Questions on the use of POFMA on Amaravati Smart City

Recently, the government invoked POFMA against Brad Bowyer for his post on the Andhra Pradesh Amaravati Smart City, declaring certain aspects as fake and requiring a retraction. The government stated the project company spent only a few million for the project design and not $4 billion as reported.

He complied to it, but nonetheless I have certain questions.

Let’s look at this matter since 2014. The project came grounding to a halt after the Jagan Mohad Reddy (son of former Chief Minister congress politician Rajsekhara Reddy) won 151 out of 175 seats at the state assembly. He decided to officially call off the project on 11 Nov 2019.

1) Reddy’s new government had also cancelled the twice-weekly flights connecting Amaravati Vijaywada Airport and Singapore Changi Airport which had been operating since December 2018. What is the business cost to Singapore’s Changi Airport?

2) What about the costs of inking the MOU between Singapore and the AP government? The time, employee costs to the International Enterprise (Singapore), including use of resources and the fund for air flights, hotel accommodation, lunch and dinner for the Singapore Ministers, what are the expenses involved apart from that Ministerial time talking about this project?

3) Were AP government representatives sent to Singapore for training, as annotated in the MOU between Singapore and the AP government? If so, how many of them, and who paid for the cost of the expenses and trip in Singapore for such training?

4) It was also reported that Sembcorp opens a S$4.2 billion power complex in Andhra Pradesh. What is the status of this project? Sembcorp Development with Ascendas Singbridge are the project consortium developers and is owned by CapitaLand and in turned owned by Temasek Holding. It is assumed that the project is coal fired and with new regulations for environmental upgrading the cost recovery is still not clarified.

5) In August 2019, it was reported that Singapore High Commissioner to India Lim Thuan Kuan, alongside officials from Singapore Minister of Trade and Industry, met the new government Chief Minister to salvage the project. What was reportedly told to the Chief Minister was that substantial investments made by Singapore companies in AP have contributed to the creation of substantial number of jobs across the AP and Singapore is ready to invest more.

Who is the paymaster of the Singapore High Commissioner and the entire delegations of Trade and Development officials to AP. They paid themselves?

Perhaps the Brad write up about the investment was inadvertent as the newspaper report from the Singapore High Commissioner was not specified and he was there to see if the Amaravati project can be salvaged. Furthermore, if Brad seeks to know how much expenses were incurred no one will tell him. Why? Even Minister Iswaran said this is a private commercial project and he does not have access to such information. Why then was the information of a few million occurred reported in Parliament?


Singapore Patriot




13 Responses to “Questions on the use of POFMA on Amaravati Smart City”

  • Sinkie:

    “Even Minister Iswaran said this is a private commercial project and he does not have access to such information. ”

    Sounds familiar – when we asked about Temasek salaries . . .

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  • NotMyProblem:

    In the very first place, if the PAP government is transparent, there would not be any need of POFMA. No one needs to ask questions, guessing or speculate.

    POFMA is needed to protect PAP’s ministers for telling half truth and total lies. It prevents others from asking the truth!

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  • PCK:

    Spot On !!!
    But our Govt will not answer the questions, claiming it is not a SG govt project. So no accountability even though Temasek is ultimately the beneficiary.

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  • Harder Truths:

    I don’t give a shit about this utterly corrupt South Asian country. All I want to see is their FT going back where they came from and leaving our own Indian community alone.

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  • Recover Losses:

    Can anyone believe that a city-wide project the scale of AP involved only a few million instead of hundreds of millions if not billions? Only the inside sources will know exactly how far into the project and how much money has been pumped in. Invoking POFMA on Brad will not recover the losses. Instead, the SG govt should seek compensation from the Indian govt. No country will want to invest in India, if it can simply walk away from an agreement.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    POFMA for Brad and Pro Forma on their figures provided…never actual or TRUTH…

    Brad, have no Fear stay the course we are here for you

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  • Where's My Money?:

    Harder Truths:
    I don’t give a shit about this utterly corrupt South Asian country. All I want to see is their FT going back where they came from and leaving our own Indian community alone.

    Where do you think the money from GRC or government led investment comes from in the first place?

    The shit that you couldn’t care much about comes from your stolen CPFs and HDBs.

    Many would rather have those shit used to dampen the rising cost of living, building broader roads for all pedestrians, PMD bikers and drivers or back to their own pockets instead of having the money squandered elsewhere.

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  • in pap Spore INDIAN is malay:

    when INSIDE 200m is not within 200m.

    when INDIAN is malay for the purpose of selecting an INDIAN as malay president.

    how to believe pap? especially when wife is chief of the entity wasting taxpayer money? how?

    cannot lah so continue the INSIDE 200m is not within 200m lie, continue the INDIAN is malay lie.

    one lie to cover another. if unable to cover abuse the one pap law two pap interpretations. so easy as proven in the INSIDE 200m is not within 200m judgment and the INDIAN is malay lie.

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  • MarBowling:

    Think we need to call and wake up Lee Kayu to handle this humongous problem, period. Don’t think it’s just peanut$ loss as reported. Maybe peanut$ on the Coverment side. BUT Hundred of millions or maybe billions loss by those private companies that trusted the Coverment and Holee j*n* and went in with CLOSED eyes! Period.

    Remember the SIA and its union problem when he singlehanded solved and resolved it when his World Class M8nister Cry Baby Lim Bone Heng couldn’t handle the hot potato?

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  • Tremendous:

    If we don’t vote in oppositions, who will ask the hard questions in Parliament ? To a layman, CECA can be as simplistic as DBS making $2.8m and Singapore losing $4b in the same period. The PM is a mathematics scholar, so why not take $4b divided by $2.8m ?

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  • POFMA challenge:

    Singaporeans are worse off since LHL became PM.

    1) Prices have gone up much faster than wages.

    2) HDB prices more than doubled while wages were stagnant.

    3) Many Singaporean PMETs have lost their job to foreigners.

    4) Foreigners created fewer jobs than those lost by Singaporeans to foreigners.

    5) CPF accounts of Singaporeans are depleted (below CPF Minimum Sum) after paying for an over-priced HDB flat.

    HDB flats are basically depreciating (to zero) assets because of the 99-year lease. HDB’s Lease Buyback Scheme proves it.

    Without openness and transparency, there is no real accountability.

    Lastly, Singapore is a FAKE democracy because of the lack of basic freedoms and a free press.

    If any of the above is not true then the Government should invoke POFMA to have TR Emeritus remove this post.

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  • WakeupSG:

    POFMA Bill is put in place by PAPpy govt not to protect the public vs fake news but to help them in removing bad reports vs govt & not letting the public know the facts surrounding the case(s) in question!

    We cannot trust POFMA Act to help check vs PAPPpy govt which boasts of ownself check ownself syndrome!

    We must vote in more opposition voices into parliament to ask pertinent questions so that the public can know the truths!

    VTO this coming election!

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  • 1999 incident:

    fck PAP empire..70% wisht to be fcked hard by PAP..

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