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Following the loss of a major advertiser and falling advertisement revenues, the team at TR Emeritus (TRE) is faced with a dilema on whether to start seeking donations from our readers or to shut down one of our servers in order to cut cost.

After much deliberation, the team has decided to not sesk donations but partner (as an affiliate) with Ignite Vision (and sometimes others) to conduct online surveys with TRE being paid for the efforts.

Ignite Vision is a leading Market Research solution provider with 10 years of experience and a network of panels reaching over 30 million consumers through 500+ internet media channels in Asia.

Instead of making a donation, all we are asking for is a few minutes of our readers’ time to complete an online product survey conducted by Ignite Vision. TRE will then be paid according to the number of surveys completed by our readers.

Most of them are general surveys for products and services, with no explicit information required from our readers. All information submitted are governed by very strict Privacy Policy.

Readers who can spare the time may choose from the following surveys to participate and win cash in the process.

List of Surveys and target participants

1. For car owners

- Male/Female aged 18+yo
- Car brand:BMW, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Mazda, etc.

To participate in the above survey, please click here.

2. Market Research

- Male/Female aged 18+yo

To participate in the above survey, please click here.


The above surveys are limited to traffic from Singapore only and may be updated as and when new choices are available.

Thank you for your continued support and wishing all our readers good health.


[email protected]




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