Fresh ‘community spread’ Coronavirus infections increase overall toll to 43

Singapore has registered another 3 confirmed cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infections, bringing the total of people infected on the island to 43.

The 3 new cases are a 71-year-old Singaporean man, a 39-year-old Bangladeshimale who is a work pass holder and a 54-year-old Singaporean man who travelled to Malaysia before reporting any symptoms. All 3 men have been warded in isolation.

The health ministry said on Sunday (9 Feb) that the 3 new cases did not travel to China recently so contact tracing was underway to establish potential links to known clusters of local transmission.

Of the 22 locally transmitted cases, epidemiological investigations and contact tracing have uncovered links between 15 of the cases with the three currently known clusters.

Contact tracing is underway for the other seven locally transmitted cases, including those confirmed today, to establish if they are linked to previous cases or persons with travel history to mainland China.

Among the 43 confirmed cases, 6 are reportedly in critical condition, 4 were discharged from hospital on Sunday (7 Feb), making a total of 6 patients to have fully recovered.

Singapore’s 43 confirmed infections is technically, on the top of the lists for the most number of Coronavirus infections in a country outside China, although Japan has recorded 96 confirmed infections to date.

This is because Japan’s local infection figures are actually only 26 but various media outlets have added the 70 infections from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship into Japan’s tally for ease of reporting.

The Diamond Princess is currently quarantined off the shore of Yokohama, after an 80-year-old passenger that had sailed on the ship disembarked in Hong Kong and developed symptoms 6 days later.




13 Responses to “Fresh ‘community spread’ Coronavirus infections increase overall toll to 43”

  • Harder Truths:

    We are still behind China – come on people – only another 100 000 cases to become #1!!!

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  • Bapak:

    Cases 42 & 43 is good reason why we must wear mask. This shit media presentations are so obvious in protecting their masters, not complete, not independence, that’s why they are called the Shit Times. You believe them you die faster.

    The Blangladeshi went to Mustafa Centre, long queue lately and “tio dodo”. That mean somewhere out there someoneS with 2019-nCoV are moving around. Your don’t wear mask you join them in ICU.

    Meanwhile, no one confirm nor dispute this –

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  • Singapore’s 43 confirmed infections is technically, on the top of the lists for the most number of Coronavirus infections in a country outside China, although Japan has recorded 96 confirmed infections to date. This is because Japan’s local infection figures are actually only 26 but with 70 infections from the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship added into Japan’s tally.

    Ah, good take by the writer.

    The ship is within 200m of mainland Japan but not inside Japan, so the 70 tally cannot be counted towards Japan. lol


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  • TruBlu:

    Irresponsible MSM N MINISTERS claimed enough masks supply for all but pharmacy outlets say NO STOCKS?

    So,were the ministers telling LIES AKA FAKE NEWS?
    If so,will they get slap by POFMA?

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  • @TruBlu

    No, I don’t think the millisters were lying. Like cities in Hubei, the “sufficient” supply of mask were ‘hoarded’ by the authorities and distributed to frontline medical workers who needed them more.

    Everyday, we hear and see on TV millions and millions of mask, protective suits, tons of vegies and millions in cash were donated BUT at city level, no residents have ever reported receiving any of these vegies or masks. Don’t say for free, got money want to buy masks also everywhere no stock. how can that be right?

    Anyway, the situation in these cities are reportedly getting more dire now as all residents are locked at home with only a few supermart doing local deliveries of limited choices.

    Where I am, black chickens, white chicks, virgin chicks, old chicks all out of stock liao for days, while the prices of pork had largely remained high since millions were culled. Dunno when then can see chicks again. Seafood meanwhile not considered essentials, so those selling them are still closed under order from provincial government.

    Maybe local authorities in Sillypore are doing the same?


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  • At least:

    At least no death rate seen locally yet.

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  • Orange Alert:

    The govt should not undestimate the virulence and multimplying effect of this virus. Look at how rapidly it spreads in Wuhan, now surpassing SARS in death toll. It started small but now it has become a plague. This thing can suddenly blow up and spread like wildfire, especially in an urban and crowded city like SG. It takes more than a few words of assurance to stop the virus from spreading.

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  • Bapak:

    Akan datang, 6 patients are in ICU critical condition.

    At least:
    At least no death rate seen locally yet.

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  • InvincibleAirborneCommados:

    China confirmed it’s already airborne.
    Virulent aerosols of this invisible and invincible airborne army can defeat the so-called military might of superpowers, let alone small countries.

    Repent to Him, The AlMighty.
    Man corrupted whatever He bestowed.

    Tech: Airborne, sure or not? No official report lay.

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  • Take action to stop:

    Look like we need stronger action to stop local transmission of the Virus.
    For one,wear masks in public space.
    Make it compulsory for frontline staff dealing with the public.
    Encourage FREQUENT washing of hands..make sure soaps and sanitizer are always available . Many times in Shopping Centre toilets are out of these basic essentials.

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  • @Take action to stop

    Good suggestion, BUT where to get hands on masks? Everywhere also out of stock.

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  • Buy Masks Online:

    TRE Techie: ake it compulsory for frontline staff dealing with the public.

    There are still masks available online. However, prices are dear.

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  • @Buy Masks Online

    I wish I could as I only got 8 masks which were bought on CNY eve, after I saw the supposed rumors online of a SARS-like infection.

    Then a few days later, I tried getting more but it was already sold out throughout the city. I could not order online as all local deliveries were on holiday.

    Now with the lock down of all cities in Hubei, even if I order from Singapore, it won’t get to me because post office also on lockdown.

    And of the millions that were reportedly donated to our city, none was ever released to pharmacies and it is believed that they were hoarded by local authorities for frontline personal use.

    So someone living in an ivory tower boasted that Sillypore has sufficient stock pile, but then how come all over the island say sold out? I think the reason maybe the same as cities in Hubei province, all hoarded by local authorities.

    To put things in perspective, the city where I am in, if not on locked down, would have consumed more than 100 million disposable masks a month (assuming 50% of the population uses 1 mask per day). Sillypore, which has almost the same population size as the city I am in, would need at least 1.2 billion masks to last a year.

    Do you honestly believe that Sillypore has that “sufficient” masks stored somewhere on the small island and that it can order some more given the global shortage of masks?

    If you do, then you shouldn’t be reading TRE, you should be visiting Factually where everything written there is the gospal truth. lol


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