POFMA: When Singaporeans start to think, PAP will begin to sink


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.




8 Responses to “POFMA: When Singaporeans start to think, PAP will begin to sink”

  • Dr. Chan:

    The CPF money is PAP/GIC gambling money. 70% voters approved. The reserve is most likely Zero (lost everything already). That is why need more and more immigrants to contribute to CPF to continue support gambling habit.

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  • MarBowling:

    Those top gun jokers squatting at GIC thought that the $14 billions TOXIC investment into UBS sure Pao chiak. In the end, Kenna burnt until chow ta!

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  • Stoopid and Scared:

    Too scared and too stupiak to think. Bunch of parrots, repeat what G says. Singaporeans are conditioned to follow rules. Even when the boat is sinking, they won’t break the rules to save themselves.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    That’s the reason they need POFMA, it prevents SG to think. Even you smart enough to think you are not allowed to ask or say it.

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  • Realistically:

    The Government claims that it does NOT INFLUENCE the decisions of GIC and Temasek, let alone direct the individual investment decisions made by Temasek & GIC.

    Can the Government clarify what it means by “INFLUENCE”, especially so, in the case of GIC, its Board consists of several Ministers, at that time, headed by Lee Kuan Yew, the Minister Mentor and a Cabinet Minister?

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Ponzi & Madoff were adored and WORSHIPPED…went laughing to the bank until the Collapse put them in Jail

    GIC & TEMESAK…go Gleefully to the Banks and the EvilMINDS behind it is still being WORSHIPPED by a Flock of SHEEP!!!

    The Collapse is not too far OFF and by then the Wolves would have return to their Lairs overseas

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  • for bulk stationery purchase:

    the white idiots tok too much kok to the extent that defies sense and beliefs ? many of the white idiots are on the board of directorship and chairman also ? if no influence, then why and what are they there for ? as holiday decorative pieces ?

    perhaps, NOT INFLUENCE on the daily micro day-to-day operational decisions like which brand of 3-in-1 kopi or tea for their pantry OR how many boxes of pencils or pens for bulk stationery purchase ?

    maybe these white idiots are applying the standard of 4 = 5 and selected = elected so that when they are there on the board, they don’t call themselves as garment but private individual jiak-liao-bee ?

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  • Reckless Compromised Values:

    Abu Huraira narrated this: “God’s Messenger said, “When honesty has vanished, then wait for the Final Hour.”
    He was asked, “How will honesty vanish, O Messenger of God?”
    He replied, “When authority is given to those who do not deserve it, then expect the arrival of the Hour.”

    (Sahih Bukhari, “Cultivating the Tender Heart” (Ar-Riqaq), vol. 8, book 76, no. 503)”

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