No point asking the PAP to help the poor, as they operate on the basis of LKY’s eugenics beliefs

ITE and some polytechnic graduates in Singapore earn low salaries. Starting salary for ITE graduates is about S$1,700 or so, for polytechnic graduates it’s about S$2,350 and for university graduates, it’s about S$3,500. Roughly, about 30%-35% of Singaporeans have public university degrees, about 40% from polytechnic and about 15%-20% from ITEs, which means about half of the population would have difficulty earning higher salaries at some point in their lives, or their whole lives. Therefore, they have to turn to jobs in sales, insurance, real estate or food delivery to be able to earn twice or more times what their educational qualifications can pay them.

Is there any reason ITE or polytechnic graduates should earn such low salaries? There is no reason except that their wages are being artificially depressed to make them cheap workers. Even for university graduates, their starting salary is only about the minimum wage of Australia (for all workers). The starting salaries of Singapore’s university graduates are also similar to what low-income workers in Finland, Switzerland or Sweden earn, and is only about 60% what low-income Danes and Norwegians earn – countries in which the overall cost of living is similar to Singapore.

So, you see, for university graduates in Singapore, they are already earning the bare minimum. So you can imagine how much more difficult it is for ITE and polytechnic graduates. Simply put, wages are being depressed in Singapore artificially. When looked at it in this context, can wages be increased for ITE and polytechnic graduates (and actually for university graduates too)? Yes, they can. Alternatively, can prices be reduced to ensure the wages people currently earn would be enough? It is doable too.

For example, Singaporeans are paying enough into Medisave for free healthcare, so healthcare prices can actually be reduced. The tertiary institutions already earn enough in surpluses to give Singaporeans free education, so education prices can be reduced. The government collects levies for domestic foreign helpers from families, this is not necessary and can be removed (or paid to the worker instead of the government).

Even the profits earned by companies controlled by the government in telecommunications, public transport, etc, can be reduced, so that prices can be reduced. Prices on necessities like diapers, etc, can also be subsidized. So, yes, there are many methods. But the PAP government has chosen not to increase wages or reduce prices by levels sufficient to ensure Singaporeans can have a higher purchasing power.

Then, they ban PMDs which formerly lower-income individuals have to rely on to earn higher incomes. This can only be said to be highly insensitive, or worse, there is a disregard of the lives of those who are trying to make ends meet in an honest way. What signals are we sending to people? That if you are low-income, you are not worth policymakers thinking through too much about the policies? Even if they work very hard to earn an honest living?

This issue requires a holistic approach, to look at how wages and prices can be adjusted, how infrastructure is better planned (the furor over the PMD ban isn’t the first time the lack of planning of infrastructure is an issue – the MRT subway system was one major one). This could all have been anticipated. For a government which claims to adopt a whole-of-government approach, the way the PMDs have been dealt with is sorely lacking.

But fundamentally, this is an issue about the economic inequality in Singapore, and how policymakers are not sensitive enough to the needs of Singaporeans, especially those at the lower income. Personally, there is no point trying to ask for more from the PAP, because they have operated on the basis of Lee Kuan Yew’s eugenics beliefs – this is hardwired in PAP’s core values. PAP simply does not operate on a basis of equality.

If you want fairer polices, you vote for a party which will be fairer to you. Voting for a fundamentally unequal party to be fair is like asking a cat to lay eggs for you. It will sit on things for a while and nothing will happen. You will be the one disappointed in the end.


Roy Ngerng




15 Responses to “No point asking the PAP to help the poor, as they operate on the basis of LKY’s eugenics beliefs”

  • lying pap S$m thieving liars:

    when it comes to S$m there is no saint, not a single one, especially pap folks whose thieving is made legal via a pliant pap parleement.

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  • Truth:

    if the sheep had been smart & not so dumb, they should hv buried the party with the old man & then wont hv to be at the mercy of the greedy & selfish other words it takes 2 to click..

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  • Partial truth?:

    Insurance , real estate, …

    Unless you make it if not basic is low. No change … Do more ( plus muz close deal ) earn more.

    Food deliveries ?
    Same thing. Do more earn more.

    Regardless of what Gov said, sg forever do more earn more. Perhaps exception Gov themselves.

    Anyway, yesterday came home late after 12 midnight , witness personally food deliveries pmds still boh hew and run on foot path / pavements and even on the traffic roads. One cross ahead of me. One swing by from behind. Of course by this time, near 1 am morning traffic road were pretty deserted. Gov can consider relaxed policy for food deliveries pmd after midnight.

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  • Regime change:

    Another reason for REGIME CHANGE.

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  • PAP Leaders Are Fat Cats:

    PAP Leaders today are no more of the same quality and moral examples of yesteryears.

    Silver-spoon fed, easy-going, comfortable life of elites, coming out of parents in high powerful positions, can never feel how the masses feel.

    Operating by remote control through grassroots leaders, PAP MPs and Ministers can only have a cursory glimpse of what life is like among the masses.

    To expect these cloud-9 ivory tower fat cats to hatch your eggs is to ask the cow to jump over the moon.

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  • vote for change:

    everyone can be bought..everyone has a price..only theirs is in the million$$$!

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  • Rose:

    Schools must introduce delivery class by

    Pmd.mode.and drone mode.I think.

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  • In case you haven't heard:

    Where have you been these past years? Starting pay of uni grads $3500? That’s hardly across the board…. depending what discipline of studies we’re talking, and whether it’s a local company or foreign multinational. The mass-comm grads are lucky to land a $2500 starting salary, for example.

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  • listen to lky, die faster:

    70% sheep truly stupid.

    they are stupid because they think lky is saint, when lky is nothing but ball-less bully lying liar.

    look at lky family. wife didn’t die well. lky himself died badly. look at his children. one son against another son and daughter. in Chinese lingua, lky is reaping what he sowed. lky sowed badly. so in the end, he reaped badly, via his wife via himself and via his children.

    listen to lky, die faster.

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  • Politicians & Pseudo-Science:

    Our bodies have 3 billion genetic building blocks (CGTA), or base pairs, that make us who we are.

    And of those 3 billion base pairs, only a tiny amount are unique to us, making us about 99.9% genetically similar to the next human person.

    So what’s the difference between a medical charity marathon and eugenics?
    The marathon is a race for the cure, but eugenics is THE cure for a race (superior lah!).

    Eugenics is a disgusting concept.
    Shouldn’t we just round up anyone advocating it and sterilize them haha?

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  • Time for Change, please.:

    The educational structure in terms of the percentage distributions of the levels of graduates, degree, poly, ITE etc, were proportional to the Singapore jobs market, that is until they flooded in FTs and CECAs with “printed cheap degrees” tipping the balance and thus forsaken its own citizens so as to collect more taxes for themselves. Many PMETs are out of jobs, unemployed as a result.

    Like the way they manage the PMD, I can safely say that we have a very uncaring garment absolutely with no loves for own kind.

    What they meant when they say for Singapore actually means for “ruling party” benefits, and they always use the country name loosely.

    During the old man, we only needs to pay personal income tax. Now I can tell you, we are paying about ~7 to 8 times of income tax in terms of dollars amount for the average earner. (GST + personal income tax + CPF deductibles)

    Is that progress? After we are forced to sacrifice our spacious harmony for others, good paying jobs go to others, billions paid to foreign students? what they have done, we have no benefits but are made to pay for more infrastructures to bring in more FTs to collect more taxes from more people.

    My National Pledge is “Progress for the Nation”, not progress for “ruling party”.

    It goes against the Pledge that we have all begun with. Hence;

    Time for Change, please.

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  • Rich mothers get more benefits:

    “LKY’s eugenics beliefs”
    Roy is right.

    I haven’t come across another country where rich mothers get more gov benefits than poor mothers. PAP simply wants to squeeze poor mothers not to have babies.

    Poor mother gets $100.
    Rich mother gets $1000.
    Childcare cost $500. This goes up every time “subsidy” goes up.

    You see? Poor mother given “subsidies” is actually being discouraged from having babies.

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    Singapore has always been a low wage hub for decades. Sporean companies never paid for staff holiday whereas Malaysian paid for whole company go Australia.

    The rich get rich/richer, remain rich as they pay low salaries. That’s why the locals got fed up and refused to work for low wages. The bosses simply hire foreigners.

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  • Harder Truths:

    #G’s eugenics policies is about bringing into the country everyone and anyone and making the locals fight for their livelihood. If you win you are worthy – if not you will be replaced.

    Except there is no nation to speak of – only a real nation can survive bad times. The coming world recession will show the stupidty of LKY’s policies – the foreigners and locals will leave as no one calls this shit island ‘home’.

    The coming leeders will be governing a fishing village. Crumbling buildings and neighbourhoods ruled by gangs.

    Just another third world island that failed because the people were stupid.

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  • Alvin Lam:

    From day one . I have always vote for the opposition. Born in 1958′ I know that under PAP, we Singaporean are going to slave to them. When I bought my 4 room A during the 90s, it was only 157k. Now even a 3 rooms cause 300k. Our salary is still the same. How are our next generation can afford to get married and start a family. A child who is still unborn have to pay GST. An India University graduate is better than a Singapore university graduate?

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