Chan Chun Sing – 80% of jobs created went to Singaporeans

SINGAPORE: Of the nearly 60,000 new jobs created for the local workforce between 2015 and 2018, about 50,000 went to Singaporeans and more than 9,000 went to permanent residents (PRs), Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing revealed on Thursday (Jan 16)…. CNA

This statistics looked quite favourable to those who want more jobs to Singaporeans than to locals. When I look at the numbers it looks fine to me. Singaporeans are taken care of when new jobs are concerned. What about old or existing jobs are concerned? The main complaint is that Singaporean PMETs were sacked or asked to resign from their jobs and foreigners were hired to take their places. These are not new jobs, so would not be in the statistics I supposed. What is the number in such cases?

There is another number that I think is missing? What about employment of foreigners that are not PRs, foreigners that are foreigners but on employment pass and work permits? No, no new jobs created for them or these are not counted? Of course those that came under CECA schemes like inter company transfer would not be counted I supposed.

I have a question, what is the total number of jobs created in the period mentioned, ie including those that went to foreigners that are not PRs but EP and WP holders? Or what is the total number of additional number of people employed during this period, ie new employment, including Singaporeans, PRs, non PRs? How would these change the percentage of Singaporeans employed versus others ie PRs and non PRs?

And why only talked about 2015 to 2018, the years when there were some changes in govt policies after public outcry about the incessant inflow of foreigners by the thousands annually earlier and Singaporeans losing their jobs to foreigners?  Selective selection of data is selective truth.

There are many ways to craft data and churning out numbers in statistics. What is the purpose of Pritam Singh asking the question? What is his intent? Simple, he wants to know if Singaporeans are being shortchanged in employment vis a vis foreigners, ie PRs and non PRs. Is this a bad intent, sinister intent? Any Singaporean who cares for fellow Singaporeans would want to know this, would want to ask such questions. Cannot meh? Wrong meh? What is wrong with asking such questions?

What is the intent to ask for the intent of Pritam Singh for asking such questions?


Chua Chin Leng

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25 Responses to “Chan Chun Sing – 80% of jobs created went to Singaporeans”

  • Half truth, half lie:

    Sure or not?

    Sure, kee chiu

    Not sure, kee chiu

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  • opposition dude:

    There was nothing wrong with Pritam’s question, it was the sinister answer that followed which annoyed people. Not surprisingly kee chiu has kept mum since his now world infamous reply was uttered in parliament. Why so afraid of disclosing the numbers ah PAP?

    And this wayang statistics presented by PAP to paint a very nice picture is something we have all seen before countless times. They tell us what they want us to know without ever providing more details when we ask about them.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    RedaBean…CECA can never be taken into CONsideration…A Piece of Wooden Shit Nego and ToT he had a good DEAL like the one he said about Singapore becoming the Switzerland of Asia…Saying & Talking Cocks and Signing an MOA not an MOU which is Non-Binding is TOTALLY DIFFERENT!!!…

    when the CECA subject was Broached to appease public discontent India RAISED HELL!!!… if possible bring back the Dead Bastard to face their WRATH…and all was QUITE on the Front!!!

    F…..G Cowards, roar like a Lion but actually squeak like a MOUSE and crawl back to their Holes and enjoy the Cheese they STOLE!!!

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  • FOR U, WITH U:

    Closed flood gates for foreign PME temporarily
    No extension or renewal EP pass .
    Cooling period 2 yrs to closed out loopholes
    Give all SG new graduates meaningful employment
    MOM to consider all foreign PME , not company HR discretion
    Calibrate which specialised PME needed and maximum numbers needed on annual basis.
    Retirement age PME stay at 65, in order for new graduates to enter job market
    Legislation to tighten retrenchment with fair compensation for sg workers
    Insurance for retrenchment workers to support family.
    NTUC to be delinked fr gov ministry.
    What do u think?

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  • Why suffered in silence:

    Well said,not forgetting those under CECA also brought in their family and their spouse are allowed to work here.Statistic it data can easily been manipulated to the unscrupulous intent of the presenter

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  • WakeupSG:

    As the saying goes, “Statistics don’t lie, statisticians do!”

    POFMA is a weapon vs opposition & half truths by ministers or govt ministries are not checked in this controlled state, the people will not know the truths!

    The only way to remove POFMA is to VTO this coming GE2020!

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  • Disgraceful lots:

    Our parliamentarian think that they can bullshit their way through . In UK these bullshit will be found out and exposed very fast / their behaviour will never change ie they came in nominated knowing that telling the truth means you are out of favour immediately and matter of time out if the group thinkers . So you have democractic group thinkers who lived for themselves ie the citizens votes doesn’t matter at all . The only way to correct this form of bullying and intimidation is to see them announced their loss at election time . Remember to vote them out

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  • pap S$m non performing liars:

    they pay each other S$m.

    yet none performed.

    so much so GST keeps rising instead of decreasing.

    in any true group with real talent, being paid S$m pa, it is to be expected performance is a given.

    but not with pap cows and clowns. WHY? because pap S$m is paid via approval from a pliant pap parleement. the S$m payouts are ownself justified ownself S$m money grub.

    that is why pap is all fail in everything that matters. crowded roads. crowded carparks. crowded shopping malls. GST keeps increasing. water electricity keep increasing.

    more aliens. more of everything bad.

    because pap S$m cows and clowns all over paid and never worked.

    in the end, fault of 70% sheep. truly a WTF small island nation ruined by 70% sheep. truly WTF.

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  • Flickshit:

    Just one word ?? Lan Par ??

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  • Boh Kia See:

    If you know the PAP, then you would know that if it is good news, you will not be allowed to forget it.

    All news that shows PAP in a good light, will be thrust in your face, day and night. So when you get no answers, part answers or answers to questions not asked, then you know that PAP has failed to provide for citizens that they are voted in to do.

    What they are doing is to created headlines in msm so that people who read but not think get a general feeling of wellness that the PAP is looking after them. That is far from the truth. hence the need for such tactics. there is no need for such tactics if one is honest and truthful–which, in my view they are not and never has been.

    Only way to get true statistics is to remove the PAP and give Uncle Leong ( shut up now) some space to exercise his skills. Increase majority in Parliament is not sufficient to elicit all the information citizens need.

    Logical step is to VTO the PAP–now and forever.

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  • TruBlu:

    I am a habitual liar!
    Still,i oso know you will vote for me.
    So,why shud i stop conning you?

    Kee Chiu is now Kee Siao?

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  • Harder Truths:

    $G is already a failure politically, socially and in the near future economically.

    It is impossible to get back the $G culture of the 1960′s – the current permanent influx of Turd-World cultural and social barbarism destroying everything local has made sure $G can never go back to undo the damage.

    This change cannot be denied or hidden. The problems are increasing as more FT come in and make this their village – complete with diseases, crime, unscrupulous behaviour and overall intent to kill off the locals.

    IN a few years the $G local born will be minimal and $G will be just another island with a failed economy and a gangster society led by despots.

    This is the Hard Truth the majority $G locals must face after continually voting in their beloved pappies.

    The world is changing fast and a small island that is full of foreigners will not be able to survive the coming global economic tsunami.

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  • oxygen:

    WHEN IS A “NEW” JOB a new job instead of the old “blow” (retrenched) job repackaged with a lower salary offered to no-CPF liability foreigners?

    It grab drive or food delivery, security guard or “blow” job a “NEW” job created for majority of retrenched PMETs?

    EVERY TIME I HEAR OF “NEW” JOB, my heads spin to bewilderment of the undefined “NEW-ness” of jobs created.

    Some louts are correct…I bought this f…ing property for $1.5 million, you f…ing peasants (unspoken) can only afford HD-Bin (not much better than rubbish bin, rights is the implied message?)

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  • Dafts never question:

    Singkees believed that flat value will never drop price.
    That’s when they based on Believing.
    The assume. They trust. They never question.
    They memorised definition of depreciation like a champion but never know what it really means.

    Sg accountants, finance experts all the same problem. 读死书,没智慧。

    Education system is flawed. Passing exams is gaming the exams using 10year series.

    Which Dean of SG has produced best in the world technology or product?

    Which top scorer in sg has produced anything best in the world as great as google? So what is the sg education system?

    Misleading indicator of wisdom?

    Dafts never question unless told to do so by force.

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  • Pre-2015 data is danger news:

    Did you hear about the politician who promised that if he was elected, he’d make certain that “everybody” would get an above-average income?

    In God we trust; Dirt-rich Pappies and miscellaneous opulent must bring unfakeable data.

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  • Asd:

    I think telling half truth is as good as lying and educated people should be open and open for all to see

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  • Farkmoogum:

    It’s like saying whatever I say you are not allowed to challenge nor question me nor have me prove what I say is the truth.

    The 70% have insulted themselves.

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  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    The only way to get the WHOLE truth on this issue is to have regime change.

    I do not trust PAP on this issue. Why? I still remember what Woody GCT said during the 2011 GE. The Government, i.e., PAP “opened the doors wide open to foreigners to work in Singapore” without telling Singaporeans. Singaporeans started losing by the thousands (and it is still happening) because no-CPF foreign worker are much cheaper to employ. Singaporeans got screwed big-time.

    CCS recently said PAP has “got the back” of Singaporean on jobs. I do not believe him because Singaporeans were stabbed on the back before on jobs.

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  • Michael:

    Never trust the government .if they cannot be transparent ,then they have no credible at all .

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  • 80% of new jobs:

    80% of new jobs went to daft sinkies ? another tok kok wayang ? tfr @ abt 1.4 or less n population going up to meet 6.9m or 10m open leg policy ? then mathematically how can 80% of new jobs went to daft sinkies ? or most of new jobs went to naturalized sinkies and FTs all put together ?

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  • Singaporean are not stupid:

    Whatever percentage Singaporean will not believe bcos we are screwed time and time again.

    Till the day CECA is stopped then we somehow can believe.

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    I believe it, absolutely no qualifications.

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  • Workfare Compensation ???:

    Workfare Compensation has allowed numerous sham employment of Singaporeans which helps to distort the statistics to the establishment’s favour. MOM should put a stop to such sham employment of elderly “workers” in their 70s, 80s and 90s.

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  • Homeless Cat:

    Really? What kind of jobs?

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  • underemployment:

    I think underemployment for the local PMETs is a bigger problem, especially the older one.
    Do we have the statistics for this ?

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