Look beyond PAP’s empty narratives and it is clear they have failed

PM Lee said in his New Year Speech: “Here, we will uplift the most vulnerable amongst us, and leave nobody behind whatever the vicissitudes of life.”

The picture shows an elderly couple trying to sell some small items at the exit of a MRT station. The elderly uncle stood in the same spot besides a wheelchair-bound elderly aunty for some 3 hours.

Can this elderly couple qualify as “the most vulnerable amongst us” as they were obviously in need of living expenses.

Mind you, this elderly aunty in wheelchair most probably won’t qualify for financial assistance under the ElderShield Insurance scheme which requires an applicant to be “severely disabled” to qualify. “Severe disability” is the inability of an individual to perform three or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) independently, with or without mobility aids, which means he must require the physical assistance of a person for the ADL.

By now, we know that the subsidies granted by the Pioneer Generation Package (and the Merdeka Package) are pretty hollow – subsidies for higher consultation fees, and subsidies only for prescriptions from a restricted list of drugs; otherwise, must pay full price for the prescribed drugs.

Admittedly, the government has created many social assistance schemes and subsidies for the citizens. But please look into the administrative rules closely to determine if a needy citizen can qualify for any financial assistance at all. The Means Test and the administrative rules crafted by civil servants are often so tough to pass that even the elderly without income and the unemployed needy citizens won’t qualify.

Is PM Lee’s New Year Speech a signal of better days to come or just a repeat of all the standard narratives that the PAP government is fond of airing to gain support and win votes?

I believe the Administration is now working rapidly to draw up more or enhanced schemes to sweeten the ground in the coming Election. Perhaps this could be DPM Heng Swee Keat’s strategy to announce the GST 9% increase early to re-coup the additional cost of the new or enhanced schemes?

PM Lee’s speech was full of nice words to convey standard PAP government narratives that Singaporeans must be mindful of. These narratives have been used successfully over several decades to gain people’s support and win their votes, time and again. PM Lee must be confident that his New Year Speech will work like before because the Citizens just embrace these narratives without questioning.

What are some of the narratives in the Speech:

- “S’pore must stay open to (the) world” – meaning Singapore needs to open up its borders and adopt a more liberal immigration and foreign workers’ policy in order to be attractive to global business;

- “A Singapore turned inwards cannot survive” – meaning Singapore has no capacity and requires lots of external help and resources to keep economy running and be welcoming to foreign talents, never mind the social and economic costs;

- “… the upcoming Budget will have measures to help businesses, workers and families, as well as the poor, the elderly and the vulnerable” – meaning more goodies on the way with Election round the corner but no guarantee that prices, levies, taxes won’t go up;

- “…workers, especially mid-career PMETs – professionals, managers, executives and technicians-will be given a hand to retrain, find new jobs and stay employable” – meaning the loss of jobs by PMETs to foreigners is recognized and MOM finally got the directive to clean the deck before PMETs become an election issue and also more SkillsFuture Fund training, never mind if no job comes;

- “we will help households with their cost of living” – meaning more subsidies and GST vouchers but expect more price increases along the way);

- “In Singapore, the aim is to build a fair and just society, where growth and prosperity benefit everyone” – meaning we haven’t got a fair and just society yet and it is work in progress and perhaps this explains the presence of 1000 homeless people and 250,000 people living in poverty, data from Yeoh Lam Keong, an economist;

- “we are building a society where everyone is equal, regardless of race, language or religion” – meaning we have to take a serious look at those people living in rental flats and those who are not earning a living wage;

- “we will uplift the most vulnerable amongst us, and leave nobody behind whatever the vicissitudes of life” – meaning there are still many people left behind in poverty and we must hold the PAP government responsible for the inequality in our society. I am touched by this Narrative most but unfortunately, MOE could not show empathy for a PSLE girl whose parents owed $156 school fees.

PM Lee’s speech seems to point to many gaps left open in our society and he must hurry up to close all these gaps before Election comes.

We must be more mindful and discerning whenever the mainstream media publishes some of these Narratives. Do not let these narratives work on our better judgement in the coming election.


Kok Ming Cheang




17 Responses to “Look beyond PAP’s empty narratives and it is clear they have failed”

  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    I no longer trust the PAP because of its pro-alien and obsessive rent-seeking policies and decisions. PAP is “spent force”. It is time to bury it with LKY.

    I have convinced my family members and friends to vote for regime change (just like in Malaysia) at the coming GE.

    PAP’s 4G leaders are a bunch of duds.

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  • Need to do more:

    Need to do more for those who have a problem to cope with basic necessity.
    Especially the poor and the elderly.
    Be a bit more generous and social workers to be more proactive to help those in need. Better still get out of their comfort zone and go to the needy.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    LEEving nobody behind is to “LIVE” a life to Benefit the “Evil” LEEders

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  • Uncle Lim:

    Big BS.

    A lazy PM who surrounds himself with yes men. A lazy PM who never goes to the ground to meet people and learn their concerns.

    Never see him even once in AMK GRC.

    When a CEO is incompetent he’s replaced.

    Voters need to replace the whole lot of the money seeking MIW.

    We need real MPs not sycophants.

    We need a real Parliament not a rubber stamp one.

    We need a real democracy not a fake one.

    We need a real PM not a lazy one.

    GD Star Rating
  • Leaders not immortal:

    Pinky lost quite a lot of weight of late.

    His trouser is seen to be very loose and almost dropping off.

    Hmmm…. not a good sign eh.

    Ah heng, get ready lah…

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  • justanothercitizen:

    1 party government always promise everything but do what they like. Enough said!

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  • The gov has my money:

    We are forced to pay into cpf medishield eldershield ..but when the old folk or anyone in fact, needs to tap into it to pay for healthcare, they cannot ‘shield’ us.
    What a big big scam.
    I feel the gov is bankrupt and is finding ways and means to grab money from citizens..
    Never ending price increases taxes n everything else.
    Makes me worried.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Even back in the 50′s and 60′s $G citizens never had to beg like this – somehow we looked after our own. We were proud of that, before the appies came into power.

    The old people always had a place to stay and something to eat; no matter how poor or disadvantaged there was always a way for them to work and live as human beings.

    The new $G is nothing but a rich man’s playground filled with the desperation of ordinary people stabbing each other to get ahead. If you are old it may be better to be dead. There is nothing left to save.

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  • TruBlu:

    PM addressing the GAP$?!

    No Apology for screwing up sgs’ lives.
    Just trying to address the GAP$!

    I assure BIGGER GAP$ COMING YOUR WAY IF PAPple win big coming GE


    GD Star Rating

    The old people are the non educated one how to find job for them ?

    Beside, I believe these old people are lazy and unmotivated like the Grasshopper in this video below.


    (1) Hardworking ants = PAP+Supporters
    (2) Lazy and unmotivated Grasshopper = Opposition+Supporters

    I had seen many of (2) in this forum.
    Many of (2) here just like to whine and demand for hand out when it is their own fault for not working hard enough like the grasshopper.

    Why should we the hardworking Singaporeans care about the lazy and grasshopper aka Singaporeans ?

    PAP Huat, Huat, Huat, let lazy n unmotivated Singaporeans starved to death

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  • Michael:

    I realized pap speech is actually more to wards globalization .it does not mainly address local issues anymore . Pap has become a bunch of globalist.

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  • Suckup Cpf is not fair & just:

    An obscenely prosperous Sinchiapor Elitism turned inwards upon itself, which predates on Sheeple sweat & tears, struggling along in the world’s most expensive city with peanut wages only monkeys could survive on….

    GD Star Rating
  • Boh Kia See:

    Somebody with the time can do research and collate what the Clown said in the past and match it with the reality on the ground. Go back several years and it will surprise you that he is as hollow as a bamboo rod.

    Another point is that can anyone interpret what he said? Al these gooey words that he spews out on every occasion, really have no substance to it. What is needed if he is to speak in the future, is to get an official interpreter to put meaning into those gooey words.

    It is one reason i don’t read or watch whatever these people say anymore. There is nothing the whole of PAP Ministers and grass loots say that is important to ordinary citizens. It is like a steam roller working on auto mode with citizens in its path.

    Time to VTO the PAP–the whole lot of them–consign them into the bin of history.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    More empty promises.

    GD Star Rating
  • Prostate Goh Lee:

    How to expect singkies to see through them when the majority never ever wanted to know if the real state of the reserves based on audit by independent body and they never have a way to independently audIt the claims of the GDP
    , New citizen numbers, Pr numbers, their job occupation rate, and everything else ?

    They perceive everything is great because someone told them to trust them good news.

    Yours truly
    Mr Dry Orgasm Goh

    GD Star Rating
  • Why is tan kin lian so stupid?:

    These pap folks are even stupider than tan kin lian.

    No medicine can help if stupidity is to such an extent.

    The only workable way is to replace them with a better group of leaders to govern Singapore.

    Many are now saying Dr Tan CB and his team of OPPOSITION coalition leaders shall form New Government after GE2020.

    It is high time a better group of citizens come forward and serve. pap folks have shown over and over again since 2004 they are nothing but a clan of money worshipping yesmen yeswomen.

    GD Star Rating
  • James Lee:

    Well deliberated!!!

    A really responsible govt. of the day should without hesitation implement the following measures to further help all true blue senior citizens who are concerned and worried over the ever increasing costs of living :-

    1)unconditionally provide free basic hospitalisation and medicare

    2) allow the full withdrawal of moneys from the medisave accounts of all seniors above age 65 yrs proceeds of which should help boost their standard of living.

    3)give all senior citizens a monthly cost of living subsidy of S$500/=.

    4) provide free passport to all seniors.

    Please do the needful before its too late!!!!

    GD Star Rating
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