Three new phenomenons which may affect the out come of the coming election

There are several new phenomenons happening in the country right now which may influence the outcome of the coming general election – suspected to be held next month in December 2019:-

1.  Rise of the people – Grab riders

There seems to be a new-found freedom in citizen uprising viz-a-viz the PMB ban resulting in the gathering of a few hundred Grab riders affected by the ban to show up at different locations during Meet-The-People (MPS) sessions.

It was something innovative and fresh bringing those affected by the PMD ban to face decision makers directly. Previously, in the past,many would simply shrug it off and a couple of people may even see their MPs to voice out their grievances but not in a mass manner like what the Grab riders have done.

When aggrieved citizens grouped themselves together and see their MPs by the hundreds, it will make the authorities wake up and of course the incidents will most likely make the news generating more publicity which will definitely bring more people to empathsize with their cause.

The PMD ban is an example of a failed government move as it totters too much on indecisiveness – a by-product of a regime that has shows sign of weakness and intolerance.

The Grab riders have shown to many how effective unity is when it comes to showing appropriate dissent and that it can be done peacefully and without violence- all the while focusing on sending the right message across to policy makers.

Hopefully, Singaporeans who are affected by government’s policies in the future can group themselves up together and approach the issue in a constructive and yet forceful way.

We also have to learn that the government is elected by the people and that the power of the people is greater than the government itself.

2. Rise of the people – CECA/Ramesh

The way netizens rose up in unity and hammered Ramesh for a solid one week culminating in a protest held at Speakers’ Corner have also surprised many.

Petition after petition were launched during that short period of fury – unleashed ground-up in typical online Singaporean fashion.

There were petition to remove his employment pass before Netizens found out that he is a new citizen and many also wanted JP Morgan to remove him from his position.

Cyber CSI teams went through his data and found out that his IT education is from an educational mill kind and MOM has to come out later to ascertain that his educational qualification is valid and legit.

By then, Ramesh is left hanging dry and he is public enemy number one despite the fact that he is a new citizen now.

More importantly, the incident reveals that CECA is a all-Indian free trade treaty which favours the Indians from India more and that many local jobs were robbed by them.

CECA became the most googled item during that period with Ramesh trailing not far behind.

Our government continues to make meaningless remarks on the matter with Chan Chun Sing saying that the many free trade agreements have created 400,000 jobs for Singaporeans. He was widely criticised for making such a statement as Singaporeans continue to face a slowing economy which have impacted many.

The common complaint is why import so many foreigners of all nationalities when we have so many jobless among us? The heart of the government remains in question now as Singaporeans grabble with the disappointing fact that PAP may be more pro-foreigner than it dares to admit.

Many have also lamented that we have undertaken India’s unemployment problem by allowing more than 400,000 Indians from India to work among us with very little restrictions due to the agreement.

I am sure that this will be a hot topic for the coming election and one can only guess how this issue will influence the outcome at the polls.

3. Rise of PSP

The rise of a new political party – PSP – ambly led by Dr Tan Cheng Bock – has sent forth some optimism in the opposition camp currently reeling from the Aljunied Town Council’s court case.

Without Dr Tan’s new party, the opposition will likely enter a dark era not unlike that of the 1980s when JB Jeyeretnam is the lone opposition voice.

The court case will likely affects WP’s chance at re-election in Aljuned GRC and there is talk that both Low Thiang Kiang and Sylvia Lim will be heavily fined so that they will not be able to stand for election if they are bankrupted.

The whole situation smells of a political fix but PAP will do everything within their legal right to stem the rise of WP.

PSP’s island-wide double campaigning so far not only reveals to us the strong ground-up political muscle they have managed to muster in a short period of time but also their ambition in wanting to make an impact at the coming election.

Besides WP and SDP, there is no party so far which could garner so much support in so short a time – giving much hope and optimism to the opposition camp dying for something fresh and positive.

The ability of the party to win seats at the coming election will prove crucial as Dr Tan is rather matured in age and time is not on his side.

Without any seat in Parliament, the party may just fall out of favour and fade away like many other new opposition parties in the past.


Gilbert Goh





18 Responses to “Three new phenomenons which may affect the out come of the coming election”

  • “The court case will likely affects WP’s chance at re-election in Aljuned GRC and there is talk that both Low Thiang Kiang and Sylvia Lim will be heavily fined so that they will not be able to stand for election if they are bankrupted.”

    This is a civil case, what fine are we toking about? Worst case scenario, they may be asked to repay a few hundred thousand dollars which their supporter can easily fork out within a day or two.

    Don’t forget that WP has supporters with very deep pockets, evident by the fact that WP managed to crowdfund more than a million dollars within 3 days to pay their very expensive lawyers for just going through the motion (of losing the case regardless).

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  • PAP signed CECA:

    Of the 400,000 jobs created through free-trade agreements, how many have gone to new citizens, how many to local-born, and how many to PRs? Without a detailed breakdown, the number is not meaningful. What is the total increase in number of new citizens since 2011 and its impact on the GE?

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  • Ex- pat chi bye:

    I am ang moh wife.
    Sgs cannot get jobs as they are stupid like their govt says.

    My hubby got good job with good pay.
    Everyday i and my friends chat about how stupid sgs are.

    We even complain to govt when we are not happy with sgs just to screw them upside down.
    Sgs are stupid as many join us to screw their own sgs.

    I laugh and laugh till my ‘kunt’aches.

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  • Hong Kong Singapore:

    Chan Chun Sing already said Singapore can become like another Hong Kong. Unlike HK police, ours have no experience in handling such mass protests/riots (except Little India) hahaha…

    Fifty years of easy life, going hawkers centers to buy their favorite foods. I think even their tear gas canisters expired 50 years ago. So plan B is Gurkhas. If gurkhas failed, ARMY.

    OOPs..I must be dreaming. Gathering of 1 person holding blank paper considered illegal assembly. Ah peks/Ah Sohs protesting because no Huawei phones, police holding sub-machine guns, already standby.

    You wanna be like HK?

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  • Baby:

    Voting a right party is just a wish.(gamble)

    Experienceing high cost of living is real.

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  • never pap, always OPPO:

    no need brain also know.

    if pap votes too high, every price rises. look at aftermath of GE2015. everything rised. so much so pap dare even to say in advance GST rise after GE2019. because dare because pap expects more of GE2015.

    if every citizen starts to vote OPPO, it means less votes for pap. which means pap balls drop. which means pap not so money grabbing. and for once work harder for their ownself declare ownself S$m.

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  • Straight "A"s Marlboro Tan:

    a few more

    Oxley saga
    AHTC Trial
    Patient records leak

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  • What ?:

    PMDs ?

    Just a mere 300 .
    Perhaps if these 300 learn from PRCs ( MBI debacle ) and knee down and cry and sing national anthem infront of their MP or minister without dignity. Maybe can achieve something. It about how low one can go.

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  • Rise of the people ?:

    . Rise of the people – Grab riders ???

    Errr… Not so sure about other areas of sg but the area where i m living, i observe majority of Ang Mo only ride bicycle , kickscooters , skating, skateboard, … And this is for several years already.
    Only we asians pmds.

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  • Bapak:

    Don’t think Sinkies know cause they are not affected, especially the old folk. Lately, spoke to an old lady, she said Bruce Lee died in one fight in USA. That is shocking. Wonder when she got the info.

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  • HK now = future SG:

    There are actually so MANY things wrong in this once ‘almost perfect’ country now.

    Besides the opposition parties like WP, SDP, PSP and PV doing their best to win sg voters, the 30% should also do their part by convincing everyone around them to give pap…. the boot! Kick them OUT and stop them from destroying our sg further.

    I can’t wait for that day to come when patriotic singaporeans stand united as one to fix the pap. Let’s see who fix who when the party has no more power. Let’s see if someone still dares to say he’ll spend his time “fixing the oppositions”.

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  • do the real 'nasty' work:

    //Singapore can become like another Hong Kong. Unlike HK police, ours have no experience in handling such mass protests/riots (except Little India) hahaha…//

    aiyoh. don’t forget hor ? sinkie land has an imported FT group known as the GOKAR group ? paid to do the real ‘nasty’ work if the need arises ?

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  • PMD vote maths:

    PMD delivery riders made poor by ban :

    Average dependents of them : 2

    Total votes affected : 21000.

    How many use it as daily commute to cover the last mile? Let’s say 10,000 as a conservative estimate.

    How many elderlies in their 50-60′s use it as a convenience as they are having problem walking but not disabled? Let’s say 5000.

    How many homemakers use it to fetch children? Let’s say 4000.

    Estimated vote swing : 40k

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  • Why need election volunteers?:

    The only important phenomenon we should question is why are ELECTION AGENTS OR VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ?

    What does it imply if election agents needed?


    USE your brains singkees

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  • 卖国贼:

    GE 2011!
    “Government did not have 20/20 ForeSight!”
    “If we didn’t get it right, I’m Sorry. But we will try Better the Next time!”
    Daft Sinkies 60.1% give them strong Mandate!
    Within few days Parliament passed 6.9m Population White Paper!
    Singaporean basic Livelihoods have been Sold and Threatened!
    The Trust is Broken, people are being Victimized and Betrayed!
    GE 2015!
    “What I hope people will know, and I mean this from My Heart,
    is that on Immigration and Population, we have Singaporeans’ Interests at Heart.”
    Will the 69.9% really knows and feels the Pain unless their Livelihood are being Threatened?
    Many broken promises which people conveniently forget about!
    Hope the next jobs to be lost to foreigners could jolly well be the 69.9%.
    By the time they Realize it will be Too Late and all will be Lost!
    Let Think about yours and your Children Future!
    GE 2020
    “I think that is what Singapore needs to do – to be aware, to be paranoid
    so you always know that somebody can take your lunch away!”
    New Citizens help to win new votes!

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  • Harder Truths:

    Suddenly the sheep become valiant heroes because of a few PMD and some FT trash type that we all know about for ages?

    Gimme a break. Citizens love pappy election chicken rice too much.

    GD Star Rating
  • Vto vto vto:

    they even broke the rice bowls of those who depend on their pmd s for their jobs.
    what else are sgs waiting for?
    you all shd know who they mean when that idiot proclaimed ” with u , for u , for SG!
    certainly not us, the hardworking ordinary citizens.
    “you die your business” is what theyre telling us!

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  • Bad Boy:

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