Unfair treatment during NS (update)

I wrote to TR Emeritus previously about the unfair treatment issue and this is an update to the stupid system our government has created. After dropping out of course for months, J has still not been able to stay out as his unit required him to do ad-hoc work. Meanwhile he says that many clerks and storemen from the HQ units are more switched off and can book out everyday. Besides the unfairness of this situation, J has been doing free duties for his coy, while other servicemen like security troopers enjoy their weekends, J has to stand in for them, despite staying in every day! This is extremely unfair as security troopers get to go home everyday while J has to stay in camp from Sunday night to Friday night, and even serve duties on weekends! What’s more, as J did not finish his training course, his rank is only a recruit and get paid less than the security troopers!

Imagine this now, getting paid less to do more work? What kind of stupid logic is this? The right thing to do should be to ascertain the interests and skills of each servicemen. People who are better at computers like J should serve as clerks and personal assistants to HQ offices, and be allowed to go home everyday like everyone else. Those who are better with hands-on training should be in combat units, where the day can be spent training and night time be use to relax and bond with their comrades. As J is not interested in the camaderie of his unit, he should be posted to a more switched-off unit and be subject to less regimentation, where he can foster his intellectual curiousity amidst reading the great works of Plato, Hegel and Guderian, instead of reading IROs he has no interest in. The current system penalises soldiers who are not suitable for strict regimentation and prefer a more lassie-fairez approach to work.

Overall, I am very disappointed with this unfair system, and hopes the system can be more fair to everyone. Let soldiers who are talented stay out and only let those who need to stay in stay in. This is a more efficient use of our scarce resources of manpower, and will improve the Elan of the troops.


Disappointed Singaporean




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  • Bapak:

    Let soldiers who are talented stay out and only let those who need to stay in stay in.

    Bro, you have missed the even bigger picture. This talented soldiers only stay out every day but still have to go back to perform their duties.

    There is another group more talented than this talented soldiers. They stay out every day. They called them Foreign Talents.

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  • Sinkie:

    When the son goes to NS, the working parent pays more tax.


    Because of loss of income tax child relief if child earns above $4,000 per year.

    Eg if the NSF monthly allowance is $550, that’s $6,600 per year – above the $4,000 limit for parent to claim child relief.

    So parent pays more tax if son goes to NS !

    That’s how parents are rewarded, appreciated in Singapore for their sons doing NS!



    Ramesh never served NS, and Putu too !

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  • Change? VTO:

    The system has been the same for fifty years.
    You want change? VTO. That is the only way.

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  • Cheap Labour:

    Set your perspective right, then you will understand everything.

    Guard is now called security trooper.
    Cao corporals are now called specialists.

    All the Wayang name changing to raise the self esteem, to mask the
    slavery and cheapness of conscription, to protect the wealth of the few greedy ruling elites.

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  • Flabbergasted:

    @disappointed singaporean

    Now is the time to do your part. Rally your friends, neighbours, colleagues, army mates, everybody close enough to you and inform them of the stupidity and unfairness of the present government. You and me need change…so persuade them to VTO PAP. Do it..start now…I have been doing it..

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  • Thank the 70%:

    You must envy the foreign scholars who do not even need to serve a day of NS. I see lots of them sending off their local JC mates on enlistment day. These guys go straight to university while the dumb locals slug it out for 2 years charging up hills, and fighting imaginery battles !!! Some even have their girlfriends stolen by these foreign scholars when they are confined in camp !! But 70% accept this as fair. You are considered very lucky already.

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    All govt bodies including the army NEVER give you a job to suit your interests and abilities. They just post you to where they see fit.

    If you know someone already in the army like a doctor friend…

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  • disagree with pap no use one:

    there is only one way.

    fastest is to kill oneself. this is guaranteed to remove pap misery immediately and forever.

    another way, takes longer, but finally shall be effective. that is, to do all you can to get New Government in power to remove all the current pap wrongs.

    disagree no use. only way is one of above two ways.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Disappointed Singaporean

    You must be one of the ‘soft-toy’ generation who cries when your iPhone is not working. The ones mothers call ‘boy-boy’. The ones who expect the maid to carry your full-packs to combat for you.

    I have news for you panty-wetting crybabies. You are going to starve when you get out of National Service.

    You think being $ingaporean means something? Think again. It means you get to walk the streets looking for a job from FT who never had to study in a real school or do one day of National Service.

    Your whole life will add up to keeping the FT happy – sit up, beg, crawl, roll over, take insults and make sure you smile – because one day you will be replaced by another crybaby.

    Yes, all this and more is is waiting for you and your Hello Kitty friends now happily spending your parents’ money at Starbucks. When your belly is empty and you have no place to stay, you will be so desperate and volunteer to do any kind of extra work – night duty, carrying your FT boss’s balls, running errands for them.

    Do you really think your parents are buying you a condo? You will be lucky to rent a 3-room HDB that has 15 people living in it.

    Think of National Service as training for FT service. Your government needs you to serve the nation. Too bad you do not know what that really means.

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  • Dr. Chan:

    ‘White Horses’ voting for PAP is understandable.
    But if you are a conscript and family members of a conscript, you need to know you have the power to change the conscription law with your vote.
    Unless you are crazy and love being slaves to the PAP evil regime.

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  • I Too Kana Ill Treatment:

    Me too kana ill treatment in NS.
    Now I grow up, I want to kill those who ILL treat me and I know where they work!!

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  • dolphin81:

    Below is what i have written earlier in response to the earlier post

    [Allow me to explain J’s likely situation in the wider context based on what has been written:

    J was enlisted with a combat vocation medical grading.

    After BMT he was posted to a combat infantry unit as a rifleman (the modern version of a footsoldier)

    Somewhere along the way, he was sort of medically downgraded.There is no way he can “drop out” of a combat vocation course for enlisted personnel (those from PTE to CPL ranks) for non-medical reasons

    His medical downgrading is probably only temporary.Therefore he is still inside the a combat company within the unit battalion. In simple terms, he is a temporary clerk or storeman.Within the company, he is still subjected to the regimentation of the combat company similar to that of a rifleman.

    The regimentation includes having to
    -) perform night time guard duty which is shared by the companies for the whole battaltion
    -) stay in, with booking out considered a privilege

    The warrant officers (most likely the company sergeant-major) have no intention of letting go of J. These superiors are simply waiting for the opportunity to put J back into a combat vocation witin the company.

    As for security out-troopers, they are out-troopers by official vocation and under the HQ company of the battalion. They are not under the component combat company. From my understanding, some of these out-troopers may be rotated to other camps depending on the situation.

    Menawhile the skivving clerks and storemen described here may be those under HQ company, not under the component combat companies.HQ COY is usually known for lesser regimentation and more “switched off”.]

    My advice is for J to stay patient and take note of the important points so that the WOs cant look for excuses to make things difficult for him. As someone who stayed in entirely for 2 yrs 6 months (almost all of it was stay in from sunday night to saturday afternoon), I know this is mentally tiring.

    Stand-in for the security troopers may be a good thing. what matters most for J is that he does not get back to combat vocations. Furthermore, it is probably important that he keeps a low profile so that the NSF junior sergeants do not look for excuses to bring him into combat platoons.

    As he serves longer in NS he may realise the lower-ranking people around him, not the sergeant-major, may be his greatest threats.

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  • George:

    Khaw BW and Tan CJ run an unfair system in Singapore, VOTE THEM OUT !

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  • sounfair:

    This is unfair and wrong

    hope more sinkies wake up and vto

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  • NUS:

    I work in NUS, scholars doing bear minimum and still being employ in NUS.
    Yet we have to serve NS.
    Keep increasing our taxes to support such corrupted system. Are we fiack by Immigrants.!!

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