Despite the benefit of SARS, it is looking like the Wuhan-virus may be beyond the 4G politicians

When the virus first broke in China, PM Lee had framed the management of this crisis as a real test of his appointed 4G politicians; Just a week ago, he even praised them for being competent in managing the situation.

The straw broke when news recently broke that there were 4 locally human to human transmitted cases of the Wuhan-Virus. Social media went bonkers as many Singaporeans slammed the 4G PAP politicians for underestimating the dangers of the epidemic.

Despite the benefits of having experienced SARS in 2003, this latest news must have rattles PM Lee as it is looking like the situation may be beyond his 4G politicians. Looking ahead, the 4G politicians better pray hard that the situation do not get compounded by this latest event or be allowed to evolves into a full-scale crisis like SARS in 2003.

If it does and if other countries were to ban all travels from Singapore, it will not only be a serious economic shock for us but may even cause many functional and essential services to grind to a stop.

Without a hinterland, overly urbanized and when foreigners outnumbered Singaporeans in helming many jobs, such a worst-case scenario is just too frightening should foreign governments repatriate their citizens out of Singapore, just like what they had done to China.

With some 30,000 Chinese workers who had yet to return to Singapore, the 4G politicians have their jobs cut out for them.

If they were to fumble further, the consequences may not just cause the fall of the PAP in the upcoming election but may leave Singapore in a very challenged situation where only Singaporeans may be left to pick up the pieces and restore investors’ confidence all over again. Such horrible days must not be allowed to come to past.

Singaporeans must be mentally and psychologically prepared that the worst has yet to come, and if it does, we may have no one to help us but ourselves.

With so much at stake, l hope PM will get real serious with his 4G politicians as failing is not an option for Singapore.

Singapore and Singaporeans truly deserve better.

Joseph Nathan



15 Responses to “Despite the benefit of SARS, it is looking like the Wuhan-virus may be beyond the 4G politicians”

  • REGIME CHANGE is the solution:

    The Wuhan virus is also beyond 3G politicians or more specifically beyond ANY PAP politicians. Forget the virus, Singaporeans are worse off since LHL became PM. That is why Singapore needs REGIME CHANGE.

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  • pap over pays each other S$m:

    the wage of pap S$m folks is illegally acquired on the basis of ownself justify ownself system.

    in our eyes, at most these pap clown and S$m thieving folks are worth up to median wage which is S$3,500 pm.

    even then, not all of them qualify.

    so when these ownself pay ownself S$m folks say don’t wear mask unless kenna, we shake our heads.

    so stupid, as stupid as 70% sheep. maybe because they are all stupid that is why 70% sheep voted them into government.

    mask is not to prevent spread. mask is to prevent kenna. after kenna, spread or not is a moral decision. if the over priced HDB rental block is filled with aliens, what is wrong to just infect the whole ffffing aliens who brought the virus here in the first place.

    if moral, which is unusual with pap but not us, when we kenna, we wear mask. but to be smart, and not stupid like pap and sheep, we also wear mask before kenna. because our fundamental duty is to ourselves and those loved ones who live with us in our over priced HDB rental unit.

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  • Bobo:

    Where are the rest of the ministers and ESM? No sound no image? Can they give some donations from their million$/billion$ salary or facilitate help to those people affected? We all need your generous help in this critical time to fight the virus. We all are getting more panics and worries in every minutes when new were updated.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Do they CARE???…safe in their Ivory Towers and secured why WORRY???

    Buses-MRT & Public Transport are for Lower Mortals not for AristoCraps lah!!! so why WORRY???

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  • Leadership not Narcissism:

    It’s never about how good you look what you achieve …. It’s properly about us about others – how you can serve …. For a start be honest, declare your salaries, hahaha … it’s beyond you we know …. the Republic will never make it with you on top …. sincerely, sheeple not yours to milk and bleed forever….

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  • SGvirus:

    At this point of time, after the discovery of local transmission, may I ask our ‘wise’ pap ministers, are they still adamant that people should NOT wear a mask unless we’re sick?

    Are these million-dollars paid ministers stupid enough not know that when people (especially the Chinese) talk, their saliva would go flying in all directions?

    Had the 2 staff in the medical product shop worn masks, probably they’d not be victims of the coronavirus now, no?

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  • Bapak:

    Read this –

    1) Hot water,
    2) Whisky,
    3) One slice of lemon, and
    4) Pure honey.

    This formula is only for Oppo. Sinkies can try but not for diehard PAP goons & supporters – all rights reserved.

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  • Pira:

    Mad selamat no need Miro scope to spot.also can get missing.

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  • opposition dude:

    4G is 4th Generation Goondus to me, just one more number than 3G.

    4G weren’t in parliament in 2003 when SARS was around but 3G most definitely were. 17 years later all has long been forgotten just like the GRC loss in 2011. Sure, they tell us they learnt from SARS and are better prepared but who would not say that?

    It’s no secret that the 4G can’t do anything since the 3G are still in charge. And since we all know that the 3G are worse than useless it’s natural to think that the 4G won’t be much better.

    Just let nature take its course lah. Once the 3G start to retire one by one we can all sit back and laugh at the 4G’s incompetence. And of course, someone will write up an article comparing 3G and 4G in order to either determine which is worse or both are equally bad.

    Waiting for it!

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  • justanothercitizen:

    MIW logic; 1) Wearing mask does not protect you, but we give every household masks. 2)Washing hands often does help to eliminate contagion from entering through other parts of your body. But we are not giving out sanitizers.

    Both mask and sanitizers are extremely rare items now in retail stores. Even wholesale cannot supply to organisations.

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  • Kuna:

    One way or another we’re doomed.

    The virus simply moves the time frame nearer.

    If a full scale community spread of the virus occurs here, foreign Govts would rescue their nationals and China bars their nationals from returning to SG, wouldn’t it wonderful to have thousands of FT fewer on a tiny island?

    It may be a blessing in disguise wouldn’t it?

    If it’s business as usual we’re also doomed.

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  • Pira:

    No understand why novel not originate here can be spread around us??

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  • Invisible and Invincible:

    Never underrate this virus.
    Once it mutates we had it!
    Total collapse of human immunity.

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  • @Invisible and Invincible

    Virus mutates all the time, just a matter of “good” or “bad” mutation nia. Some mutation can change their behaviour, like say maybe the incubation period change from 14 days to 6 months, so its a “bad” mutation. lol


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  • More masks:

    Make more masks and sanitizer available to all.
    Use it to fight the spread of the Virus.
    All frontline staff should wear masks and wash their hands frequently.

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