A disappointing behavior

I publicized a talk on “How I lost 10 kg in 4 months“. 14 people expressed an interest to attend the talk. It is free to attendees.

I set the date and sent an email to them. Only 3 people confirmed their attendance.

I publicized the talk in Facebook. Two people asked if I provide a buffet to encourage their attendance. I find their suggestion to be deplorable.

I know that the People’s Association give attractive incentives, into food, to attract people to attend their free talks. They have a budget of $1 billion of taxpayer’s money to spend. I do not have.

I took the trouble to come to the office today (which is a Saturday) to give the talk, even though only three people confirmed their attendance. Two of them sent in their apologies, giving some reason why they cannot attend.

I give my talk to one person only.

I have seen this kind of inconsiderate behavior on many past occasions. It is quite representative of the
Singapore character.


Tan Kin Lian




19 Responses to “A disappointing behavior”

  • Flabbergasted:

    Uncle Tan, it shows how much you’re being loved.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    Don’t think too highly of yourself.

    I don’t normally read your posts or attend public meetings where you are listed as a speaker.

    We have the PAP and out Mums to lecture us and tell us what to do–we don’t need anyone else.

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  • most uselss:

    The behaviour is nurtured by PAP.

    This is why 70% voted PAP even they are being screwed.

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  • Free Screw Ask G:

    Those ask for free food is like those customers who never bought duck rice but demand that the duck rice stall give them soup!

    Ask them go f themselves. Mercennaries.

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  • Money minded sinkies:

    this behaviour is common among sinks. Some time ago someone i knew organised a talk about holistic development.. less than 8 attended.. at the same time there was another right beside in the adjacent conference room about property investment talk. guess what? over 50 plus people attended

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  • Purely a biz transaction:

    You are trying to sell a product. It will cost you time and money to give the talk.
    They are potential customers deciding whether to buy your product. It will cost them time and money to attend the talk.

    It’s a pure biz transaction. There is no obligation on customers to show up.

    At the last moment, they may decide that it’s not worth their while. Actually, by telling you, they are quite polite already.

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  • J C:

    TKL, why don’t you reflex yourself before making comments. I think you are the one showing inconsiderate behavior. Try to understand why no one attending your speech. Some people like you, some don’t. I think you are more dislikable than like. People at your age should have more understanding instead of making uncalled remarks. Why don’t you lay back and stop making a fool of yourself. Go and enjoy the rest of your life with your grand-children rather getting mock by people here.

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  • Darth Vader:

    So only 1 person showed up at your talk? MWAHAHAHAHAH! Shows you just how loved you really are no? And are you a nutritionist, a dietician or a fitness trainer? No? So all you can talk about is your own personal experience isn’t it?

    Hey STUPID, EVERYBODY’S body is DIFFERENT! What works for you may not necessarily work for others! That is WHY anybody going on a weight loss program should do so under medical supervision, so that the doctor can ensure the patient is as healthy as possible! So HOW COME you don’t know this when you were the former CEO of NTUC Income tkl? Do YOU want to be accountable if someone develops major health issues following your program? Has it like ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, the 13 who didn’t show up stood you up because they came to their senses and realized that being a vain, arrogant, egotistical, narcissistic clueless loudmouth does NOT translate into you, tkl, being an expert on health, diet and exercise? Shit, the very fact you were so fat before already PROVES it!!!!

    Know something else tkl, it’s VERY easy to lose weight if someone is as wealthy as you. Hey, all you need to do is pay an expert to advise you, eat healthy food which isn’t cheap BTW, and exercise regularly. Too bad that MOST Singaporeans have no time to exercise due to low salaries meaning they have to work long hours to make ends meet and can only afford to eat unhealthy food like char kway teow. And of course, we can’t afford to engage an expert to guide us, unlike you, and you certainly DON’T qualify as an expert, not just in weight loss, but in ANYTHING at all! Well, except in bragging and bullshitting that is!!!! Oh, and in spreading fake news as well, going by your outspoken support of marxism!!!!

    BTW, if radical weight loss makes one an expert on diet and exercise, maybe I can be a “weight loss” expert too. After all, I lost a great deal of weight after obi-wan cut off my arms and legs and left me to burn to death on Mustafar. And I in turned repaid him the favor by literally making him weighted after I split him in 2 on the Death Star. So, since you ALSO claim to be an expert on career advice, think I can become a weight loss expert?

    Or are you afraid of the competition?

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  • Darth Vader:

    Making him weightless I mean

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  • hunting for something free:

    //I know that the People’s Association give attractive incentives, into food, to attract people to attend their free talks. They have a budget of $1 billion of taxpayer’s money to spend. I do not have.//

    the white idiots know how to play the trick well lar ? you need bait (never mind if they are cheap bait) to attract people lar and give impression of support lar (in short, propaganda) ? by nature, many people are attracted to getting free goodies (free anyway OR 不要白不要 mentality) ?

    if you do not have the budget ? difficult lar as many daft sinkies do not know (or don’t want to know to much) all this ‘tricky’ part and they will just act out their natural instinct (of hunting for something free lar) ?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Tan Ahhhh!!! I mentioned in one of my post regarding your loss of weight…but to bring this up in TRE reminds me of the time when your silly Idiotic advert for NTUC is a JOKE and History is repeating itself…it only proves how Self-Centered you are…But then!!! you are what you are leh!!! enjoy your new life without your stomach going first and your brains last

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  • ceca ah nehs and pinoys:

    attendance at important events generally over subscribed of the speaker is of substance such as Dr Tan CB Dr Chee SJ Mr KJ Jeyaretnam Mr Leon Perara Ms Sylvia (if she chooses to do so).

    but when duds try to masquerade as brains, then, skip lah. since Saturdays can watch survivor on pap tv at 1 pm and Kdrama saving the family at 3 pm same pap tv channel U.

    no brainer why attendance is low. speaker is a dud.

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  • Dear Mr Tan:

    You were a PAP member.
    You should have known much better.
    Singaporeans have been brainwashed by PAP subliminally or openly -Don’t be busy body.
    Many volunteers are for self interests and benefits, like PAP CCC, RC (Chairmen are SME bosses), schools volunteers, etc.
    Do you really think the behaviours of PMD drivers can be improved and accidents and fatalities can be minimised, least of all eliminated?
    Look at some vehicle drivers in Singapore compared with those in other developed countries.
    Our drivers speed, road rage, etc not just in highway.
    PAP kind of “encourages” this behaviour because PAP wants productivity and efficiency – no traffic jam, etc.
    High fatalities among motorcyclists on the road. Basically drivers dont care about motorcyclists safety. They filter without looking out for motorcyclists when they are fully aware there are many motorcyclist on the roads and highway. Yes, some motorcyclists are reckless.
    Drivers get impatient if motorcyclists take up a lane, many of my friends are these drivers.
    Yes, people use motorcycles as a mean of transport, as alternative to our PAP Ministers claim as our world best transport system. Many riders choose to beat the traffic by riding between lanes.
    In fact, I think motorcyclists riding on pedestrian pavement and HDB void deck are more careful and considerate than PMD riders. No reported accidents or complaints on these motorcyclists? Why? Think critically.
    Not long ago you talked about walking, the last mile, motorcycle over PMDs.
    Now you promote PMD riding, “gig” economy, incentives for deliverymen livelihood. Are these jobs really good jobs created by FTs running Grab, Deliverloo?
    Are they the 60,000 or 97% Josephine Teo boasted?
    Are they the full employment the government statistics just showed having pay rise last year, the year before, the last decade?
    I am not as fortunate as you who earned peanuts by PAP standard (or, to clarify, rather GCT’s wife’s, $600,000 annual pay was peanut, now maybe more due to infllation, and yearly pay increment, lest I got POFMA’d) and retired at age 62, a rich man.
    Sometimes, I wonder why I am responding to you. We all can keep quiet and let PAP system rot. If the 70% dont wake up, so be it.
    I dont think you are going to be a saviour, I think you are an opportunist, so be it. That is you.
    There is no cure for a big ego.
    This is Singapore, it is a top down system, whatever the top wants to say.

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  • justanothercitizen:

    I would not want to attend a talk by someone whose political ideas has a Socialism lean. Even if it is about a real cure for baldness.

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  • Mr Tan, please help me ...:

    What do you call a person who encourages something leading to inconsiderate, deplorable and disappointing behaviour?
    You changed your tune to support PMD on pedestrian walkway following the government ban of PMDs on pedestrian walkway.
    You know many PMD riders are reckless, inconsiderable, exhibiting deplorable and disappointing behaviour, like giving way, persistent horning, hit-and-run, etc.
    Everyone can give motherhood advice and suggestion, give and take, slow down, be careful, be considerate, stop and help, incentives, penalty, enforcement, volunteer enforcers, etc.
    The bottom line is there will be more and more PMD riders and more inconsiderate behaviour.
    Ebikes and PMAs are going to grow to evade the PMD rules … You can again go to HLP to speak.
    Didnt you learn from your former Income agents that prospective clients would last minute cancel appointment? It is part and parcel of life.
    Are the 2 who asked about buffet same as the 2 who sent their apologies?
    There are 5.6 million people in Singapore, excluding tourists and foreigners looking for jobs.
    Yes, a disappointing behaviour is still a disappointing behaviour, even if it is 1 in a billion.
    Look at it positively, the 2 asking for buffet to encourage attendance may be joking or giving you some suggestion, just like you enjoy dishing out your ideas and proposals in this forum and HLP.

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  • Bad Boy:

    Like i comment China every month 1 , 2 or cases.



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  • Harder Truths:


    In case you forgot – this is a site devoted to $G politics.

    If you want to worship Jenny Craig then a new site would be nice – complete with electric-shock weight-loss treatment, tofu donations and your scrawny image for people to look at to control their hunger.

    I’m sure you will have more success there than here.

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  • Bad Boy:

    Where got corruption eradicated?

    海南通报“200亿资产”官员调查结果 :与前夫、儿子合计资产超18亿

    殺完一批, 再上一批罷了.

    Huawei and prcs kpkb 孟晚舟 arrested in Canada. 100 steps versus 50 steps only.

    华为前员工获30万离职补偿后被控敲诈勒索 被羁押251天

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  • Reality Check:

    The one whose behaviour i find disapointing is Tan Kim Lian himself. Firstly, inspite of once claiming he had lots of money, he tried to cash in on his diet experience by selling a book for $6/-. I did not even think of buying this book. Firstly, there was no mention whether he had been examined by a doctor before and after his successul diet to determine whether there were changes in his blood count(whether good or bad) or whether he is in the best of health after dieting. Secondly, his success in dieting is not time tested. Any dietition can tell you that when you lose weight too fast, you will get fat again even faster. All it needs is a trigger factor like perhaps losing again in the next year’s election as a candidate. If Tan Kim Lian’s heart and soul is really into wanting to help others, what’s wrong with providing some food for attendees to encourage them to attend. Helping others is helping yourself too, to accumulate good karma. ( a word which goes by a different name by different religions)

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