SDP Draws Up Climate Change Policy, Calls Out PAP for Doing too Little

If you don’t want to read all of the 39 pages of our climate change policy, here’s a summary.

What seems to be the problem and what’s it to us?

As the climate change crisis confronting our planet deepens, Singapore will not be spared its consequences. With rising global temperatures, polar ice-caps will melt and sea-levels will rise. This will flood our coastal areas.

It will also heat up our island and cause health risks. Singapore is heating up twice as fast as other parts of the world.

Such a phenomenon will also wreak havoc with the weather in the region such as prolonged dry seasons and excessive rainfall. It will adversely affect agriculture in our neighbouring countries on which much of our food supply depends. Warm sea temperatures will also cause marine life to die. All this will have a profound effect on food prices in Singapore – assuming that there is still enough food to go around.

(SDP’s Young Democrats launched the policy today. Read the report here or watch the event here.)

So what’s causing the warming?

​​​​​​The cause of climate change is driven largely by the release of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere primarily through the burning of fossil fuels (like oil and gas) to produce power that enables us to go about our daily lives (like driving and turning on the air-con).

The burning of such fuels in Singapore through our oil refineries has made us a major emitter of greenhouse gases.

Is the government doing anything about it?

The PAP’s lack of decisive and expeditious action to arrest the problem means that Singapore is woefully underperforming when it comes to meeting emission-cutting targets required to slow down and reverse global warming.

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A group called The Climate Action Tracker monitors the progress that countries make in fighting climate change. It ranks Singapore under the “highly insufficient” category.

The present arrangement is untenable and something needs to be done and done urgently if we want to leave the planet and our country habitable for future generations.

So what’s the SDP’s plan?

Briefly, the SDP will:

  • Incentivise and mandate motorists to switch to electric vehicles. To achieve this, we will move to ramp up the installation of chargers needed for such vehicles across the island. The target is to have 25 percent of cars on our roads be electric ones by 2030, 50 percent by 2040 and fully electrified by 2050.
  • Expand our use of renewable energy, especially solar power. With technology developing rapidly in harnessing clean energy, prices of electricity from such sources have tumbled making them viable alternatives to oil and gas. SDP will accelerate the installation of solar panels in public spaces, significantly increase R&D funding on solar projects, buy renewable energy from other countries, and collaborate with neighbouring countries to develop clean energy.
  • Regulate the escalation of our population size. Our city is already one of the most densely populated spots in the world. With the cramming of more and more people onto an already crowded island through an overly lax immigration policy, forests and nature reserves are being cleared and disturbed to make way for more construction for housing and transportation. The loss of the island’s “lungs” as well as our biodiversity is incalculable.
  • Firmly enforce the Transboundary Haze Pollution Act by prosecuting business entities operating in Singapore that are linked with companies engaged in forest-burning in Indonesia.
  • Significantly upgrade Singapore’s Nationally Determined Contributions that we signed under the Paris Agreement to lower and eventually remove harmful emissions.
  • Finally, prohibit corporations from manufacturing products that depend on single-use packaging as well as inculcate among our people the desirable habit of recycling.

But didn’t Minister Vivian Balakrishnan say that Singapore is a “well-designed future-ready city”?

Yes, but while the PAP talks a good game about taking action on climate change, evidence points to a lack of political will and urgency to ensure a future for Singapore that is smart, sustainable and green. It continues to drag its feet over implementing pressing and meaningful measures to slow down and even reverse climate change. Case in point: Climate Action Tracker’s assessment.

This alternative policy is but the SDP’s contribution to the on-going struggle to cultivate a Singapore that future generations can live in, free of the ravages of a planet destroyed by our greed and thoughtlessness.

The SDP calls on all Singaporeans, regardless of political persuasion and background, to join in the supreme effort of turning around decades of degrading the very place that we depend on for our continued existence and happiness.

Read our policy Climate Change in Singapore: Taking Urgent Measures Towards a Smart and Green Future here.

Singapore Democrats



11 Responses to “SDP Draws Up Climate Change Policy, Calls Out PAP for Doing too Little”

  • tan kin lian the pea brained:

    we support SDP as OPPO.

    we support anything as long as not pap.

    but we tell all OPPO, topple pap first is the goal. anything else can be a distraction.

    as far as we can tell, ourselves included, global warming as a topic in Singapore has no weight. because much of the warming is caused by gases from aeroplanes, factories, dumping of waste into oceans.

    big culprits are the INDIANs, Africans, airlines and ocean liners.

    far better, and far beneficial to SDP, is to focus on bread and butter issues such as joblessness of sheep children with nus ntu smu degrees, CPF monies to be returned at 55, return of property taxes paid on HDB units, return of all profits made by pap and pap lawyers on the purchase of HDB lease agreements.

    even better, to claw back every single S$ amassed by pap Ljs and pap Cbs. anything any dollar earned by these folks via pap parleement approvals are game to be clawed back since it is a clan approving ownself thieving ownself S$m system.

    in short, climate change is NOT yet anything great in small island Singapore. in the scheme of things, removing all 3.9m aliens from the small island removes 80% of the climate harmful waste generated.

    GD Star Rating
  • SDP in dreamland:

    The whole universe is moving forward in space, regardless where you are on the earth, North pole or south pole, ease or west, you are still being pulled to the center. You understand why?

    SDP should not be blinded by Club M literature of Shams. Take a helicopter view or satellite view of it all, for haven sake.

    It’s about playing the game of last man surviving.

    Simply put, Here are my advice. Hypocrites are forgiven and good in this context. Just stick with the Big boys on the left of the chart. If you look at the chart, the right side is for the foolish, the left side are the smarter ones.

    Just don’t try act too smart and be fooled by what you shallowly read and seen.

    BTW, are you in Politics or Sham business entrepreneur games? Cause if you are in Politics, I expect you to lead the People wisely to all the cheapest resources available on earth, until the end of day, while expertly be a hypocrite in this context at the same time. This is the reality expected of grown [email protected]

    Don’t let too many kids spoil the soup there. Grown Up expected in Politics.

    GD Star Rating
  • Upper Serangoon:

    Just wonder how serious and professional when the policy is drafted.

    Switch to electric vehicles would mitigate climate change to what extent? To generate sufficient electricity, greenhouse emissions would have to be generated. Using fossil fuels to achieve this? If so, what difference would there be for vehicles not using electricity?

    Talking about harnessing solar power. Even if the whole of Singapore is covered up with solar panels, how much energy would be generated ? How much would it help in the fight against global warming?

    More over, if the above is fully implemented, wouldn’t it also drive up the cost of living?

    The above is just layman view but laymen need concrete data to be convinced to believe that the policy is not “Wayang”!

    GD Star Rating
  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    This subject is a SCAM and should NOT be in SDP’s or opposition agenda…

    in 1950s the polar caps were melting Pundits & Scientist including IDIOTs were predicting many Island state or nation will go under in 50 years…

    Today 70 years later the Hawaiian are still swaying their hips and most South Sea Islanders are enjoying the sun and sea with the exception of those who suffered under Nuclear Test

    Stick to the National issue of Cost-cost & more COST…plus the Evil of Abortion and Freedom Shackling through a Pliant court

    GD Star Rating
  • Harder Truths:

    $G is an insignificant little dot with very limited resources. What we do is less than insignificant. No one really knows if climate-change is true or a political agenda to get your money.

    Whether we do the best we can or not – nothing in real terms will change. We will be underwater if that is the situation decided by USA, China and other nations that really matter.

    Instead of trying to find fashionable and practically useless agendas that serve only the moneymakers who will demand we pay to fund non-existent threats, go and look at how this island is being run.

    You are wasting people’s time and money with these useless pastimes. Go and do something useful if you are sincerely looking at changing things.

    GD Star Rating
  • John Lim:

    What is so bad about climate change? The climate is always changing and has for millions of years! Originally, the scare-mongering was
    “global warming”. Now it’s called “climate change”.
    Why? Because “global warming” scare was debunked. So they chose “climate change” because you can’t deny climate change. To stop climate change is akin to stopping the earth from circling the sun!

    Where is the evidence that CO2 is causing global warming?? There are no evidence except predictions by computer models!

    The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 400 ppm, out of which less than 4% is due to humans (i.e. burning of fossil fuels, etc.). The rest about 96% is due to nature. So why are you blaming humans for this
    “global warming”?

    Go to and be informed.

    GD Star Rating
  • Tremendous:

    Where do we stand in terms of carbon emissions per capita ? You will only get changes when leaders lead changes in the right and drastic directions.

    GD Star Rating
  • He sued all relatives:

    SDP should focus on distinguishing where it’s proposals are superior to PAP.

    Singkees having a certain mindset still needs to be coaxed in a less confrontasi way lest they take it wrong way.

    Beware of the mindset of your narket

    GD Star Rating
  • Yoda:

    @Harder Truths:
    February 9, 2020 at 11:34 am (Quote)

    Singapore’s contribution to world CO2 emission is
    0.1 %. Even if we cut our CO2 emission to zero, it will not make one jot difference!!!

    GD Star Rating
  • Silly and Dumb Party:

    In a way, SDP is endorsing the PAP $100 Billions budget for climate change.

    Those that champion the project and approving it should be asked to return back to the PAP.

    GD Star Rating
  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    Silly and Dumb Party:
    In a way, SDP is endorsing the PAP $100 Billions budget for climate change.

    Those that champion the project and approving it should be asked to return back to the PAP.

    I Believe SDP, in this case, is running with the scam Created by a Losing Presidential Candidate name Al Gore who made millions with this scam… no need to go around giving paid speeches as a VP once…Scamming & Conning Idiots is as easy as ABC if you KNOW how…The man who Con-You is a Master in this game

    GD Star Rating
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