis, you can join this course and other problem solving courses

    @NTUC – if this course becomes popular you owe me one!

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