Celebrating Chinese New Year during lock-downs

Despite the paralyzing travel bans and closure of entertainment and food outlets in majority of China, innovative citizens are still finding ways to not miss out on the once-a-year celebration.

Below are some humorous examples:

1 Dining In (6.6MB)

2 Dining Out (1.1MB)

3 Healthy Mahjong (879KB)

If your browser does not support the HTML 5 “video” tag, you may download the 3 videos (8.41MB) in zipped format by clicking here.

* Special thanks to our techie for the clips.



5 Responses to “Celebrating Chinese New Year during lock-downs”

  • Kobi:

    If animals homes are damaged or kill

    In great numbers.mother nature also got

    Newton law.

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  • Uncle Lim:

    If animals homes are damaged or kill

    In great numbers.mother nature also got

    Newton law.


    Animals have feelings too and feel pain when killed.

    They harbour a great hatred for humans who kill them
    for food.

    Viruses which kill humans may be a form of their revenge.

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  • Who ?:

    Is that u T techie ?

    Tech: Playing Majung. lol

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  • So much so for Alibaba:


    So much so for Alibaba 發國難財.

    I m quite sure this news will be censored by techie or site owners. Never the less its on Hardwarezone, sammyboy , ….

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  • Kobi:

    “What you fear.you destroy.”
    Famous quote.

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