Malaysia considering restricting Singaporeans visitors

If Malaysia really does this to Singapore, don’t think they won’t if the number of confirmed cases rises rapidly and the virus is found to be spreading in the city state. For the time being it is still touch and go as the two economies are too tightly intertwined and interdependent.

Assuming Malaysia did impose restriction on Singaporeans, it would mean not only the tourists cannot get into Malaysia, Singaporeans and others, it would mean businesses would also be affected as well. But this is not the only problem. Not allowing Singaporeans going into Malaysia is only one part of the problem of limiting access.

If Singaporeans cannot enter Malaysia, no Singaporeans would be able to bring the virus into Malaysia. What about the hundreds of thousands of Malaysians commuting here daily to work? They too would have to be barred from entering Singapore if the isolation is to be effective. Otherwise they would bring along whatever Malaysia does not want Singaporeans to bring into Malaysia. This development would have very serious impact on the economic activities and social life of both countries.

Malaysia would only take this drastic measure if the virus is on the loose in Singapore. Till now it is not. Let’s pray it would not be the case.


Chua Chin Leng

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16 Responses to “Malaysia considering restricting Singaporeans visitors”

  • TruBlu:

    Too many malaysians work here n earn their keeps in Sg.
    This will only be done under extreme conditions,by which time,it would be really stupid.

    Together,with sincerity and nationalistic spirit,WE CAN AVOID THIS.
    STOP RETURNING FTs from coming back to MAINLAND.

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  • Real Reasons ?:

    Because we go over to snap up their toilet paper, tissue paper, rice, noodles,…..? Just limit items to these people will do.

    Let them try .
    JB people and sultan will object maybe protest and vote BN.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Which politician in Malaysia is so stupid to suggest restricting SG and returning Malaysians into Malaysia!!

    There are millions of S$ entering Johor daily, what is a few virus follow!!

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  • No problem for Malaysia:

    Who says Malaysia cannot do this because of Malaysians working in Singapore?

    Singapore itself is an example. China tourists cannot come in, but China people working in Singapore can come in.

    Malaysia can easily do the same. Malaysians can go in and out for work purpose, and all others not allowed.

    It’s only a matter of whether they want to do or not.

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  • she needs to be whipped by pap:

    that is bad news since we buy only from JB as far as practical since things over there are so much cheaper.

    on the other hand, we understand their position.

    why make own citizens kenna when all that is needed is just shut the border customs for 21 days.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Better for $G – close doors to any MY worker or PR coming here. See how long they can tahan without $G $$$$.

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  • patriot of TUMASIK:

    The famiLEES and Cronies bags are packed and ready to Run Road…do they care???

    All can go to the Dogs…the AristoCats are going to SCAT!!!

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  • Bapak:

    Dr M – If that idiot would not discourage Singaporeans from wear masks, maybe this is not so serious.

    Dr Mask – Pak, I agree.

    Dr M – Should we close the border?

    Dr Mask – Either way is okay to me. I am into mask business.

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  • J ohn Lim:

    No. Those Malaysians working in Singapore would also be banned from entering Malaysia!

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  • Just an observant:

    Malaysia or Sg,

    Besides monitoring coronavirus figures , data and China happenings. Other units muz stay focus and alert. As usual Anti terrorist , cyber security, national security , police , fire dept , hospitals,… function as norm. Maybe even scale up as we do not want a sidetrack or a mislead or a diversion.

    Authorities need to study what China is doing , what measures they are implementing, … Why the chaos , what the short falls, what we can learn , what we can ignore,….etc.

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  • Sng Yi Lan Cheow:

    They can stop sporeans entering Malaysia. Well the JB business are pretty candid that they depend on Sporeans.

    Too many Malaysians working here. Go ahead and ban! Peace on earth.

    Rm stregthen against S$. Time to stop going?

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  • Get Real:

    The Malaysians have earned enough S$ over the years to be able to stay home for a few months until the threat is over. It is Singaporeans who will suffer when the store shelves are emptied and prices inflated. If situation here worsens, they have no choice but to impose a ban except for export vehicles entering SG. Retail businesses in JB may take a hit, but it will be worse if the virus spreads across to JB.

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  • Fear not:

    Only one Malaysian state has some kind of additional requirement for those who’ve been to Singapore.

    Sarawak but even then it’s just a 14 day self quarantine.

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  • Bapak:

    Where is that PAPSUREWIN MF? Ringit surges below RM3 to 1SGD. He who laughs first laughs last. Let me give this cocksucker a healthy advice – You suck too much PAP’s cock bad for your brain.

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  • set restriction:

    Maybe set restriction not ban.
    All incoming and outgoing vistors should wear masks to prevent spreading of virus in both direction.
    Provide free masks for the visitors.

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  • Zhu Jiang:

    Is sg the Top Ranked infectious city in southeast Asia for the category of corona?
    1st world or 3rd world?

    Oh, just say Boh Bian lor. Hahaha

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