Private B1 ward costs less than full cost of B2 wards?

Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.




9 Responses to “Private B1 ward costs less than full cost of B2 wards?”

  • Maybe hor CGH will issue a statement say they mistakenly quoted the top high end charges lar, then say actually its got 50% discount one forget to add into the system nia. Then the day after, get MOH Millister to POFMA Phillip lor. He he


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  • Sneaky & Seedy:

    The MOH is corporatized to rake in profits and therefore cronyized because the factual data is hidden and the boss’ remuneration is a state secret… no?
    But i can’t understand why the unsubsidised B2 common Singaporean ward would be priced higher than the B1 private-paying wards? And who are those Singaporeans who don’t qualify for maximum subsidy? This appears to be a numbers game whose rationale remains as secret initiatives of the powers-that-be… And that’s unethical business dealing.

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  • TruBlu:

    Who says expensive?
    Poor pay more so that we can help to make the RICH richer mah.
    Otherwise how to help the rich.

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  • Bapak:

    Boss A: You know bro, we have a group of member-based customers deposited money to our shop for convenient shopping.

    Boss B: So, what is in your mind?

    Boss A: We will re-price all our products higher & offer the a little “discount” as if we subsdize their purchases. In reality we are drawing back our discounts from their account.

    Boss B: Great idea but don’t you think the smart ones will realize we cheat them?

    Boss A: Most of them are daft and by then we already make our millions.

    No price guessing correctly who is Boss A.

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  • Private vs General:

    Private hospital is ranked as Private mah.

    General hospital is ranked as General mah.

    Privates get paid only a few hundred dollars a month mah.

    Generals get paid $20,000 to $30,000 a month mah.

    So, because so many Generals are in the Givernment, they also run hospitals like military establishments mah.

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  • Evil, Greedy And Corrupt:

    This is where the evil thing comes in.
    Did a bad thing yet will use every trick to show people you are a “saint”… isn’t this a fraud?

    It is the establishment that is taking lead to be fraudulent and setting the example, or not?

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  • @ private vs General:

    Which army is that? SAF generals with various appts. typically get over $40,000/month…. So when privates fall sick they head to the general hospital under cover of their Medisave money but when rich generals fall ill do they pay their own Medisave at private-paying general hospital?

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  • jc:

    Banana republic people who gets richer r mostly in the govt

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  • Laffing:

    We’ve been willingly allowing the wool to be pulled over our eyes
    for Years on quite a few issues. Remember housing?
    So when people claim Sporeans are Not stupid, one Has to laff!
    Indeed, our education system trains us not to think.
    Philip obviously took a wrong route. Hence, he thinks….

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