Imagine what SDP could do for you if they are in Parliament!

I was much heartened to read in this morning’s news that two blocks of flats at Marsiling Rise – 115 and 119 – will eventually get their Lift Upgrading Programmes (LUP) after more than 20 years of HDB saying no to them.

According to their PAP MP Ong Teng Koon, he has been writing to HDB on his residents’ behalf to fight for LUP but nothing came through.

To me, he was nothing more than just a very expensive letter writer. When performance must be measured by results, he was a wash-out. Our taxpayer’s hard-earned money should not be wasted on obedient letter writers.

Then came the SDP.

I understand that SDP has not only walked the ground there extensively, it has also applied pressure on HDB to extend LUP for the residents who do not have lift excess and the recent announcement by HDB to extend LUP to Blocks 115 and 119 must scream volumes of SDP’s seriousness, determination and perseverance. Kudo to them.

SDP is not yet in Parliament and they have demonstrated and done so much already. Just imagine if they and more oppositions are voted into Parliament, just how much more can they collectively do for Singaporeans and how much more will Singaporeans benefit from their presence in Parliament?

The residents of Marsiling can and should remember you at the polls.

Simon Lim



26 Responses to “Imagine what SDP could do for you if they are in Parliament!”

  • Give your support to SDP:

    Hope citizens realise this by now.
    God bless Dr Chee and SDP.
    May they win few seats thus GE.

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  • Singkees ain't Honkees:

    But singkies want a One Party dominant state.

    I can prove what I claim. The last 53 years of evidence backing me up.
    And never has this been changed.

    I simply am undebunkable.

    Eventually, sg will have no elections and become a China model. China is now the USA of when sg all began. The new USA is China. China is the new world order.

    Democracy will be replaced by Communist Party driven system. Eg. Even capitalism is communist party driven. So many SME and MNC funded by communist party govt.

    Communist party can operate Capitalism . There is no contradiction.
    It’s simply a dictatorship.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    Need SDP in Parliament not WP (“PAP Team B”).

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  • goh meng seng can also:

    can sub “SDP” with “goh meng seng”
    gms bare all his energy , reputations and ego
    to fight for
    PMDers rights, aren’t you “touch” ?
    see gms so eager to fight pAP in the house
    think should encourage gms for trying desparately
    even he still outside.
    gms , all the way, all the best ge2kosong2kosong

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  • Truth:

    Where Righteouness, Truth, Justice & Freedom prevails, the human spirit can thrive.

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  • Bapak:

    Some one very quickly go claims credit. Arsehole.

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  • Bobo:

    SDP has been waiting for too long already. The residents have failed them for decades. Got problems, they approached SDP. When problems solved before GE, they forgot SDP’s hardwork completely. They thought that Singapore was built by our gov. clean and green. Besides, our reserves will be gone if oppos take over. Our HDB value will plunge immediately, Stock market will slump, no foreign investors will set up business here. Singapore economy will be badly affected. Jobs will be lost. The residents are looking at bigger picture and not just small estate matter. Could SDP see what they really want?

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  • Harder Truths:

    “… he has been writing to HDB on his residents’ behalf to fight for LUP…”

    He does not write anything. He tells someone who tells someone else etc. etc. to write a letter. Who knows what was written? Or if it was written at all? In any case why should he care?

    “…the recent announcement by HDB to extend LUP to Blocks 115 and 119…”

    Election wayang.

    “…how much more will Singaporeans benefit from their presence in Parliament…”

    Without at least a 34% Opposition presence in the ‘for-show’ Parliament there is no way to counter new bullshit that will roll downhill.

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  • NoGraceForIdiots:

    When you stop anointing political weasels(no matter how good they are) and their party into the highest echelon of power, which none is worthy then we can say change is here.

    Otherwise, back to the business of hypocrusy, betrayer and greed, and the rich gets all the powe and wealth, there is nothing you can do about it if they screw you up real good(legally)

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  • NotMyProblem:

    WTF. When CPF got problem look for Oppositions.
    When fire hose no water, look for Oppositions.
    When unable to pay school fee and children’s result slips kenna withheld, look for Oppositions.
    When no lift, look for Oppositions.
    But when voting time, everything forgotten, vote for PAP, who created all the above problems.
    Very soon all Oppositions disappear, look for who!? You know PAP don’t give a [email protected] about your problems!

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  • Gongkias will vote pap again:

    Similarly, imagine if SDP’s Dr Chee had won the By-Election in Bukit Batok instead of Ah Mu, Mdm Goh might not have died in the fire.

    It’s obvious that majority of the MPs in our parliament are part-timers and do not care for their residents nor our country. They just obey and serve their party master for their own career benefits. (Like how Ah Mu got promoted to SC after winning BE for his party.)

    Please, fellow citizens, vote an MP who genuinely wants to serve us and who put country first.

    Come GE2020, vote for the right MP, don’t vote by just looking at the party.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    More of an Election ploy than SDP pressure lah!!!…but credit and kudos should not be taken away from the SDP for their Dogged DETERMINATION to serve and represent the people in Parliament…they deserve a BREAK leh!!!

    the eventual Lame excuse for the delay will be HDB’s consideration on SERS but now with the “Helicopter View” stoopid PAP quote on 115-119 the “Enhancement” another stoopid quote will be shelved

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  • Guru:

    “Lift Upgrading Programmes (LUP) after more than 20 years of HDB saying no to them”. If your elected MP has to beg HDB for 20yrs to get Lift upgrading then actually who is he representing in parliament people or party???Its better for the people of Marshalling to vote for SDP in parliament. Actually who is the gov??Is it the PAP or HDB??? Its people money and it should be used for people. HDB has got no right to initiate or stop any lift upgrading programme. If PAP can’t its best for him to resign.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    What the SDP has demonstrated is that they can empathy with the people.
    Whether they will gain any votes from it is secondary as elections have not been called.

    This is more than can be said for the PAP. They have people on the ground at all times linked to the PA and their grass loots. did they raise issues or complaints about the situation? They may have but may have been told to keep quiet. Like all good soldiers they kept quiet and directed so as not to jeopardise their own security.

    But more opposition is not the answer. We need to toss the PAP out totally. That is the only way to upend the system and throw out all opportunists who are only there to draw their big pay.

    If you leave the PAP in charge with more opposition, you get the worse of all options. The PAP’s “älways right and always have the last word” practice will paralyse the whole apparatus of Government. So you must remove the PAP totally and then go about re-setting the country up for growth and pride of citizenship. No other way.

    VTO–the PAP. Shout it block by block. There is no way out from this situation other than to VTO the PAP for the sake of Singapore.

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  • Nothing to hide! Do You?:

    Let us all join the sdp to do more more for the people! I will be joining them soon!

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  • WeNotStupid:

    Finally agreed to the lift upgrading.
    All the stuff theyre agreeing to lately freebies..
    Every citizen knows why.
    We not stupid..
    After GE they’ll start throwing tantrums again..the “everything oso cannot” nonsense.
    Wanna bet?

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  • Cobragold:

    The PAP will start to do anything now as elections are coming and they want to install a new emperor. I have made many complains to my MP and the town council and they have done nothing about it, even lying about the issue. 1 case is of a HDB block in which the spalling repairs were sub standard and i complailed to the MP in charge of the TC. She did nothing except refering the case to the TC. The poor repair was then highlighted by me to lawrence Wong and heng SK. MND said that the issue is under the TC. I wrote to BCA and they also did nothing. I do not know how to post pictures of the case here.

    I invite all to visit hardwarezone and search for PAP doing nothing for more then 4 years. I have many cases there and pictures. All the opposition leaders that i could contact were not keen to bring up the cases. Are they real opposition or planted.

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  • No More Complaints:

    SDP’s Dr Chee and his party already rejected by people in the by election, in favour of disappearing Muuralli, remember?

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  • No More Representatives:

    MPs have now downgraded to be town councillors.
    When MPs are busy with the housing estates, the clowns have free rein on enrichment policies in parliament.

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  • Maybe court case like WP ?:

    Imagine what SDP could do for you if they are in Parliament!

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  • Marimuthu Rengansamy:

    Populism at work near election time?

    Honestly, many people, not only those with political affiliations, could walk about anywhere in Singapore as much as they desire dah!

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  • Crooked PAP:

    While Worker’s Party is slowly and surely gaining much more respect now than last 20 years, since Pritam took over the baton. Sorry to say, Mr Low did little to educate Citizens of their rights and on democracy, to bring out all the wrongdoing PAP was doing to Singapore.

    Having said this, let Pritam move his party forward under his able leadership, which is already happening with great speed only recently.

    As for SDP and Dr Chee,(inclusive of Dr Paul T) is our only hope to bring about democracy back to Singaporeans and not to be treated as 2nd class citizens by PAP, as they artificially create new Citizens via the backdoor to stay in power.

    Please I beg all Singaporeans to give a chance to SDP and Dr Chee to present us in the Parliament to whack the shit out of the million dollar Ministers and all PAP parasites.

    Thank you Singapore !!

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  • TruBlu:

    SDP has got some good sgs.
    Dr Chee is fearless and vociferous.
    Prof Paul is amiable and rational.
    Dr Ang is brave and outspoken.
    So many others SDP sgs are good people.
    Do you prefer rotten PAPple to good PEOple?


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  • Pioneer:

    “REGIME CHANGE is the solution:
    January 16, 2020 at 10:06 am (Quote)

    Need SDP in Parliament not WP (“PAP Team B”)”

    Please see above comments. Hi, please don’t pour cold water on WP, leh. Now is the time for ALL to support ALL oppositions, and do not leave any seat uncontested. People have been suffering in pain for the last five years oreidi. Let make this coming GE a watershed one!!

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  • Dorothy:

    REGIME CHANGE is the solution:
    Need SDP in Parliament not WP (“PAP Team B”).

    Agreed absolutely. My full support for Dr. Chee and Co. this coming GE. No more co-driver.

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  • Change We Must:

    Hope SDP success in the coming election.

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